COVID-19 Epidemic, No Big Deal!

1. The Asian Flu Pandemic of 1957 killed 160,000 in the United States. (1) The population of the United States in 57 was 178 million, i.e., 0019 of the population died. The 2020 population of the United States is 331 million. If the 2020 population of the United States had been the same death to population ratio, the dead from the Asian Flu Pandemic would have been over 298 thousand.

2. The Hong Kong flu pandemic of 1969 killed 100,000 killed in the United States and 1,000,000 worldwide. Hundreds of thousands who in the U.S.(2) Who had contracted the flu ended up in hospitals. The virus was fatal primarily to people older than 65 with preexisting conditions. The population of the United States in 68 was 201 million. Had the population of the United States in 1969 been was what it is in 2020, the number that would have died from the Hong Kong Flu Pandemic would have been approximately 104 thousand. The nation was not shut down by the leaders if the nation.

3. If COVID-19 will kills over 150 thousand in the United Stares, this will be no worse than the previous epidemics when the population was a third lower.(3) There was no mass panic and and there were no nationwide shutdowns. Today, the nation has been shut down by officials terrified of a virus with a mortality rate that is about the same as previous pandemics. What has changed?(4) The simple truth is that nation was panicked by media anchors who did not do any in-depth reporting. The nation’s media failed to do its job. Scientists are to be blamed too. They relied on computer models and treated the forecasts fact and not a model. The simulations had greater credibility than field data. Worse, the city, state and federal leadership failed to read the information provided with each of the computer forecasts. All forecasts indicated that the vast majority of deaths would be in the over 75 age group of which many would die anyway within a year because very old adults die. The reliance on computer models and the incompetence of those in charge were only part of the reason for the panic. The main reason behind all the panic was that China had bought up all the necessary medical supplies that would be needed by hospitals, and China had diverted all production facilities in China to meet domestics needs. The experts panicked because, unlike earlier times, the leaders, Congress, and the intellectual elites stripped the nation of the ability to supply the country with the medical supplies necessary to fight this pandemic.