2020 Election Was Stolen?

Evidence is growing dropboxes were stuffed with fraudulent ballots. Sadly, the DON and the FBI could easily show the conclusions reached by multiple investigations are right or wrong. The FBI had no difficulty homing in on every Republican in Washington, D.C. On January 6, but cannot determine if dropboxes were stuffed with fraudulent ballots by Democrats. How odd is that?

Why should we worry? The Democrats will lose the House and Senate if the election isn’t stolen using drop-boxes and mail-in-ballots. The Democrat Executive and Legislative branches of the federal and state governments, the DOJ, NSA, and the FBI, do not seem interested in ensuring that the voting process is not crooked. The question is, after the.2020 and 2024 elections are stolen, is anyone dumb enough to sign-up in the military to fight to protect our sacred democracy? Who obeys laws that can avoid knowing how crooked the government is. Why would anyone report anyone for breaking the law?