Women’s Bodies Are Not Their Own!

Surprises? COViD-19 laws and regulations can force any e to wear masks no matter how uncomfortable or one does not want elevated CO2 in their blood. Governors, Mayors, judges, courts, Congress, and President Biden have made masks mandatory because this is what society demands. For the same reasons, an individual cannot refuse to take a vaccine to prevent COVID-19. The individual’s rights over their body can be suspended when society so demands. The above negates the argument that a women’s body is hers, and she can decide to have become pregnant, have an abortion, or not to have an abortion. The argument is rendered moot after citizens who do not wish to wear masks or receive vaccination because society expects to prioritize one’s individual rights to control their body. Society can force women to conceive and have a baby if doing so serves society. It is fascinating that the very organizations, politicians, and judges that took the position that no government can force women to have a baby once conceived have undermined that position by forcing masks to be worn and vaccinations given to those not wishing to yield control of their bodies to others.

Instant to Embargo Cuba!

What upside-down logic to embargo Cuba? The United States granted China and Vietnam full diplomatic and trade rights. America allows Communist loyalists of both countries to work, start businesses, buy media, and hire lobbyists. At the same time, the United States continues to embargoed the tiny Communist island nation of Cuba! China and Vietnam are both Communist countries – duh. China and Vietnam both defeated Americans in Korea and Vietnam, respectively. So, why begrudge the little island of Cuba because Castro defeated America’s attempt to overthrow Communist Cuba too? Maybe, the reason is Cuba hasn’t spent enough money to bribe Congress, American elites, academia, and the media as China and Vietnam.

The Sustainability Lie!

All the talk oozing out of corporate PR departments and CEOs about sustainability and saving the environment is so disingenuous. Every product bought is designed to fail and require replacement. Obsolescence is not just American or Western hypocrisy. It’s the motto of the World. Communist, socialist, and capitalist nations all bear the Mark of Caine. The Phoebus cartel made sure light bulbs failed after a month or so even though they could be designed to last years. The original LED lasted for five years or more. Now, LED replacement lights barely last half that. Cell phones are designed to keep users from replacing a battery or a failed part which forces the user to upgrade to a new model. Built-in obsolescence is in every product purchased. Air conditioners, insulated glass windows, shoes, and clothes disintegrate all too soon. There can never be a sustainable environment as long as the Phoebus mentality rules the corporate world and the government collects its 30 pieces of silver in taxes

So Many Americans Lied Too!

Between 1940 – 1980, Washington DC, the Pentagon, teachers, academics, religious leaders, Wall Street, the news media, and Hollywood bombarded Americans daily with the message that: their values, lifestyle, and consumption was proof of America’s greatness and capitalism’s superiority; Americans were the best and most productive workers; American’s values, capitalism, and God made America Great; it was America’s duty to defend God, capitalism and the world against the evils of Communism?

Magically, after December 25, 1991, the message changed. Why? On that day, the Soviet Union collapsed. The Soviet Union no longer threatened the pundits pushing America’s greatness. They were safe! Now they had a new message that America was not great. Americans were destroying the planet, exploiting the world, living high on the backs of the world, lazy, and evil. The new battle cry of these not-so-American Americans was that Americans must repent for their sins, cast off evil values, beg forgiveness, accept a life of humility and poverty, and decry allegiance to old values.

Oddly, this new Truth accomplishes the same objective for the generals, Washington DC, universities, and Hollywood. What could that be? Money? Students, contracts, cheap imports, cheap labor, and power. The only casualties are those left in the gutter with their world turned upside down and many crippled physically and emotionally from fighting wars that the influential, elites, and powerful no longer believe in. The losers are expendable, having never been very quality people in the first place.

