The Rise of Homogenized News!

Reporters haven’t censored news any less. The problem is that there are too few reporters in media outlets. Before the Internet, every town and city had newspapers competing against each other for readers and advertisers. Each newspaper staff of reporters watched the other for mistakes to capture the competitor’s readers and advertisers. Newspapers would take opposing views to attract readers. Reporters had to present different perspectives to keep their jobs. This all began to end when televisions occupied every home. Television news stations were far fewer. Newspapers lost readership as the population switched to television for information. There started the collapse of newspapers, reporters, and news perspectives. As more of the public gained access to the internet and internet news sources grew, print media was reduced to a handful of players, which further reduced the pool of reporters and homogenized the news. Advertisers and media owners became arbiters of truth and homogenized the reporters hired to report the news