A Nation Run By Losers!

It is true the United States is number one in nothing except self-deception. Washington DC bureaucrats and politicians have lead the nation into the toilet.

How America stacks up:

– Ten Nations have higher scores in math, science and reading.

– Eighty-six countries have less crime.

– Twenty-seven countries are considered better places to retire.

– Ten countries have higher rates in social mobility.

– Sixteen countries have a higher quality of life.

– The US is number two in patents with Jaoan a close third.

– The US is number two in manufacturing.

– Six countries have lower electricity rates.

– Thirty countries have fewer auto accidents.

– Thirty-six countries have better health care.

– Forty-six countries have a higher life expectancy.

– The US is not the best country to raise a family.

– Forty-four countries are better places to start a business.

– No country has as large of a trade imbalance.

– Twenty countries have more high skilled workers.

– Only two other countries have higher inflation.

– Half of American workers are low wage.

– San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York are considered the worse cities to live in the world.

– America has spent $8 trillion on war since 2001 and failed to accomplish its war objectives.

To put it bluntly, the clowns in Washington DC have turned the country into an unflushed toilet full of losers thinking they are the best as the rest of the world laughs at them. Few people in the developed countries ever consider the US a place to immigrate to America to teach how not to run a country. Education is a disaster. Cities are nightmares to live in. Poverty grows worse every year. The middle class has been decimated, small businesses crushed by punitive rules and regulations, and an incompetent military has bankrupted the nation and has accomplished nothing except slaughter 900,000 people. The Pentagon left $85 billion worth of military equipment in Afghanistan and failed, as in Vietnam, to stabilize Afghanistan.

Washington Warmongers Wants a War with Russia that Can’t be Won!

The morons in Washington DC, especially the losers in the Pentagon, want war with Russia. The Pentagon has lost every military objective since 1945. The officers in the Pentagon, especially the Joint Chiefs of Staff, are incompetent and way offer confidence. Ukraine to Russia is as Mexico is to the US. Russia will not allow Ukraine to join NATO! There is a thousand history for Russia’s position, and the Russians back down to a nation of cross dressers suffering from gender dysphoria. Everyone needs to email Congress to stop this insanity before the US ends up in a nuclear war.

Easy to Build High Speed Rail in USA

If the country were serious about building high-speed rail, the national project would take about one decade. How would this be possible? The solution is to convert one left and one right highway lane to rail and require long haul trucking to travel by rail. Of course, freight rail would have to be modernized and expanded. Neither project would be a massive undertaking because most of the necessary infrastructure is in place, as are access roads.

The reality is that all the talk flowing out of Washington DC, state capitals, city activists, and universities have no genuine interest in bringing in high-speed rail. The money flowing from special interests to corrupt bureaucrats and academia dampens any serious activity to free the nation of dependence on cars, trucks, and aircraft—greater efficiency in transportation results in fewer jobs, less fuel needed, less road and vehicle maintenance. So none of us in the United States need plan on the USA.catching up with the rest of the world.

Businesses Can Never Be Pleaant Social Environments .

A business is an artificial construct designed to accomplish a set of tasks society wants. Its structure only exists in the minds of those within the business and the society the business is a part of. It is the function of the business that matters. Again, the business is a product of minds altering their social and personal natures to accomplish the objectives of the business. How well the business does depends on how management enforces the structure and the defiance of behavior in opposition to the business tolerated. Employees of a business serve the needs of the business, which means the social climate of the business is a social perversion that produces desirable ends for society and employees.

Damn the Do-Gooders to Hell!

Climate changes are less catastrophic today than when warming kicked in 12000 years ago. What is so disturbing is how so many wish to undo all the benefits humanity has because of fossil fuels and energy abundance. In the ages of draft animals, streets were clogged with horse feces, stunk, and bread flies by the millions. Beast if burden suffered and had short life spans. Humans lived short lives filled with crushing physical labor. Water had to be carried long distances, human feces dumped out.windows, food rotted, and people drank beer for centuries because the water was contaminated. Nights were dark, and knowledge traveled slowly. Women suffered terribly from lack of sanitation, labor-saving devices, and back-breaking labor. Men fared no better! Now, there is running water, sewage, lights, and so much more. Damn all these fake do holders wanting to undo it all!

Put Them Back On The Funny Farm!

Is it not a fantastic display of hubris and mental illness that every nuclear reactor that would have ended dependence on most fossils was denounced as a world killer by the very same whose solutions they purpose will save the planet and have no negative consequences! Most of these people yell us biological are women, and there are no differences. They pronounce a hundred million years of biology moot. Is it not time we put these lunatics back on the Funny Farm?

It is a Queer World and Becoming More So!

Woman’s sports are a casualty of gender equality. The mantra that women are equal to men has crashed into the brick wall of ontological reality. Since the WOKE believe that men and woman are equal in all areas, then a man transitioning to a woman is of no consequence because there is no difference in their abilities. But, if there is a difference, the LGBT and female communities declaring that gender is just a state of mind are facing a conundrum. Transgender athletes are crushing the sport records of biological females. The biological female athletes realize fundamental differences are pitting them against the WOKE. Sadly, this false Marxist narrative that we are all equal and the same in abilities will force biological female athletes to take a back seat to the much superior female transgenders. In terms of the human condition, this particular disconnect from reality is no big deal, but it is a warning! Too many in today’s world see a false reality that will collide with REALITY, and the carnage will be monumental. Social reality does not map directly to physical reality. As a rule disconnects between the two are normal. The problem begins when the disconnect grow such that the physical overcomes social percecptions.

Dr. Anthony Fauchi, the NIAID Butcher!

Fuchi has more deaths on his hands than the Butcher of Auschwitz. His lack of oversight over research he helps fund in the Wuhan lab and not stepping up to demand full access to the Wuhan lab is cowardly and unconscionable. He is why the world governments have to demand all genetic research be done in isolated areas that can be sterilized instantly, and all personal are quarantined 4 weeks before they can leave the lab area. Any country not transparent with onsite monitoring by international observers must be completely isolated from the world! Fauchi proves generic research is as bad a nuclear attack and most be monitored. Anyone found doing unauthorized genetic research must be executed upon conviction!