The Law is Who is in Power!

Thank the FBI, NSA, CSA, media, Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Pentagon, and most of Washington DC for four years of lying, dirty tricks, witch hunts, deceit, betrayal, and outright mutiny crippling Trump’s Presidency. Congress and every state allowed mail-in ballots to make an honest election impossible, and then the DOJ and FBI agents encouraged protest on January 6 to enter the Capital building to ensure there would be no chance to uncover the massive voter fraud putting Biden in the White House.

Now, the good news. Because the Federal government and the US military have broken their federal laws to aid and assist flooding the nation with hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, employers can hire cheap labor to replace more expensive laborers. And now we all know federal and state agencies will violate their own laws. Citizens no longer need to feel guilty doing the same to benefit themselves and their families. What idiot will sign up to defend America, betray anyone for breaking the law or risk their lives because it is the right thing to do?

The Epic Fail of Critical Race Theory!

Critical Race Theory argues that people of color in America are victims of whites who instituted an artificial social construct of racism and the merit system to subjugate and deny the people of color the ability to climb the social-economic ladder by restricting access to higher education and positions. Unfortunately for CRT theorists, not all people of color have done poorly. Asians and Hispanic immigrants have done exceptionally well in racist America. Both groups have used the merit system to overcome racial bias and obtain high positions and incomes. Asians have done so well that institutions that have embraced CRT discriminate against them for doing well by limiting their numbers. Why have both groups done so well and have not been hampered by the white racist merit system? If it is not racial discrimination holding blacks down, the only answer that resolves this conundrum is culture. It seems the different cultures of people are not equal in facilitating adapting to changing environments. Asians have excelled because their cultures can adapt, which contradicts the core remnants of Critical Race Theory. It is time to turn our backs on a failed theory that punishes achievement based on merit and stop punishing Asians for doing well in America.

Federal Taxes Destroyed Parents’ Rights

When you pay, you have a say! This is the consequence of allowing the feds to tax and tax and tax to redistribute wealth and control every aspect of life. Now, schools in every state and city beg the feds for money and accept obediently the dictates of federal tyrants on how to teach, what to teach to whom, and strip parents of control of their children. Soon children will dutifully start class with Hail The State!

China’s Energy Shortage

Why is there no discussion of the massive impact on businesses and manufacturing caused by the energy crises in China? It does seem going green is not making up the shortfall in energy. China has reduced CO2 on the backs of hundreds of millions now suffering. Of course, the CCP and government buildings are not suffering.
As usual, the ones saving the planet are not suffering the consequences caused by the massive reduction in energy. Millions of ordinary Chinese are cold, have no work, and often are without water because the water pumps need electricity. The elderly climb up the stairs of tall buildings to reach their apartments because there is no power for the elevators. Factories and businesses have been forced to close because there is not enough energy. I wonder how long before the people suffering as they watch their leaders continue consuming energy to live the good life react?

Fire Fauci?

Unfortunately, if Fauci were fired, his replacement would be of the same caliber as he. Fauci represents the effectiveness of America’s educational institutions and the federal process of selection of qualified staff and officials. His mental acumen is the best of the best of Washington DC’s bureaucratic elites. And this is why the world should find countries that take merit and ability seriously to consult. Sadly, the WHO is even more inept in selecting qualified people, so the WHO needs to be on the NO FLY list too.

Maybe No Thanksgiving or Christmas Warns Fauci !

Our family will celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas as we have every year. If Obama I have huge parties, so will I. The failure of the NSA, CIA, and FBI to pick all the chatter of what was going on in China in 2018 is sad. The CDC’s failure to sound the alarm when it would have mattered. Let’s not forget that the NIH is covertly funding gain-of-function research in China. In short, the CDC, NIH, and Fauci have not served the American people well. Of course, Congress being chock full of Forrest Gumps, failed to act to shut down air travel, allowed mass protest (super spreader events), and died nothing as the Biden Administration permitted hundreds of thousands of illegal and uneducated immigrants to enter the nation infected and without vaccinations. It is a no-brainer that COVID-19 loves Congress and renders anything, anyone, in that den of meritocracy mote. Sadly Federal government cannot be relied on to protect the citizens they swore to defend from harm.

Instead of relying on our leaders to enforce laws and protect us from harm, we have to try and circumvent and evade a government that uses forces to harm us. Washington DC has become the brain and the nation the body of the Whore of Babylon.

Leftest Are Committing Suicide!

In a democracy, change is incremental and reasonably peaceful. Political opponents lose or gain power, not their lives or wealth. In a socialist or communist dictatorship, the rule is by one faction, and incremental change is almost impossible. Political opposition only takes power through stealth and violence. The winners promptly remove the losers. Their families, supporters, and friends lose their wealth and are usually imprisoned. The leaders of the opposition are executed. Over time, the most ruthless rise to the top and any meaningful change is accomplished through intrigue, coups, and executions.

To many in Congress, academics and bureaucrats are committed to implementing socialism or communism. These liberals dismantling capitalism and democracy in America have bequeathed to their offspring a ruthless society were ruin, corruption, and death reign. Sadly, most dismantling the US system are woefully ignorant of history. They see with utopian eyes a wondrous outcome. As usual, the reality they create will be a nightmare as all utopian’s end up.

After Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Oma, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib Jamaal Bowman, and Cori Bush, Soros, and their fellow collaborators in Washington DC have succeeded in implementing their socialist utopia, they will be replaced by far nastier, ruthless, and colder co-conspirators that lurk in their ranks. They will ruthlessly remove anyone who is remotely a threat to their rule,c as did Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Xi, and Castro.

Chinese Dumping Harvard for MIT!

Harvard University’s acceptance policies have infuriated the Chinese around the world. The Chinese are seeing Harvard as the mediocre university it is. A University that does not prioritize merit above all. Over the years, the Harvard faculty and student body have begun to reflect Harvard University’s rush to the bottom, and the Asian community has taken note. If MIT does not follow in Harvard’s footsteps of committing academic suicide by prioritizing accepting mediocre students that belong to the correct status group and accept only qualified students regardless of political pressure to do otherwise, MIT will rise in stature as Harvard sinks to the bottom as the school for rich dumb kids and mediocre students. Soon Harvard University will be another casualty of government interference. MIT will likely cave to government pressure to accept mediocre students and faculty and follow Harvard University to the bottom and no longer be considered World-Class Universities.

The LAW is Not the LAW!

Federal laws are being violated every day! The American people are not going to forget this slap in the face. Citizens have to be vaccinated to live while hundreds of thousands flood the nation without being vaccinated or vetted. It is a LIE that the illegals are seeking political asylum. They are seeking economic opportunity. Most are uneducated with few valuable skills entering a country in desperate need of educated workers. They will end up in low pay jobs, on welfare, and engaging in criminal activities. They and their children will complain they are victims of racism. The immigrants who came to the US legally feel betrayed by a corrupt government. Washington DC has undermined respect for The Law. and the judicial system. A very destructive message that bites! It is insanity for anyone in government to expect the people to respect and follow the law. The law has been reduces to he who holds power can do as he wants! Welcome to Venezuela 2.0!