Washington DC and the Pentagon Mutinied Against A Duly-Elected President

The Capitol Complex in Washington DC hides behind barbed wire not because the executive and legislative branches live in fear of a mass uprising. Rather they feat the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies. Why? The Pentagon, CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ mutinied against a sitting President. The DOJ, Federal Judges, and the media committed acts of sedition to aid the Pentagon, and intelligence agencies bring down a President and administration they did not like! Their success is a pyrrhic victory that has ended the Republic. The betrayal of American generals and admits has permanently damaged Constitutional rule and set precedence! If the intelligence agencies and the Pentagon dislike a sitting President, it is now acceptable to commit acts of sedition and mutiny against the President and administration. Now, Congress and the President are terrified that the very same institutions they encouraged to bring down a President will turn on them if displeased with policies. This is why the White House and Congress are wrapped in barbed wire.

The Pentagons and colluding government t agencies have opened the door for future coups against any President or Congress that displeased them. The short sighed generals, conspiring agencies, and bureaucrats in Washington DC’s have destroyed the Republic and started the collapse of the nation into a third world have been. This is why the Pentagon is purging their ranks of any soldier who opposed or is aware of the mutiny. They too are worried of being betrayed by their own as they betrayed the President.

Useless – Zero CO2 Emissions!

I wonder how many know that the Pacific Ocean is higher than the Atlantic Ocean or that the earth has been warming for 12000 years? If you know natural history, you know that no human action can not stop Climate Change. The oceans will rise the climate will warm. During this interglacial warmup, the seas rose 340 feet since, and mile-high glaciers melted. Those who lived through the flooding of the English Channel, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Black Sea witnessed Catastrophic Climate Change in their lifetime, as did those living along the coasts ran from rising seas. The Native Americans living in what is now the Northwest were drowned by the thousands like ants because of Catastrophic Climate Change created a mile-high lake of melted glaciers held back by an ice dam that succumbed to GLOBAL WARMING and killed nature, now known as the Badlands National Park.

The concept of “low-hanging fruit” seems to have been forgotten by people who have little knowledge of natural history. When the warming began 12000 years ago, melting was rapid because many glaciers were in reach of the warming seas and atmosphere. As the easy ice disappeared, there were slowdowns in ocean rise because warmer temperatures would be required to reach the ice not yet melted. The bottom line, oceans will continue to rise the climate warm until this period of interglacial warming ends irregardless of zero emissions.

Biden’s and Washington DC Celebrate CPC’s July 1st!

The Bidens and Washington DC can’t celebrate July 4th. It takes days to recover and sober up from celebrating the Communist Chinese Party July 1 celebration. I hear the Pentagon requires everyone in the building to stand and repeat Mao’s glorious motto, ”hao hao xue xi,” every morning as they wave their personnel Chinese flags in smiling unison. In fact, I hear that many in Washington DC have on their person custom made CCP pins engraved with: 好好学习

D.O.J. And Pentagon Have Become Political Organs of the State!

Welcome to the Banana Republic of North America D.O.J. Maybe America’s slide from grace began when America started when torturing prisoners, or it is just easier to join the animals than keep trying to climb to loftier heights. The universities, bureaucrats in Washington DC, and corporations have gotten their wish. They now live in a dysfunctional, hedonistic, moralless, mediocre, divided, weak, ineffectual nation of has-beens. While gloating over their success, they realize they all will be seen as an equally useless collection of has-beens by the World too!

Cyclical Catastrophe Theories

The commonality cyclical catastrophe theories share is the sun. A nova event or a direct hit by a solar flare when the earth’s magnetic field has weakened would be devastating. A solar flare or nova event would account for most of the observed natural phenomenon. If debris from a nova event hit the Pacific ocean, the resulting tsunami would be horrific. I’m afraid I disagree with those who believe we can prepare to ride out such an event because the magnetic field that will engulf the earth will create massive electrical currents that will melt metal and render machinery and electronics useless. I believe this is why nothing is left of previous civilizations that experienced previous solar-induced catastrophes except stone artifacts. The few who survive will seek shelter in caves and stay underground for a time. LGBT will not be a lifestyle choice for millennia. Those who do will rule those who can’t. CRT, male privilege, trigger words, and safe spaces will not be on the survival “To-Do List.”