Saudis Despise Biden’s LGBTQ Administration!

One has to wonder if the Sunni leaders of Saudi Arabia could stomach a sit-down with Biden and his LGBTQ administration. Would any self-respecting Sunni Saudi get anywhere near Biden’s very gay Secretary of Transportation )Pete Buttigieg), lesbian Press Secretary (Karine Jean-Pierre), transvestite Secretary of Health (Rachel Leland Levine), or any of his LGBTQ Secret Service and support staff? It will be interesting how Biden and his openly LGBTQ staff manage to enter one of Islam’s most holy lands. How could Saudi leaders, the protectors of Islam, touch an infidel that surrounds himself with people who serve Satan? I think there will be no meeting between any Saudi Prince with Biden or his LGBTQ administration or anything that would aid an administration that promotes behaviors that are anathema to Islam. There will be no Saudi increase in Saudi Aramco oil production as long as the LGBTQ community controls Washington DC.

The Tyranny of Blacks and LGBTQ Over the Many!

US Population:

1.) Black 12.4% (1) 13.4% counting black immigrants

2.) LGBTQ 7%

20% of U.S. population is black or LGBQT.

80% of the U.S.. population is not black or LGBTQ.

Why has almost every politician, judge, DA and government bureacry abandoned the wishes and needs of 80% of the population?

Why is the tyranny of the few over the many now the way of Washington DC?

What fool believes a nation that brands 80% of a nation’s population as the enemy can not fall to it’s enemies?

Are those in government not black or LGBTQ so dumb that they do not understand they too will eventually be branded as the enemy?

What person branded as a parish will ever consider fighting for the country that hates them?

No nation can ignore the majority of it’s people and survive!