Religious Tolerance

Religious tolerance is respecting the right every person has to believe in what they want as long as they do not violate secular law. What this translates to in civic speak is that all people of faith including Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims have to respect each other’s right to practice their religious beliefs as long as the practices do not violate secular law. But this not require the the religious belief, doctrine or holy books have to be respected. This means you have the right to believe what you want even if everyone thinks the tenants and practices if your religion or silly. No one has to respect your religion, just your right to believe. If you think a religion is stupid you can say so. If you want to use anther religious objects as a doorstop, you can. Religious tolerance means no religious group can interfere with another’s regions beliefs or practices. A body politic that enforces religious freedom will often be in turmoil until a non-violent consensus has been reached.