Why FBI, NSA, CIA, Media and Congress Lied and Colluded to Bring Down Trump!

Nothing will happen to those who framed Trump with lies and fake data. But. the people who helped him get elected are being destroyed to send a message to anyone thinking of helping Trump get re-elected. Why! Th reason is very simple. Everyone of the conspirators going after Trump and his supporters and backers believe with all their heart and soul that the Earth is going to burn up and mankind is doomed because of man made climate change caused by CO2. They do not hate Trump’s policies or style. They are simply scared out out of their minds that Trump is going to destroy the world. So, they must save the planet. They see themselves as Joe-El who must save Krypton from those who bringing its doom! Joel-El failed to save Krypton, but they won’t. They believe any act, no matter how disloyal, treasonous or dishonorable, is justified. After all, they are saving the Earth from a mad man! They are the heroes and those who oppose their holy quest are evil and must be destroyed before GAIA succumbs.

The problem for these delusional fools who have abused their power and authority to hurt people is that most likely they are wrong and this fact will be painfully obvious by the end of next year. They are all Don Quixotes charging at windmills. They have lost their honor, betrayed their oaths, lies and hurt so many and it has been all for nothing! They are a crew of cowards who mutinied out of fear. And as their betrayal and lies become known Once, who will ever trust them or the institutions that gave them the authority again?

Sadly. because almost everyone in the media. universities. government including most judges. not one of the colluders will ever be punished. They are doing God’s work, so they are justified in their actions. So many people destroyed by the very same who have done far worse and these people walk.

And it has all been for nothing. The Earth is cooling from the top down, cloud coverage is increasing, snows are falling earlier and earlier, rains are increasing from the cooling. At same time, humanity is starring at a set of natural events that have never been good news for any animal alive at the time these phenomenons happened: the sun is quieting, the magnetic field is dropping, the magnetic poles are shifting and radiation hitting the Earth.