Freedom Decreases as Income Gap Increases/

The rich have always had the means to influence government at all levels. This is why those who are not rich envy the rich. And as the wealth gap grows between the wealthy and everyone else, the voice of the rich completely drowns out the voices of the many. Other than open rebellion, the wishes of all not rich fall on death ears. It is simple, money buys politicians. A small amount of money buys a small amount of politicians and government. Big money buys big political and government influence. Democracy can only be an illusion in a country were the few have most if the money. The illusion of democracy is only kept alive to control and influence the masses. In today’s America, there will never be a government policy, rule or law that violates the wants of the very rich. Any aberration that interferes with those wishes will be neutralized. You are only a passenger on the American ship of state and have no true say even if the crew and captain tell you otherwise. Law serves the wealthy and is the principal means of control. The laws that that effect the rich are in place to keep the rich from feeding off each other!