Welcome to Hell!

I heard a fascinating talk by a person who had given much thought to world religions, philosophies, and the human condition. He had concocted a brilliant synthesis of all the above into a rational explanation of life and God. In his view, this world is Hell. When we die, if we are decent, we do not return. Those who are are still bad are reincarnated and repeat the process until they get it right. The bad are born into powerful and wealthy families. The less rotten are born into not so powerful and wealthy families to give them a taste of humanity before they move into great wealth and power by not being nice. “Scum floats!” The rich and powerful are the demons that torment the rest of humanity. Few at the top change, so they repeat the cycle often. Those who change in the masses of tortured soles are rewarded. They do not reincarnate.

His views of this world, though not entirely original, explain much. This is why those who live the people so much send their wives do on expensive shopping trips. Their children attend private schools and elite universities, no matter how dumb they are. They drive expensive cars and planes, live in beautiful homes, and continue to get rich.

Travel, Tourism and COVID

Mass travel and tourism will be the permanent casualties of this current pandemic. It is all but impossible to contain a deadly infection that takes weeks to manifest symptoms as it spreads. A virus a deadly as HIV or Hantavirus but infinitely easier to apply is waiting to hitch a ride on an unsuspecting host. In today’s world, if high-speed travel, they would be infected before knowing it was dead. High-speed air and land travel to move masses of people between mega-cities that are giant Petri dishes need to take a back seat to disease control. Seventy years back, few traveled internationally. A trip to another city was rare. A hundred-mile drive in a car was a big deal. I think this world is returning. Slow travel and quarantine at destinations are coming! It is Back to the Future or no Future! If leaders are not proactive and slow the movement of people, crops, and cattle, the next pandemic will if there are enough of us left alive.

On-Demand: A Dumb Ivy University Bomb!

The pandemic is a wake-up call that on-demand delivery breaks down when a global event shuts down critical supply chains. Too many forget that our modern world is like a V. Everything level depends on what lies below it. The lowest point in the V is FOOD! Everything that we are depends on food. As with PPE and medical supplies, today’s world is built on the assumption that nothing will shut down the global on-demand food chain. One nasty volcanic eruption on the order of Krakatoa or a Coronal Mass Ejection that shuts down energy production, electronics, and transportation for a couple of years would collapse food production and distribution. Everything would come undone when there is no food.

I ask myself why are there are no long-term food reserves stored to feed the people until food production was back online? It could take years to restore food production and distribution. Our leaders seem to be playing Russian Roulette with our lives and theirs. If they think that the food squirreled away in COG bunkers will suffice or escape notice by the starving, they are delusional!

Addressing this problem would provide jobs and unite us all. Few would oppose this endeavor.

Don’t Copy America’s Car Centrism!

To keep city centers viable, Europe has to keep Amazon and all Big Box stores on very tight leashes. Everyone suffers if these monstrosities prosper. Car centrism is the juice that feeds Amazon, Big Box stores, and shopping centers while sucking the life out of the community and urban life. These merchants of destruction are a pox. Hopefully, Europeans recognize this and will not fall into the trap that has hollowed American cities and turned the nation’s spaces into places only totalitarian states can love. Ignore USA’s insane zoning practices; architects wrapped up in their glory; street engineers who share much with autistic savants; and urban studies department that endorse policies that are lethal to community and urban life.

Two Parties Does Not A Democracy Make!

A democracy reflects the will of the people. Two parties can easily align to represent the interests of the few, usually the rich. The Democrats and Republicans colluded to yield the results in the 2020 elections. The SCOTUS justices owing their selection to political alliances, will never rule outside of the alliances of the Democrats and Republicans’ interests: the rich. There is no democracy without THREE or More political parties. The United States is not a democracy any more than Venezuela. It is a totalitarian state. As a totalitarian state, the United States is a danger to the world. Totalitarian States wage wars, not democracies.

The Epistle of the Rightous!

Be careful using logic. Wear your mask as proof you are a believer in the One True Religion. The use of reason could mean you are in league with the devil, and testing your loyalty to the WAY may be required! Our leaders are preparing a new test to weed out those who use the devil’s science. Suspects will be held underwater for 30 minutes. If the suspect is still alive, that person serves the dark side! Be as our sages! Bill Gates and Great Thunberg are not slaves to logic and facts. No one cares in a world driven by hysteria. Hysteria is infinitely more fun, meaningful and satisfying. It is the way of the righteous. Thinking is boring and hard to do! Those locked away in their homes are the new flagellants appeasing an angry deity, and the billions swearing of consumption of the devil’s fossil fuel are the new monks forgoing the pleasures of life to be in harmony with the universe!

Climate Change – Much ADo About Nothing!

Try to imagine today is 1980 in 11,000 BCE. The glaciers are everywhere and miles high, the oceans over a hundred meters lower. Our cities and farms are located off coasts now underwater, on the floors of the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, and the English Channel, and next to glaciers. The interglacial warmup has begun. Oceans are rising, glaciers are melting, and temperatures are climbing. We wake every day told that the science proves anthropogenic warming was causing this global catastrophe! The never-ending lament that humanity must stop destroying the earth and live in harmony with the planet with our mindless pursuit of comfort and plenty. Hordes of do-gooders, politicians, researchers, world-famous scientists, endless government initiatives, lawsuits, media specials, and screaming teenagers would do then as they do now. Now imaging. It is a century later. The oceans continued to rise, and the glaciers melt. Our cities are underwater, and most of humanity are dead not because of rising seas, storms, and changing climate, but because Silly failed to adapt to Climate Change! The Existential Threat hysteria over Climate Change altered nothing.

China Kills 400,000 Americans And Makes A Killing Selling PPEs Americans.

How Weak Is United States and the U.S. Military? This is how weak:

China knowingly allowed COVID-19 infected to fly from Wuhan to the United States while Wuhan was quarantined within China. China killed 400,000 Americans and collapsed the national economy. And still, a weak America buys PPE and billions of masks from CHINA. All government and military in the United wear masks made in China.

One has to laugh when some two-bit general tells us how they protect America! How about we all be honest – the United States government, including the military, are LOSERS! China has no fear of the cowards in America, especially the men and women in uniform. After all, Biden is their Good Dog!