Insanity Pushing for Spaces of Color!

Those who are pushing for spaces of color that exclude whites are a consequence of a failed education and proof that teacher unions have gutted the nation. Allowing dumb people to teach our children is national suicide – death by a thousand cuts. Do they not understand, if there are spaces of color, there will space for people who are white. If there are college graduations for non-whites, there are graduates for whites. In short, these people are justifying segregation based on color. We The People are back to the 1930s. Worse, her position is we should judge a book by its cover. Once enough people of color and whites embrace this message, coming together ends, and coming apart begins. The Biden administration is saying the same. This will not end well!

The USA Has Done Hitler Proud!

In 2020, the U.S. Congress installed a censorship clause in HR133, a coronavirus emergency response and relief package. In HR 133, Congress gave the FTC supreme authority to target, arrest, and fine anyone who doesn’t follow the government’s narrative on lockdowns, masks. This is totalitarianism. Total power places into the hands of a government agency to dictate what you say and do.

2020 is the year the USA became a True Banana Republic. The capital is now guarded by troops and surrounded by barbed wire fencing to protect an illegal government that stolen the election (Trump won the Electoral College had mass fraud been engaged in at federal and state levels), the military is being purged of those not loyal to the current regime policies, mass media has become a propaganda arm of the government, freedom of speech has been greatly curtailed, The People have no say in how their nation is managed. The Right to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness has been taken away in the name of Saving the Planet from the 12000-year ongoing Interglacial Warmup that has raised global temperature and sea levels to 340 feet which have been rebranded as anthropogenically caused climate catastrophe.

America is Hitler’s Germany. The NAZIS won!

The Roots of Today’s America!

To do business, one has to understand the social soup their companies are in. If the soup has gone bad, perhaps best to seek another bowl rather than waste resources and time. Listen and learn about those in politics and business driving Change in the West, especially in America. This man clearly understood what America was to become. He proceeded Ayn Rand. He understood where the present was heading because he knew history.

Wind and Solar Power Suck!

Less is not more! Cities need more power, not less. The more power a city has, the better. Energy gives cities greater control over the environment and increases the options available to improve living conditions. It is impossible to improve the lives of those now alive or the extra billion soon to be born without increasing energy.

Energy efficiency is an exercise in futility and a sure path to a worse future. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that energy-efficient buildings are less than healthy. Life has improved as access to cheap energy has increased.

Solar panels and wind generators are not viable energy solutions to power cities. Even if energy density and intermittency were not issues, in a reality where one volcano can alter wind and solar radiance worldwide, relying on solar and wind power is playing Russian Roulette with our future.

High energy density solutions are available. Nuclear reactors that are salt cooled, pseudo-solid-state, SMR-160, molten chloride, etc. Atomic energy could free us from the tyranny of batteries by producing cheap hydrogen to power machines and transportation.

Windmills and solar panels eat land and are eyes sores. Humanity abandoned to wind and animal power for valid reasons. They suck!


Anthropogenic CLIMATE Catastrophe Is “Junk Science” Pushed by “Clown Scientists”!

Climate Crazies pushing anthropogenic climate catastrophe are as incompetent, egotistical, and dopy as they look. Be afraid of them, and their alma matters. These fear mongers stuff their pockets with money garnered from dim-witted bureaucrats scared silly by a hoax. The anthropogenic climate change narrative has taken on a life of its own in the scientific community. The topic of Climate Change is no longer driven by science. Open debate and refinement of data are verboten! Too many in the scientific, political, business, and bureaucratic establishment have latched on to a Cash Cow that rewards intellectual and scientific laziness. Any line of reasoning that threatens the cash cow is quickly pounced on and denounced as “fake news” pushed by conspiracy nuts.

This mass hysteria would be funny were it not for the harm done.

Welcome to Hell!

I heard a fascinating talk by a person who had given much thought to world religions, philosophies, and the human condition. He had concocted a brilliant synthesis of all the above into a rational explanation of life and God. In his view, this world is Hell. When we die, if we are decent, we do not return. Those who are are still bad are reincarnated and repeat the process until they get it right. The bad are born into powerful and wealthy families. The less rotten are born into not so powerful and wealthy families to give them a taste of humanity before they move into great wealth and power by not being nice. “Scum floats!” The rich and powerful are the demons that torment the rest of humanity. Few at the top change, so they repeat the cycle often. Those who change in the masses of tortured soles are rewarded. They do not reincarnate.

His views of this world, though not entirely original, explain much. This is why those who live the people so much send their wives do on expensive shopping trips. Their children attend private schools and elite universities, no matter how dumb they are. They drive expensive cars and planes, live in beautiful homes, and continue to get rich.

Travel, Tourism and COVID

Mass travel and tourism will be the permanent casualties of this current pandemic. It is all but impossible to contain a deadly infection that takes weeks to manifest symptoms as it spreads. A virus a deadly as HIV or Hantavirus but infinitely easier to apply is waiting to hitch a ride on an unsuspecting host. In today’s world, if high-speed travel, they would be infected before knowing it was dead. High-speed air and land travel to move masses of people between mega-cities that are giant Petri dishes need to take a back seat to disease control. Seventy years back, few traveled internationally. A trip to another city was rare. A hundred-mile drive in a car was a big deal. I think this world is returning. Slow travel and quarantine at destinations are coming! It is Back to the Future or no Future! If leaders are not proactive and slow the movement of people, crops, and cattle, the next pandemic will if there are enough of us left alive.

On-Demand: A Dumb Ivy University Bomb!

The pandemic is a wake-up call that on-demand delivery breaks down when a global event shuts down critical supply chains. Too many forget that our modern world is like a V. Everything level depends on what lies below it. The lowest point in the V is FOOD! Everything that we are depends on food. As with PPE and medical supplies, today’s world is built on the assumption that nothing will shut down the global on-demand food chain. One nasty volcanic eruption on the order of Krakatoa or a Coronal Mass Ejection that shuts down energy production, electronics, and transportation for a couple of years would collapse food production and distribution. Everything would come undone when there is no food.

I ask myself why are there are no long-term food reserves stored to feed the people until food production was back online? It could take years to restore food production and distribution. Our leaders seem to be playing Russian Roulette with our lives and theirs. If they think that the food squirreled away in COG bunkers will suffice or escape notice by the starving, they are delusional!

Addressing this problem would provide jobs and unite us all. Few would oppose this endeavor.

Don’t Copy America’s Car Centrism!

To keep city centers viable, Europe has to keep Amazon and all Big Box stores on very tight leashes. Everyone suffers if these monstrosities prosper. Car centrism is the juice that feeds Amazon, Big Box stores, and shopping centers while sucking the life out of the community and urban life. These merchants of destruction are a pox. Hopefully, Europeans recognize this and will not fall into the trap that has hollowed American cities and turned the nation’s spaces into places only totalitarian states can love. Ignore USA’s insane zoning practices; architects wrapped up in their glory; street engineers who share much with autistic savants; and urban studies department that endorse policies that are lethal to community and urban life.

Two Parties Does Not A Democracy Make!

A democracy reflects the will of the people. Two parties can easily align to represent the interests of the few, usually the rich. The Democrats and Republicans colluded to yield the results in the 2020 elections. The SCOTUS justices owing their selection to political alliances, will never rule outside of the alliances of the Democrats and Republicans’ interests: the rich. There is no democracy without THREE or More political parties. The United States is not a democracy any more than Venezuela. It is a totalitarian state. As a totalitarian state, the United States is a danger to the world. Totalitarian States wage wars, not democracies.