Insane,Most Medicine Produced in China!

How insane is to transfer 90% of antibiotics production to China. Medical supplies, vitamins, and pharmaceuticals used in the United States made in a country that is trying to bring down the United States. We fight wars to keep America safe, and the people telling you we must fight bad actors around the world to protect the Homeland allow 90% of the pharmaceuticals and medical supplies used to treat citizens and the military personnel to be manufactured in China! Are they INSANE, Crooked, or Dumb!! This is a level of incompetence and greed that the American people need to address., now! The the Congress, CIA, FBI, NSA, and every government agency has failed to protect Americans. What incredible ineptness and, maybe, an act of treason! Let’s be clear on one key issue on who has benefited from this insanity. It was not the American people. Medicine did not become less expensive. The profits and bribe money to members of Congress was we’re the savings in production costs went. As the average American became poorer the rich and their dogs in Congress grew wealthier. Soldiers dying and crippled to make America safe and every American who takes medicine to stay alive is dependent on China’s good will. Without a doubt, what this constitutes is Treason. Congress and the rich have empowered China.q

Intelligent Climate Change Solutions!

Environmentalists are as blind as are global warming advocates. Their collective policies are destroying the planet’ as they perpetuate stupid which governments inhale as if pure oxygen. It is so easy to keep a narrow focus and do great harm. Mao had all sparrows killed to increase production. China was consumed with plagues of locust. Simple solutions never work other than in the minds of those pushing madness!

An intelligent approach:

CO2 or Madness?

Every week, the airways are flooded with the mantra – humankind is causing climate change. The pundits of this perspective giddily point to the correlation between CO2 and global temperature rise as proof, ignoring that correlation is not necessarily causation. Others who are equally adamant point out that the relationship means nothing. Few consider other possibilities but are quickly marginalized by academics, media, many in the public and government at all levels. Why both sides controlling the narrative happily push scenarios in which CO2 is or is not a problem ignoring other causes? The reason is simple. It it is easy to deal with a reality that is simple. What drives this laser-like focus that is that it is not in human nature to look too deep into the real world. Perhaps this tendency can be seen as a coping mechanism to keep us from freezing in our tracks in terror if we acknowledge we have very little control over the survival of our civilization. Zeroing out the sun’s effects on climate puts humankind in control. This is why validating course data (proxy data) as exact data has more to do with keeping cognitive dissonance at a minimum by validating a theory that is built on a house of cards. Solar winds, magnetic entanglements, coronal mass ejections, or cosmic radiation is of no concern. Why? To acknowledge that humankind is acted upon by forces impossible to control means we have no control. The decrease in the earth’s magnetic field and the magnetic poles moving ever faster to new locations are of no consequence other than the dealing with the nuisances they create with GPS and compasses. Not because it isn’t if no consequences, but, rather, it would make obvious that we are all helpless to do anything about it. Best to not look to closely at the real world and see how little control civilization has over forces that obliterate civilizations over and over. Facing the truth that forces that have destroyed previous global civilizations will do the same to ours. Until then, let humanity believe that CO2 our civilization releases is what must be controlled. The truth does nothing but rips away a shield though made of paper, leaves most in this civilization feel long fuzzy and warm until the paper is shredded by reality.

Are We the First?

Humanity has been on the earth for over 200,000 years. Is it reasonable to assume ours is the first technologically advanced civilization? All the artifacts found around the world, including the great pyramids of Egypt, can be explained in two ways. The sites below and others not shown may be less than 12,000 years old or much older. The scientific disagreements continue over the age of the stone artifacts because rock can not be dated with the degree to the degree of accuracy necessary to resolve the issue of when the stones were cut and used.

Archeologists who date these finds to after the last ice age ended find their conclusions to be least troubling to their view of humanity’s evolutions and world religions. It is disconcerting for many, especially religious leaders, that it all began 12,000 ago. Scientists who take the position that many artifacts are from cultures that were as advanced as we and have and perished before the ice age ended. If there were earlier civilizations before, two questions immediately come to mind: what happened to them and why so little of them remain? The answers are as simple as they are disturbing.

