Why Washington Kisses Saudi Ass!

Why is every agency in Washington literally in bed with Saudi Arabia, allowing radical Saudi Muslims entrance to the U.S., defending Saudi terrorists from victims of the 911 Saudi attack on America, and working to continue to further Saudi interests in the Middle East? Saudi Arabia which exports the most fanatical, violent and oppressive branch of Islam – Sunni! The answer is short. The day the Saudis stop taking U.S. dollars for their oil and accept a currency basket, it the day the dollar begins its fall. It will take a few years before the mighty, mismanaged, the elites who squandered the nation’s wealth, inept Congress and bureaucrats to be forced to do what the British had to do – devalue the dollar and, most likely, given the hubris and ineptness of the nation’s highly degrees, incompetent ruling class, they will be forced to devalue the dollar more than once. They, the People they betrayed, and the nation will enter into a great downward spiral that will, to the glee of the rest of the world, end in a bankrupt country in turmoil.