Ready to Starve, Earth Is Cooling!

This year crop failure from rain and cool weather at the higher longitudes will be noticeable. Global food production will less than last year. China, buying land that was Rome’s food basket during the cool period in 5th century, will feed their people while your very incompetent Congress and government walked the nation into starvation. Remember, no snow by 2020! It is snowing everywhere and accumulating exactly were it did during the ice ages. Surprise. Heat and droughts – yep. Exactly were it happened during the cool downs. How about that, the weather patterns are going back to what it was before the current warming. And, the upper atmosphere has been cooling from the top down. What this all means is crop failures will be increasingly caused by cool wet weather and droughts. The frost line will be heading south as before. Don’t worry, Gore, all those pushing warming in the government will have plenty of food. You will not. You get to starve as the growing regions retreat further and further south. When you finally understand the colossal blunder made by the government and university elitists, you will be helpless to do anything. You will as the mighty arms Justice, the military, Federal agents, all eating well, protect the nation from the starving hordes which you will be apart of.

Let me say it now! The planet is entering into a cool down that weather it last just 30 years or longer will bring misery to every American trusted the government, the Congress, the military, and the university’s to keep them safe. WHEN YOUR STOMACH STARTS TO GROWL BOYS AND GIRLS THE GOVERNMENT FAILED TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE.

There Is No Democracy in U.S.

The rich have always had even able to influence government at all levels. And as the gap grows between the wealthy and everyone else, the voice of the rich completely drowns out the voices of the many. Other than open rebellion, the wishes of all not rich fall on death ears. It is simple, money buys politicians. A small amount of money buys a small amount of politicians and government. Big money buys big political and government influence. Democracy can only be an illusion in a country were the few have most if the money. The illusion of democracy is only kept alive to control and influence the masses. In today’s America, there will never be a government policy, rule or law that violates the wants of the very rich. Any aberration that interferes with those wishes will be neutralized. You are only a passenger on the American ship of state and have no true say even if the crew and captain tell you otherwise. Law serves the wealthy and is the principal means of control. The laws that that effect the rich are in place to keep the rich from feeding off each other!

Federal Reserve, A Private Bank, Drives Recessions!

The Federal Reserve is an independent body that serves protects bank profits, not the people. The Federal Reserve Bank serves bankers and profits when U.S. prints more money from earned interests the Federal Reserve Banks which are private banks, and from money earned from printing money. The Federal Reserve has never gone against the interests (pun intended) of bank investors – never. The coming recession is solely driven by the Federal Reserve actions which will once again transfer more wealth and power to the very rich Bend over and spread your butt cheeks. Your about to be rammed by the very rich and the Federal Reserve!

Q – Is GOOGLE A Fifth Column Working For China?

The executives running GOOGLE and those Americans employed by GOOGLE who are working with China developing AI software that will be used by China’s military are engaging in a treasonous act. A treasonous company run by Pichai Sundararajan.needs to be broken into smaller companies and several people now in GOOGLE including Pichai Sundararajan, tried to TREASON and SEDITION! GOOGLE is actively interfering with elections in the United States which is an act of sedition and aiding a foreign power – TREASON. It is time to label GOOGLE and the employees as a Foreign Agent.

A question to the military. What is the point of fighting in foreign countries when a company like GOOGLE can give a real enemy of the United States a system that could undermine U.S. security!

White Rich to Poor Whites – Do As We Say!

Seems rather lopsided does it not that the rich who are for the most part white telling all other whites they must abandon white privilege and atone! Yet, white rich NEVER, GIVE UP RICH. How odd and mysterious this seemingly strange disconnect between the pronouncements of the rich. It, thou I am sure the rich would deny, that this an example is An example of “do as I say, not as I do.” Ever try to walk up to a rich persons or walk around their homes wearing a hoodie? Never goes well if you are not rich – white or black! Before you can blink, you will be surrounded by guards and police. The rich keep the “white trash from getting to close too. Yet, from their walled homes well patrolled by armed guards and police, they tell you that you must abandon WHITE Privilege and apologize because it is the right thing to do. You see, they all got rich by being honest and playing fare. None of them inherited their Rich Privilege. But, these self righteous white liberals, of which many are POLITICIANS, will tell you that the income between you and them has been ordained by God, and you must accept the disparity that exists between you and the them – the anointed. Those born into wealth have the balls to tell you to apologize and abandon White Privilege. After all, we are all equal. We all know that all the the children of the rich are no better off than the children of blacks and whites who are not rich. Why getting into Harvard or starting a business for rich kids is as risky and nerve racking for them as it is for everyone else. Thus, you see, if you are born white, you must apologize and disavow all privileges as the children of the rich do! We all know Rich Parents never use their privileges to help their children achieve more than other parents children. Maybe, those who have White Privilege should feel guilty and apologize when the Rich Whites and their, often ,very average children, do the same. Until then, strive to improve everyone’s life and privileges and keep your privileges. And if the self righteous rich do not like it, let’s help them give up their rich privileges.

