Is CO2 Climate Change a Conspiracy?

No, the mantra that humanity is causing global climate change is not a conspiracy. A Conspiracy of this magnitude requires smart people in power. After learning of the low scores and poor academic ability of minorities, and the children of the rich and powerful who compose a large percentage of elite universities, Americans are now aware that the so-called elites are anything but elite. They are at such a low level of intelligence that it is frightening. There are too many judges, politicians, scientists, heads of bureaucracies who are stupid. The military‚Äôs top brass and the leaders of national security and law enforcement agencies are not so bright even though they have shiny degrees from top universities. These mental midgets have found their way into every part of society, including academia. So, no surprise, that those making forecasts of global warming doom are not the brightest of the bright. Consider, Al Gore is a lawyer, and yet, all the dumb running the nation rally behind him. Why? How about, they are stupid and know no more than he. Look at the pretty people in Hollywood who have jumped on the Climate Change bandwagon. Most share one commonality- they are not the brightest. They are beautiful, and they believe that humanity is causing the world to burn. The answer to the question, is Global Warming a conspiracy to rule us, is no. The people pushing the narrative are not that bright to pull off such a plot. And, anyone who willingly give these imbeciles more power and authority, are dumber and should be attending Princeton or Harvard if they aren’t already.

Obama and Hillary Set Up An Espionage Sting?

A simple explanation why the Clintons will never be prosecuted for setting up a private unsecured server and using it to store top secret data is that the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Obama and the CIA had set up an old fashion, but effective, espionage sting. The purpose would have been to funnel false information countries and hostile groups in order to ferret out those actively spying on the U.S., including fishing for deep placed agents and embedded espionage listening sites. This is a an old game that is still much in vogue. This is the reason no legal action will be taken against the Clintons. While they did stuff their pockets with money (a time honored practice of the political class everywhere), they were most likely serving their country while doing so.