Google, Facebook And Twitter Are NAZI-LIKE!

Did not the Nazi regime censor all thought, not in line with the Nazi’s agenda and ideology? Was the Nazi press and media allowed to express any view or ideology that was in opposition to the party’s official position? The answer is no. Does Google attempt to control thought, yes. Does Twitter enforce standards that align with the political left, yes? Does Facebook censor ideas it views it’s censors do not like, yes? Are all three not run by and staffed by the left, yes. Google, Facebook, and Twitter have more in common with the Nazi (a leftist, socialist organization) than democratic principles.

Aeronauts Movie Is Fake History!

Amazon is out to rewrite gender history. There were no women involved in the historical event portrayed. James Glaisher was a real aeronaut and his reaching 26,000 feat was a real achievement. However, his assistant, Henry Coxwell, was a man, not a woman. The person was Glaisher, who freed the valve. No woman was present on the flight, and Coxwell was not transgender either. If you like fake history and can suspend belief, you may enjoy this Amazon propaganda film. If you are not into fantasy role switching, you may want to avoid it.

Earth Cooling, Government and Elite Universities Screw Up Again!

Yes, all those low scoring and mediocre graduates from all those elite universities got it wrong. The Earth is cooling, and contrary to the Harvard graduates Al Gore and Obama, the Earth’s climate is moving back to the climate of 500 AD if we are lucky! It may the sun entering a quiet period or the waning magnetic field of the Earth. The bottom line, the clowns in the United States government who were screaming food failure from climate change, have not stored away food the nation will need while adapting to the effects of climate change. If The People end up starving, should the leaders of the country perish with the rest of us? One group of experts screamed global warming, and another group of experts shouted global cooling, and the elites in government, our betters, did not bother to ensure there were enough food reserves to feed the nation while the farmers adapted to the changing growing conditions whatever that might be. What incompetence if the mental midgets in Congress have not set aside adequate food. Did not the Pharoh of Egypt have a seven-year reserve of food for emergencies? It is obvious the morons stuffing their pockets at all levels of government never even considered the possibility of a volcanic winter, such as occurred in 1836.

No Matter the Justifications for Super Rich!

It is irrelevant whether the super-rich deserves their wealth, and they will use it more wisely than the less well off or government. What is relevant is that a democracy can not survive with the massive gaps between the rich and poor that now exits. Equally important, the people can not there are not in an economic system with such an enormous divide between the rich and the poor. Riots and mass uprisings will increase as income inequality grows.

Is CO2 Climate Change a Conspiracy?

No, the mantra that humanity is causing global climate change is not a conspiracy. A Conspiracy of this magnitude requires smart people in power. After learning of the low scores and poor academic ability of minorities, and the children of the rich and powerful who compose a large percentage of elite universities, Americans are now aware that the so-called elites are anything but elite. They are at such a low level of intelligence that it is frightening. There are too many judges, politicians, scientists, heads of bureaucracies who are stupid. The military’s top brass and the leaders of national security and law enforcement agencies are not so bright even though they have shiny degrees from top universities. These mental midgets have found their way into every part of society, including academia. So, no surprise, that those making forecasts of global warming doom are not the brightest of the bright. Consider, Al Gore is a lawyer, and yet, all the dumb running the nation rally behind him. Why? How about, they are stupid and know no more than he. Look at the pretty people in Hollywood who have jumped on the Climate Change bandwagon. Most share one commonality- they are not the brightest. They are beautiful, and they believe that humanity is causing the world to burn. The answer to the question, is Global Warming a conspiracy to rule us, is no. The people pushing the narrative are not that bright to pull off such a plot. And, anyone who willingly give these imbeciles more power and authority, are dumber and should be attending Princeton or Harvard if they aren’t already.

Britain Created the Mess in Hong Kong, Not China!

The British are responsible for the mess in Hong Kong. First a little excursion back in time to when China was occupied by Britain. China, after asking nicely that Britain stop pushing narcotics and having Britain refusing, went to war to throw out the British narcotic dealers. The British not wanting to give up the lucrative source of income that came from pushing narcotics, threw its military might against China and won. After winning the war, Britain forced China, at gunpoint, to lease Hong Kong to Britain for 99 years. The lease was just for show. The British never believed China would ever be powerful enough to refuse to renew the lease. Surprise! How did the noble British respond on learning the lease done under duress was not to be renewed? Why the honorable, freedom loving British changed the passports of all the Chinese in Hong Kong from that of British citizenship to one limited to travel rights. What this very slimy move by the British was designed to do was to ensure that millions of Hong Kong Chinese, raised under the British system, would be trapped. This guaranteed that there would be conflict between the Chinese Hong Kong citizens and mainland China. The British ser up worked. China is now faced with trying to integrate a hostile population back into it’s culture and political system. The shame is on the British, not China. Americans who are getting caught up in the mindless rhetoric spread by media ignorant of history need to remember that the same Britain that conned America into entering the First World War by lying that the Lusitania carried no weapons of war is the same Britain that set the stage for this debacle going on in Hong Kong. It is time to blame the British not China. The West is less than pure and America’s democracy is less than pure. The adage, “don’t throw rocks at your neighbor‘s house if you live in a glass house” is one that self-righteous America needs to heed.