Why the U.S. wants War with Iran, hates Russia and China, and pushes Global Warming!

The U.S. dollar’s value rests in the value of oil. That is, the gold standard has been replaced by the oil standard. The Saudis keeping oil pegged to the dollar keeps the value of the dollar from collapsing and the world from moving to a basket of currencies. The dollar’s stability depends on keeping the world from moving to a basket of currencies. A move to a basket of currencies would devastate the economy of the United States. The Iranians and Russians have realized that the only thing holding up the United States economy is the dollar being the deaf to world currency. The most direct non war route to bringing down the United States is to peg oil prices to the dollar. Hence, the hatred exhibited by all in Congress towards Russia and Iran. The Washington elites are well aware that if Saudi drops the dollar, the thread holding economic Sword of Damocles over the economy of the United States would be cut, and the U.S. would have far more in common with Venezuela than not. The Congress will use every excuse and reason to justify a war with Iran and vilifying Russia to keep Saudi oil flowing and Europe from buying Russian gas. Congress is terrified of what will come if the move to currencies other than the dollar were to spread. These greedy, self absorbed members of Congress and their accomplices in the endless Washington DC bureaucracy have put the United States in a peril equal to or worse than what the nation faced during World War 2. And, to make things even worse, these leaders and elites further betrayed you, they turned China (a nation with strong reasons to hate foreigners) into an industrial juggernaut. Thus giving China economic power to join with Russia and Iran to take on the dollar. The greed of the elites who own Congress and all of Washington D.C. including the federal courts miscalculated that they could bribe Chinese officials to do as they wished, and have put the country that protects their collective avarice in worse peril.

Have you not wondered why a Congress openly hostile to Trump begrudgingly backs his taking a hard stance with China? China is now a major threat to the dominance of the United States dollar. As much as Every member of Congress hates Trump, Congress has no choice, but to let him try and break China’s death hold over the United States by weakening China’s industrial base and strengthen the U.S. manufacturing sector. The rich elites willing to allow the income gap to shrink, tells us all just how serious this situation is.

If anyone reading this thinks the Congress will figure a way out of this quagmire, it would be more realistic to expect Jesus Christ to return this month. The Congress and the courts have utterly failed to protect the common good without having to resort to war, sacrificing American soldiers, and pushing the nation deeper into debt. Just as the pointless war in Vietnam did. Yes, the sacrifices made by Americans in human lives and treasure, as well as all those Vietnamese slaughtered was for nothing. The former Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, wrote in his book, Retrospect, they all knew no victory was possible with China sharing a common boarder with Vietnam and there could be no victory without invading North Vietnam. It was well known that China was sending to North Vietnam supplies, weapons, ammunition and support equipment. It was known that many of the Vietnamese fighting in South Vietnam were Chinese soldiers and China had no intention of being pushed into a stalemate as in Korea. This time China had nuclear weapons too. The war and the insanity of the Guns and Butter policy bankrupted the nation forcing Nixon to drop the gold standard pass the costs of America’s fiscal insanity into other countries buying in dollars. It has been a steady slide into insolvency ever since. The United States is playing the old game of staying out of insolvency by floating checks! All the games from Watergate to Trump have simply been acts in a grand vaudeville show to keep you distracted from the economic debacle those you trusted in business, politics and government have brought about, and to keep you from questioning the very necessary wars necessary to prop up a bankrupt nation. The wars are not for freedom, democracy or to end terrorism. America needs the wars to keep the world from dropping the dollar. What a nightmare if real peace came to the Middle East. The dollar would be flushed and the U.S. economy would tumble.

Why the hatred for Trump and those who helped him get elected? Trump has committed the crime of telling the American people that the emperor has no clothes and filled Washington D.C. with dread that his trying to fix the disaster would bring about the inevitable collapse.. Think Venezuela elite living the good life as everyone else goes without work, food, medicine, electricity and most everything else.

This nightmare created by Congress, bureaucrats, judges, and elites is Atlas Shrugged on steroids! You who trusted them to do right by you are not to blame. You are their victims. It is they, the rich elites, politicians, judges and bureaucrats who have betrayed your trust.

Global Warming is there last pathetic attempt to get you to accept collapse if the wars fail and the economy collapses and to not turn on them as the the French peasants did during the French Revolution.

Let’s Welcome All Hong Kong Dissidents!

The Congress loves freedom and want to give dissidents seeking democracy a home in the United States. So, why not invite all those in Hong Kong losing rights Congress professes to cherish, to come the U.S. By all political measures used by Congress, they are true political refugee. But, ”tis may not matter, because, contrary to the Democrats continual litany of calling those opposing open boarders racists, it is they who are the true racists. The residents of Hong Kong will no be offered political asylum because the Congress of the United States is racist when Asians are involved. This racism is equally rife throughout the federal courts. Sorry, Hong Kong, you are the wrong color.a