The Epistle of the Rightous!

Be careful using logic. Wear your mask as proof you are a believer in the One True Religion. The use of reason could mean you are in league with the devil, and testing your loyalty to the WAY may be required! Our leaders are preparing a new test to weed out those who use the devil’s science. Suspects will be held underwater for 30 minutes. If the suspect is still alive, that person serves the dark side! Be as our sages! Bill Gates and Great Thunberg are not slaves to logic and facts. No one cares in a world driven by hysteria. Hysteria is infinitely more fun, meaningful and satisfying. It is the way of the righteous. Thinking is boring and hard to do! Those locked away in their homes are the new flagellants appeasing an angry deity, and the billions swearing of consumption of the devil’s fossil fuel are the new monks forgoing the pleasures of life to be in harmony with the universe!

Climate Change – Much ADo About Nothing!

Try to imagine today is 1980 in 11,000 BCE. The glaciers are everywhere and miles high, the oceans over a hundred meters lower. Our cities and farms are located off coasts now underwater, on the floors of the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, and the English Channel, and next to glaciers. The interglacial warmup has begun. Oceans are rising, glaciers are melting, and temperatures are climbing. We wake every day told that the science proves anthropogenic warming was causing this global catastrophe! The never-ending lament that humanity must stop destroying the earth and live in harmony with the planet with our mindless pursuit of comfort and plenty. Hordes of do-gooders, politicians, researchers, world-famous scientists, endless government initiatives, lawsuits, media specials, and screaming teenagers would do then as they do now. Now imaging. It is a century later. The oceans continued to rise, and the glaciers melt. Our cities are underwater, and most of humanity are dead not because of rising seas, storms, and changing climate, but because Silly failed to adapt to Climate Change! The Existential Threat hysteria over Climate Change altered nothing.

China Kills 400,000 Americans And Makes A Killing Selling PPEs Americans.

How Weak Is United States and the U.S. Military? This is how weak:

China knowingly allowed COVID-19 infected to fly from Wuhan to the United States while Wuhan was quarantined within China. China killed 400,000 Americans and collapsed the national economy. And still, a weak America buys PPE and billions of masks from CHINA. All government and military in the United wear masks made in China.

One has to laugh when some two-bit general tells us how they protect America! How about we all be honest – the United States government, including the military, are LOSERS! China has no fear of the cowards in America, especially the men and women in uniform. After all, Biden is their Good Dog!

Global Warming Good and Climate Alarmists Bad!

Warm is good. Over the last 12,000 years, the earth has warmed, the oceans have risen over 340 feet, pushing coastlines to higher ground, greener much of the planet, and supported growing numbers of humanity. Living in today’s warming planet beats living in the ice age. More people live in the Shara desert than in the Antarctic. To put it another way, it is easier to grow a crop in the desert than on a glacier. Oceans rise, hurricanes and tornadoes devastate, and still the world populations grow, and the earth gets greener. There is less green during an Ice Age and lots of green plants during interglacial warming. Green is good. Millions migrate to tornado alley and the hurricane coasts in the United States, but not so many migrate to Alaska!

The terror of climate change appeals to the not so bright and modern-day con artists, of which there are many in academia, business, and politics. Climate change to the bureaucrats of the world is a “wet dream on steroids.” The parasites of the world embrace climate change with the fervor of a religious zealot. Instant prestige, authority, and power await the climate change acolytes. And, as with all religions, their assertions are unprovable.

Perhaps, the global fixation on the world’s bureaucrats and scientists is proof that most of them and their followers are stupid! If one seriously looks at the members of the United States Congtesd, the generals in the Pentagon or the heads if the intelligence agencies it is obvious, the best and the brightest they ain’t! And, sadly, the same seems to hold for the leadership of most nations. Consider what the argument is. In a hundred years their be more powerful hurricanes and tornadoes and the oceans will be higher and warmer. So what? These very same conditions have been ongoing during the last 12,000 years of the current interglacial warmup. Humanity has had to climb to higher and higher ground as the oceans rose 340 feet. Hurricanes and tornadoes worsened and the earth became warmer and warmer and more and more glaciers disappeared. As the climate worsened from Global Warming humanity’s numbers grew and grew and grew. Great civilization and cities sorunhbuonaroing the word. It would seem humanity thrives in a world wrecked by rising seas and worsening weather. We are told humanity.blossomed and grew as the earth warmed, but now we must tremble in fear and horror from.Warming and Rising seas. Why has the questions not been answered of how warm and how high will the seas rise as the natural interglacial warming continues? Equally interesting ybw towering intellects never address the elephant in their mists. What happens when the interglacial warmup ends?

