Governor Cuomo Is In NAZI Heaven!

Ann Rand must be given the official title of Prophet. Politicians and bureaucrats impoverished the nation using one emergency after another that they were largely responsible for causing in Ann Ryan’s book, “Atlas Shrugged.” Today, politicians and bureaucrats are taking power, dismantling freedoms, and crippling the nation economically using an epidemic they helped create. Petty Hitler like tyrants such as Governor Cuomo are stealing power using an epidemic that has killed no more than in previous flu epidemics. American’s are sitting back letting the very same people who walked the nation into a cascading series of consequences their insane policies for the last 30 years created brought about.











Military and Congress Made U.S. China’s Bitch!

The mighty military if America is keeping America safe. Washington D.C. warns us that America is not safe if we leave Middle East. But, it is Chinese parents who mail protective masks the their children attending school in the U.S. How before sent test kits and medicine sine “The Greatest Nation in the World” depends on China. What a bunch losers the military and Washington D.C. Why include the stupid military? Sick and wounded soldiers keeping us safe depend on China for medicine, medical equipment and supplies. Thank you for you sacrifice keeping us safe from everyone except China and the Saudis who attacked America. Yet, Congress, Washington D.C. and our Joint Chiefs of Staff have tamed us and all soldiers in VA hospitals China’s Bitch!!

During COVID-19 Emergency Government Bureaucrats Must Suffer Too!

The costs of shutting down the nation have to be borne by all. Government workers and banks need to bite the bullet too. Taxes and public service workers must be be reduced. It is unfair to force the private sector endure lost income if the public sector gives up nothing! Banks must not be allowed to penalize borrowers who cannot make payments for the duration of the emergency shutdown. Payment schedules can be be resumed and the misses payments added to the loan period. No homeowner, employee or business should suffer any more or less than the public sector and the loan institutions, including credit card companies.

If this is not what happens and homes, cars, and businesses reprocessed, tax leans accessed against taxpayers unable to pay and credit ratings lowered. It is time for the People to rise and bring down these elitist bureaucrats who behave as if they are above the masses, expect the masses to rise and tear down an arrogant system that is not if the People.

Who Sold Out America to China!

China can kill hundreds of thousands of Americans, incapacitate millions more, shut down hospitals, cripple the ability to treat wounded American servicemen in combat and VA hospitals just by refusing to supply medicines, antibiotics, vaccines, medical test kits, medical supplies and medical equipment that was once produced in the United States but now produces in China. Who are the Americans who have given the Chinese the power to cripple the country! Who wounded American soldiers dependent on medicines manufactured in China. Who has so weakened the nature that America is more in peril from China than any attack by Muslim terrorists? Who are the people in Washington D.C., in State government, in the universities who sold out their country! These bastards have knowingly made the U.S. dependent on China. From medicine to electronic components, these traitors in media, think tanks, government agencies. A and Congress who prance around and live the good life sold America out! Who are the officials, corporate heads, lawyers, and lobbyists who sat back quietly stuffing money into their bank accounts crippling their country, making it ever more dependent every year on China? These bastards are the enemy, and they are traitors who have done so much harm to this democracy than any Russian plot. We need to know who they are, and We, the People, must act! We remember those who have betrayed us will not because they have sold out to China!

China Threatens to Stop All Drug and Medical Shipments to US!

What a great job the Washington bureaucrats from Congress to the mighty U.S Military has done to protect America! China has threatened to shut shipments of down medical supplies and equipment if America does not drop to their knees and blow off the CCP and PLA. (see below). This is the consequence of incompetent leadership, period!

The Xinhua editorial, which is the official Chinese state media writes: If China retaliates against the United States at this time, in addition to announcing a travel ban on the United States, it will also announce strategic control over medical products and ban exports to the United States. Then the United States will be caught in the ocean of new coronaviruses.