China Preparing for War?

Is China shutting down its economy in preparation for a war that will give China control of the Pacific? China has to take Taiwan to accomplish its strategic goal of hegemony over Asia. To take Taiwan will require China’s merchant ships and civilian aircraft to ferry troops, equipment, and food supplies to Taiwan. The civilian economy will have to redirect consumption to support the war. This will require significant reductions in food consumption, goods, food, medicine, and access to medical services. The CCP may be locking down cities to build supplies needed to fight the war. Russia’s experience going up against Ukraine equipped with Western military technology has alerted the CCP that taking Taiwan will not be easy and will take much longer than planned. It is likely, that the CCP is conditioning the nation for a protracted conflict.

Washington Needs a New War!

World War 3 is bad for business!

So many nefarious forces in the Capital are pushing America into a war with Russia. Why? An America without a war terrifies all of Washington DC. Without a war, too many disgruntled citizens will start to focus on the incompetency, corruption, and sheer hubris of every bureaucrat in The Capital. All the members of Congress and heads of federal agencies tied to the military-industrial complex financial umbilical cord need war to live well. Without WAR, all the bureaucrats in Washington DC and civilians whose wealth depends on the US War Machine are out in the cold. Biden needs the war to keep the Ukraine officials who have paid the Biden family so much bribe money are eating terrific losses from the Russian invasion from exposing the bribes. The media which depends on government largess and licensing permits, has to bark as ordered by the political elites.

The problem for all of us is that Russia is the target the Washington Dogs of War are snapping at, and Russia has a huge pump-action shotgun aimed at the dogs. The feeding frenzy has worked everyone into a frenzy abandoning caution and reflection. The thought that Russia will not go nuclear and directly engage the US has been drowned out by America’s hysteria and need for war. Napoleon, Hitler, and Tojo made the same mistake and paid blood and destruction. In my opinion, NATO nations must be the line Putin may not cross without initiating World War 3. Supply Ukraine with weapons as China and Russia did N. Korea and Vietnam, but so not enter the fight! #ukrainerussia #media

Washington Warmongers Wants a War with Russia that Can’t be Won!

The morons in Washington DC, especially the losers in the Pentagon, want war with Russia. The Pentagon has lost every military objective since 1945. The officers in the Pentagon, especially the Joint Chiefs of Staff, are incompetent and way offer confidence. Ukraine to Russia is as Mexico is to the US. Russia will not allow Ukraine to join NATO! There is a thousand history for Russia’s position, and the Russians back down to a nation of cross dressers suffering from gender dysphoria. Everyone needs to email Congress to stop this insanity before the US ends up in a nuclear war.

Are You Okay Dying in a Nuclear Exchange with Russia Over Ukraine?

Russia has legitimate concerns about Ukraine joining NATO. A NATO Ukraine is to Russia what a nuclear-armed CUBA is to the US. Russia will no more back down over this issue than the US had when nuclear missiles were in Cuba. The clowns in Washington DC, especially to goofs in the Pentagon, are pushing for a confrontation with Russia by urging NATO to accept the Ukraine. Russia will go to war over this issue. Russia will use nuclear weapons includes strikes against the US. The warmongers and profiteers in Washington DC want war. They do not believe Russia will resorts to nukes. They are wrong!

China Invades Taiwan!

Xi Jinping has to deflect the Chinese people from China’s economic woes and solidify his position as life-long President before the coming 20th CCP Natiinal Party Congress. China taking Taiwan is the magic bullet he needs. Biden, Congress nor anyone in the Pentagon or in Washington DC will oppose China’s invasion of Taiwan. Why? China has so much dirt on so many in Washington DC, especially the Bidens, the loyalty of so many in throughout America have be bought including many in the Pentagon. the CCP have little to worry about from the United States in thwartings it’s military and territorial expansion.

This inaction may encourage North Korea to invade South Korea, thinking the 30,00 US troops will be ordered by Biden to flee? The Joint Chiefs of Staff, the current US leadership, media, and most Americans simply lack the courage to risk nuclear war. After all, China correctly analyzed that the US nothin if China lied and covered the epidemic in Wuhan because the US, including the US military, are dependent on China exports.