Congress Removes Voter Anominity and Institutionalizes Voting Corruption

The point of in-person voting is to ensure voter anonymity and to reduce voting corruption. Mail-in voting strips the voter of anonymity and freedom from coercion. Voters can be bought and coerced by family, friends, and thugs because there is no way the voter can hide how they vote. If a voter wants to do in-person voting, everyone knows the voter is not voting correctly. What Congress has done is guarantee no one votes incorrectly! Shame on the bastards in Congress who have undermined voter anonymity and pissed on the graves of those who died to protect democracy!


The IRS does assume people do cheat. The IRS taxpayers keep all records for years. The government never assumes the public is honest. This is why the government checks gasoline pumps meter accuracy, the catch of commercial fishermen, truck weights, etc. The very same tell us to, the public to trust election results, seriously!

How to remove all doubt over election results. Offer a reward to be paid by the local government overseeing any election with no tax increase allowed to recoup loss until the next election to anyone identifying voter or counting fraud of:

  • $1 million in local elections.
  • $3 million in a state election.
  • $10 million in federal elections.

To the naysayers, the public has been assured election results are not tainted by either the voter or counting fraud. The above crosscheck should then be welcomed.