Q – Congress Lost Legitimacy Today!

The moment the Mexican flag was raised over a federal building in the United States, the the Federal Courts, Congress and the President forfeited any right to govern what once was a sovereign nation. The United States is no longer safe from invasion. Make no mistake his day is the day the government failed to defend the nation. If anyone who wants can walk into your home, do want they want, are you fool enough to believe you have authority over you family! You don’t, and your family realize you are no longer in charge.

Q – There Is No U.S. Government!

A government is defined by the territory it controls and only that territory. Congress no longer is able to control the borders of the nation. Therefore Congress no longer is the authority over that territory. As federal building are assaulted, the flags flying over federal buildings are ripped down and foreign flags raised, it is plain the government of the United States is no longer in control. As million enter the nation’s with foreign flags hoisted high, it becomes obvious the U.S. military can no longer protect the what was the territory of the United States. This is not polemics, this is real!

Liberals, Sow the Wind and They Will Reap the Whirlwind!o

What comes around, goes around! Bashing, banning and doxing Trump supporters with no consequences has opened a door Antifa, Hollywood, corporations, banks, Soros and most liberals will regret having opened. As conservatives realize that the rule of law is no longer enforced when liberals attack them, and for that much of Congress supports their being attacked, they will have two choices – capitulate or respond in like manner against those who wish them harm. Every conservative knows that What comes around, goes around? Bashing, banning and doxing Trump supporters with no consequences, means the same can be done by Trump supporters against businesses, media, individuals who are attacking them. Those who see the wind, reap the whirlwind! As every conservative knows, to sit back and do nothing always ends in subjugation and enslavement. If “free speech” is over, and the liberals and judges in power no longer support the Constitutional law, the reality is rule or be ruled! If opinion and thought is to be controlled, then beat to be the ones who control. Jeff Bezos, Soros, Tom Steyers, so many federal, state and local judges, administrators, legislators and courts have made it plain law is optional and conservatives are legitimate targets to harass, destroy and physically harm! What comes, goes around. Hell is coming with a purpose!