Revolution Anyone?

Have the geniuses gutting the midlands of America considered how millions of white mid-westerns flocking to the East and West coasts cities will be absorbed? Does Seattle, Portland, SF, LA, NYC, Boston, and Washington DC not understand that not just the poor from South America will immigrate for a better life? The problem will be that this group from the midlands share a commonality with the Chinese peasants in China’s middle who decided to seek redress by moving to the coastal cities. Does the government in Washington DC have plans to relocate to Puerto Rico? History teaches that governments too often make assumptions about the wrong people, and, as a rule, they are not happy with the consequences of their misjudgment.

China Kills 400,000 Americans And Makes A Killing Selling PPEs Americans.

How Weak Is United States and the U.S. Military? This is how weak:

China knowingly allowed COVID-19 infected to fly from Wuhan to the United States while Wuhan was quarantined within China. China killed 400,000 Americans and collapsed the national economy. And still, a weak America buys PPE and billions of masks from CHINA. All government and military in the United wear masks made in China.

One has to laugh when some two-bit general tells us how they protect America! How about we all be honest – the United States government, including the military, are LOSERS! China has no fear of the cowards in America, especially the men and women in uniform. After all, Biden is their Good Dog!