1. Harvard university and medical school international standing and academic ranking drop.
  2. Europe Russia and China form alliance.
  3. NATO disbands and US ordered out of Europe.
  4. Russia gains territory in Ukraine and detonates nuke on Ukraine. Washington DC panics and backs out of Ukraine.
  5. Saudi Aramco drops US dollar.
  6. Western and European nation align with Russia and China.
  7. Us economy spirals down.
  8. Americans begin exiting the United States as the nation slides into Totalitarian rule.
  9. Washington DC begins execution of Americans resiting by the millions.
  10. Mexico and Canada seek protection from US threat. Canada, Europe, Russia , China and Latin America form alliance.

2022 August – December

  1. China does not invade Taiwan.
  2. Russia detonates nuke on Ukraine’s territory.
  3. Biden and Soros die politically.
  4. Americans riot over food scarcity.
  5. Five Agency Coup to control Washington DC.
  6. Gated communities grow across America.
  7. Black violence and open hostilities increase against whites and Asians.
  8. Northeast mass exodus to Mexico begins.
  9. Saudis stop trading only in dollars.
  10. Europe turns away from the USA ‘’s orbit and moved into Russia and China’s orbits.
  11. The world realizes 100 million have been burning dirty coal since 1100 AD and 300 million since 1800 in China for heat, cooking, metallurgy, textiles, silk, dyes, porcelain, etc. 中国燃烧煤炭已有2000多年的历史。 1800年以来,中国燃煤人口已超过3亿。中国过去200年产生了多少二氧化碳?在工业革命之前,中国生产了多少二氧化碳用于取暖、烹饪、制造金属、锅、瓷器、丝绸、染料等?