Climate Accord Will Create Food Shortages This Year

Are you ready to starve? The LGBT crowd, alarmists, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, and Green New Deal supporters have created a fertilizer shortage! Fertilizer is necessary to grow crops in the amounts required to feed the country. COVID nor the conflict in Ukraine are responsible for the shortage. The Democrats bear full responsibility for fuel and food shortages. When you can’t afford gas and food is rationed, you can make sure every Democrat in Congress and Washington DC and every academic that has pushed CO2 hysteria is equally rationed and does without too. If Americans starve, Washington DC starves. No person in the Capital has access to any more food, AC, heat, or gasoline than those they serve. If American are dying from starvation then family members of legislators, judges, buteacrsts in the Capital can also starve to death. Let’s see how concerned these people are about the planet when their loveonxs die from hunger.

Russia Was Set Up by Biden!

Biden and the click of lunatics, which includes John Kerry, Obama, Sorrows, Gates most in Congress and Washington DC have engineered the Ukraine crises to collapse the global economy and oil production. These insane bastards believe they are saving the planet. (1) Committing treason, lying, and destroying millions of lives nothing to these delusional maniacs. Compared to them, Hitler was a pacifist. These bastards are out of control and have to be stopped! Kerry’s insane comment that Russia needs to stay on board with lowering greenhouses to save the planet is a good indicator of just how unhinged the people in Washington DC are. (2) These simpletons need to be put in an asylum for the criminally insane.