Human remains decompose except in exceptional circumstances, and animals love bones, including human bones. Ever watch a dog chew up a yummy bone? Millions of indigenous people along and their cities disappeared, leaving little after having been devastated by plagues brought by European settlers. Where human remains have been located, the Roach Principal applies. If you find one, there are thousands you have not seen.

How about the material remnants of previous civilizations? Just like human bones not protected, the stuff produced by civilizations decomposes. The time frame is much longer, but, other than a few locations that slow the process, not much remains after 6000 years, even less after 12,000. If you factor in soil erosion, lightning, hail storms, rain, and freezing brought on by continuous climate change, and let us not dismiss radiation, which is always bombarding the earth too, little remains. As the earth’s magnetic field periodically wanes during sun cycles, cosmic radiation levels climb to a much higher level than this civilization is currently exposed to. Cosmic radiation would hasten decomposition. Earthquakes and floods would further erase the footprints of previous civilizations. If early civilization had built bases on the moon and mars, meteorite activity, quakes and other natural processes would leave little intact after thousands of years. Some structures will survive here and there if made of stone, but not necessarily as originally built. Remnants of structures previous civilizations can be found around the world. Many still are not easily duplicated today. The odds are that the structures we’re not the primary buildings of previous civilizations, any more than the Lincoln memorial, or the Great Pyramids of Cheops are indicative of the buildings that housed the majority of those alive in those times.

If there were other civilizations at the level of ours, what happened to them? One possibility is that everyone went insane during the earth’s often occurring magnetic reversals. Increased cosmic radiation, electrical, and magnetic storms could have taken a toll on human reasoning. During such an event, thinking would be on par with today’s Congress. At the same time, the earth would be engulfed in massive solar CME’s because the earth’s magnetic field would be at its lowest during the reversals. A strong CME pulse would melt metal. Dwellings contain metal wires would burst into flames. Buildings with steel girders would collapse as the beams softened. Metal cans and metal tools would melt. Anyone with metal knees, pins, or fillings would have been in for a lot of pain and died. If mass insanity did coincide, it would be game over for civilizations around the globe.

A less disturbing explanation would be that a pandemic or a global drop in temperature caused by violent volcanic eruptions could have done the job. Unfortunately, neither explanations account for so few artifacts having been found. Ancient Rome left much physical evidence behind, though devastated with plagues and war.

Greta Thinberg Rejects UN Principlea!

Greta Thunberg 

Her recent quote tells is that the is a deep thinker and, obviously, is not a supporter of the UN. The UN tries to reach consensus with people who have opposite opinions and beliefs. Since she and Trump have opposing views and refused to meet with him are justifies the reluctance of Americans to finance a UN designed to do what she tells us is. Waste of times An idiot or smart, it matters!

Google, Facebook And Twitter Are NAZI-LIKE!

Did not the Nazi regime censor all thought, not in line with the Nazi’s agenda and ideology? Was the Nazi press and media allowed to express any view or ideology that was in opposition to the party’s official position? The answer is no. Does Google attempt to control thought, yes. Does Twitter enforce standards that align with the political left, yes? Does Facebook censor ideas it views it’s censors do not like, yes? Are all three not run by and staffed by the left, yes. Google, Facebook, and Twitter have more in common with the Nazi (a leftist, socialist organization) than democratic principles.

Aeronauts Movie Is Fake History!

Amazon is out to rewrite gender history. There were no women involved in the historical event portrayed. James Glaisher was a real aeronaut and his reaching 26,000 feat was a real achievement. However, his assistant, Henry Coxwell, was a man, not a woman. The person was Glaisher, who freed the valve. No woman was present on the flight, and Coxwell was not transgender either. If you like fake history and can suspend belief, you may enjoy this Amazon propaganda film. If you are not into fantasy role switching, you may want to avoid it.