A Trickle to a Tsunami – Americans Fleeing America!

Young Americans feed up with CRT, abandonment of the rule of law, and the sheer insanity of living in a nation that has morphed into a Banana Republic will leave the US in droves. Many of those people will head to Britain and Northern Europe. This out-migration of talent will end the declining population dilemma of Britain and Europe for the next 50 years. The most valuable export of the United States will be talented young who realize the US does not value talent and ability. Those who have worked feverishly to destroy America’s culture will have made European culture Great Again! Or, the Europeans can fail to take advantage of America’s self-destruction and sink into the muck of history with America.

DEI Curriculum Teaches CRT!

States and departments have mandated all students to be inundated in classes solely dedicated to indoctrinating children in concepts espoused in Critical Race Theory using Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs. DEI sounds harmless until one reads what is in the curriculum. DEI is the pedagogy used by CRT practitioners to plant the core concepts of Critical Race Theory into young minds. Any politician, educator, or new caster who says otherwise is lying! DEI is hate speech used to humiliate white children and defame their parents.