Fire Fauci?

Unfortunately, if Fauci were fired, his replacement would be of the same caliber as he. Fauci represents the effectiveness of America’s educational institutions and the federal process of selection of qualified staff and officials. His mental acumen is the best of the best of Washington DC’s bureaucratic elites. And this is why the world should find countries that take merit and ability seriously to consult. Sadly, the WHO is even more inept in selecting qualified people, so the WHO needs to be on the NO FLY list too.

Maybe No Thanksgiving or Christmas Warns Fauci !

Our family will celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas as we have every year. If Obama I have huge parties, so will I. The failure of the NSA, CIA, and FBI to pick all the chatter of what was going on in China in 2018 is sad. The CDC’s failure to sound the alarm when it would have mattered. Let’s not forget that the NIH is covertly funding gain-of-function research in China. In short, the CDC, NIH, and Fauci have not served the American people well. Of course, Congress being chock full of Forrest Gumps, failed to act to shut down air travel, allowed mass protest (super spreader events), and died nothing as the Biden Administration permitted hundreds of thousands of illegal and uneducated immigrants to enter the nation infected and without vaccinations. It is a no-brainer that COVID-19 loves Congress and renders anything, anyone, in that den of meritocracy mote. Sadly Federal government cannot be relied on to protect the citizens they swore to defend from harm.

Instead of relying on our leaders to enforce laws and protect us from harm, we have to try and circumvent and evade a government that uses forces to harm us. Washington DC has become the brain and the nation the body of the Whore of Babylon.