CO2 or Madness?

Every week, the airways are flooded with the mantra – humankind is causing climate change. The pundits of this perspective giddily point to the correlation between CO2 and global temperature rise as proof, ignoring that correlation is not necessarily causation. Others who are equally adamant point out that the relationship means nothing. Few consider other possibilities but are quickly marginalized by academics, media, many in the public and government at all levels. Why both sides controlling the narrative happily push scenarios in which CO2 is or is not a problem ignoring other causes? The reason is simple. It it is easy to deal with a reality that is simple. What drives this laser-like focus that is that it is not in human nature to look too deep into the real world. Perhaps this tendency can be seen as a coping mechanism to keep us from freezing in our tracks in terror if we acknowledge we have very little control over the survival of our civilization. Zeroing out the sun’s effects on climate puts humankind in control. This is why validating course data (proxy data) as exact data has more to do with keeping cognitive dissonance at a minimum by validating a theory that is built on a house of cards. Solar winds, magnetic entanglements, coronal mass ejections, or cosmic radiation is of no concern. Why? To acknowledge that humankind is acted upon by forces impossible to control means we have no control. The decrease in the earth’s magnetic field and the magnetic poles moving ever faster to new locations are of no consequence other than the dealing with the nuisances they create with GPS and compasses. Not because it isn’t if no consequences, but, rather, it would make obvious that we are all helpless to do anything about it. Best to not look to closely at the real world and see how little control civilization has over forces that obliterate civilizations over and over. Facing the truth that forces that have destroyed previous global civilizations will do the same to ours. Until then, let humanity believe that CO2 our civilization releases is what must be controlled. The truth does nothing but rips away a shield though made of paper, leaves most in this civilization feel long fuzzy and warm until the paper is shredded by reality.

Stupid is as Stupid Does – the Green New Deal!

Who’s the 900 pound guerrilla in the room?

Are the rocket scientist in Congress pushing the Green New Deal and all those screaming hordes of liberals terrified out of their minds shooting themselves in the foot! These intellectual pigmies are cutting off their noses to spite their faces are destroying the United States at the same strengthening China’s economy and military.

There can be no doubt that those pushing the Green New Deal has China’s whole hearted support. There is no doubt that China’s elites find the clowns pushing the Green New Deal a God Send (even the atheist Chinese are thanking God for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her minions. The Chinese Communist leadership must marvel at how Democrats in Congress throughout United States are committing national suicide!

Perhaps, the Green New Deal is simply the final phase of a nation that has turned its back on merit and settled for mediocrity. It really does not matter. What matters is all the Green new deal will accomplish is the dystopian nightmare Ann Ryan saw coming and tried to sound the alarm in her book, “Atlas Shrugged.”

Surprise, Ice Ages, also, have Droughts and Heat Waves!

Not only has it been much, much warmer before in last 2,000 years, it has even warmer in previous interglacial warm ups. The Earth is still here. Huh, crazies run telling everyone that the Earth is going to die because of warming. Fascinating to watch truly mediocre people who are palmed off to the public as smart. CO2 concentrations were higher in the the past and life survived. In all the banter from scientists telling us the great death from man made global warming, you never hear them tell how warm this interglacial period can get and how the oceans rise if those previous temperatures are reached against. We are to accept these experts from Harvard, Yale, Princeton and M.I.T. that the greatest threat to mankind is global warming. We are told there will be droughts and it will hot, but nothing said the hot areas that had great droughts previous cool downs including the Little Ice Age. Huh, why the silence about the natural history of the Earth during cool period? And, why is China buying land in Africa that before this warm up were the Roman Empire’s grain basket? Seems the Chinese are thinking the conditions that made these now dried lands so productive may be returning.

We, not so bright, are faces with a conundrum. If the Chinese are right, the United States and all the people yelling is the Earth was doomed from warming are wrong! You the reader has to ask yourself if China is right and is able to feed their people and the United States is wrong, does that not mean the Congress and all those Presidents and important people pushing global warming and the end of the worlds were not so bright. If they are wrong, why should anyone anywhere in the world ever listen to anything they have to say And, the follow up question is how did they ascend to positions of power and rank being so obviously incompetent? Is this an indictment against allowing anyone to vote? Is the fault in pushing democracy too far in allowing votes to be cast by people who truly are not capable of understanding the difference between a smooth talking clown and an intelligent leader? If the ship of state drive the ship into an iceberg when the other ships veered out the iceberg’s path, is not how the captain were selected the issue?

Ready to Starve – Earth Is Cooling!

This year crop failure from rain and cool weather at the higher longitudes will be noticeable. Global food production will less than last year. China, buying land that was Rome’s food basket during the cool period in 5th century, will feed their people while your very incompetent Congress and government walked the nation into starvation. Remember, no snow by 2020! It is snowing everywhere and accumulating exactly were it did during the ice ages. Surprise. Heat and droughts – yep. Exactly were it happened during the cool downs. How about that, the weather patterns are going back to what it was before the current warming. And, the upper atmosphere has been cooling from the top down. What this all means is crop failures will be increasingly caused by cool wet weather and droughts. The frost line will be heading south as before. Don’t worry, Gore, all those pushing warming in the government will have plenty of food. You will not. You get to starve as the growing regions retreat further and further south. When you finally understand the colossal blunder made by the government and university elitists, you will be helpless to do anything. You will as the mighty arms Justice, the military, Federal agents, all eating well, protect the nation from the starving hordes which you will be apart of.

Let me say it now! The planet is entering into a cool down that weather it last just 30 years or longer will bring misery to every American trusted the government, the Congress, the military, and the university’s to keep them safe. WHEN YOUR STOMACH STARTS TO GROWL BOYS AND GIRLS THE GOVERNMENT FAILED TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE.