Prophetic: Atlas Shrugged And Animal Farm!

Ann Ryan and George Orwell were prophets who saw the future so clearly. They saw so clearly the actions, pronouncements, justifications and arguments that would be used by bureaucrats and politicians to slowly strangle individual freedom, punish creativity, gobble more and more power and wealth for themselves as they impoverished everyone else. From declarations of forever housing shortages to circumvent the Constitution to telling doctors how much they can charge to telling parents how they will raise their children to committing to forever wars and conflicts the political opportunists, lifelong politicians, bureaucrats mimic the like characters in Animal Farm and Atlas Shrugged including the corrupt judges.

How sad that they were able to see so clearly how the United States would end up. The founders wanted government out of you life. Your home, property, and family were sacred and not to be infringed upon by government. You, the individual, was to be protected from the power of the state by requiring the state to charge you of a crime and then having to prove your guilt. You were innocent until the declared crime was proven. Contrary to the lies pushed today by media to justify raping citizens of their Constitutional Rights, the founders were well aware of bad people and knew they would abuse the legal system they were creating, but the founding fathers believed that it was more important to protect the innocent against the evils of government. The founding fathers knew dull witted, unimaginative, petty, little, life losers hungry for power would, as in Europe, gravitate to government positions. They crafted the Constitution to keep the human deluge of the petty and mediocre that slowly acclimated in every culture from crushing the individual by using the powers of the State to force every more obedience of the individual to the will of the government. The truth is, to a person, they knew the Constitution was only a stop gap effort that only hold back the human sludge that always gums up all cultures eventually bringing them down. The founding fathers saw what Ann Ryan and George Orwell saw, a free people slowly subjected by an every growing cancer of government. Xi Jinping’s nightmare China controlling every individual is coming to America. The grand experiment is over. Freedom and individual have lost, and the government of dullards and thugs government have won.

The good news for those worried about too many people, this will cease being a problem. An interesting human phenomenon occurs when you control and treat adults like children , they stop having children. This human phenomenon is all but impossible to reverse. In order to reverse, the culture has to change by giving back autonomy, something the mediocre in government at all levels are loath to do as Venezuela’s Maduro and his goons are!