The obvious lack if intelligence it ability to of the institutions, scientists, government t agencies and politicians shaking in terror of the coming doom.that that will kill millions and force cities to relocate to higher ground consider the following:

– By 2040, one billion next to active volcanoes.

– Tens of millions chose to live on earthquake faults.

– Millions have moved to Florida with more coming.

– Humanity is funneled into larger and denser cities that are breeding grounds for disease.

– Increasing levels of cosmic radiation and danger from CME’s hitting the earth as the earths magnetic field.declines. Either of the above can cause havoc that makes any global.warminh scenario pale I’m comparison.

– The poles of the planets are moving and the consequences of such.titanic forces inside the earth may set off volcanic and earthquakes that makes the worse global warming scenario welcomes as an alternative.

The point this author is trying to make is that global warming no more an issue than many other problems that would be far worse in consequences were they to materialize. Unfortunately, the odds of one or more of the other catastrophes happening soon are more likely. The consequences of these catastrophic events could be mitigated if climate change phobia was dropped. A solar CME would be a catastrophe as a nuclear EMP and the world is still not hardened to the levels needed. Mega cities with their energy efficient buildings and dense pack are breeding grounds for pandemics.

The U.S. IS a Banana Republic, but Is It China’s Good Dog?

The short answer is yes! The CCP quarantined Wuhan while allowing airlines to fly in and to fly back out loaded with infected passengers to the United States. This caused damage to the economy and resulted in over 300,000 dead. Plus, masks purchased in the U.S. made in China and sold to Americans at exorbitant prices. Yes, the Pentagon, Washington D.C. and Congress are good dogs with no teeth!.

The United States is an Emperor with no clothes. The country is broke, most of the people in financial ruin, politicians are corrupt, and the military is useless. The CCP knows America is the Banana Republic with little power on the world stage. The NSA, CIA, and FBI are not global players. Their one job is to keep the corrupt government and cronies in control, as do similar agencies in other banana republics. The argument that the agencies’ are safeguarding the nation, in light of 911 and that the NSA and CIA failed to detect the epidemic ravaging China for months. The FBI failed to notice that the Chinese in America were sucking up PPE supplies and shipping them to China. The truth is nothing has changed since 911, except this time, 400,000 died, and the national economy was devastated. As far as The CCP was concerned, the U.S. military was just how air. The CCP lied to the United States about COVID-19 and deliberately allowed the infected to fly out of Wuhan to infect America while quarantining Wuhan from the rest of China. The CCP had no concerns about the United States. Why? The United States is just another Banana Republic ruled by less than bright leaders. Bureaucrats and generals are no threat. It is no secret, the U.S. It is only big when the opponent is small. Now with China’s good American dog, Biden, in power, the mighty United States military will do only as Xi Jinping wishes. China is the real global power. Washington D.C. just hasn’t read the memo. Let’s all pretense of the great CDC or how great U.S. health agencies and universities are. The United States is broke, and most in government or not in their positions based on merit. It has been 16 years since SARs and endless meetings and planning sessions to deal with the coming pandemic. When the pandemic said come, Washinton D.C. agency or the CDC completely missed the seriousness of the virus, had no adequate supplies of PPE for health and necessary workers. There were inadequate medical supplies, medicines, or equipment in reserve to deal with a pandemic. There was no ability to do contact tracing. In short, the government of the United States, after 16 years, was unable to deal with a pandemic. Why? It is because too many are unqualified in Washington D.C. and teaching in universities. No money to prepare. It has all been squandered on endless wars, ineffective programs, and endless entitlement programs. The truth, the government of the United States, failed to protect the American people. Congress failed miserably, even with 16 years to prepare! The United States is a Banana Republic.

When Models Break Down

Computer models are not the only models we use. All the models used, the ones in our heads or computers, rely on steady-state patterns. Everything we are, we owe to predictable and reasonably stable patterns. Business, trade, or food production requires predictability. This is why there is such disdain for Chaos. Chaos cannot be modeled. During extended periods of environmental chaos, society at all levels breaks down. Though usually the last to fall, cities cannot ride out a world in chaos that lasts years. Cities are mortal too!

Why the concern about chaos? A menace has been growing yearly under our feet, that may be affecting electrical grids, communications, and weather. The decline of the earth’s magnetic field and the migration of the magnetic poles are accelerating every year. The official line is that there is no reason for concern. Many fear this phenomenon will bring a long period of chaos to our orderly planet of which increased vulcanism, earthquakes, and cosmic radiation being the less worrisome consequences. The questions are: can businesses, cities, and government ride out what may come, and if not, would it not be prudent to take steps to reduce the time it will take for the world to recover?