CO2 or Madness?

Every week, the airways are flooded with the mantra – humankind is causing climate change. The pundits of this perspective giddily point to the correlation between CO2 and global temperature rise as proof, ignoring that correlation is not necessarily causation. Others who are equally adamant point out that the relationship means nothing. Few consider other possibilities but are quickly marginalized by academics, media, many in the public and government at all levels. Why both sides controlling the narrative happily push scenarios in which CO2 is or is not a problem ignoring other causes? The reason is simple. It it is easy to deal with a reality that is simple. What drives this laser-like focus that is that it is not in human nature to look too deep into the real world. Perhaps this tendency can be seen as a coping mechanism to keep us from freezing in our tracks in terror if we acknowledge we have very little control over the survival of our civilization. Zeroing out the sun’s effects on climate puts humankind in control. This is why validating course data (proxy data) as exact data has more to do with keeping cognitive dissonance at a minimum by validating a theory that is built on a house of cards. Solar winds, magnetic entanglements, coronal mass ejections, or cosmic radiation is of no concern. Why? To acknowledge that humankind is acted upon by forces impossible to control means we have no control. The decrease in the earth’s magnetic field and the magnetic poles moving ever faster to new locations are of no consequence other than the dealing with the nuisances they create with GPS and compasses. Not because it isn’t if no consequences, but, rather, it would make obvious that we are all helpless to do anything about it. Best to not look to closely at the real world and see how little control civilization has over forces that obliterate civilizations over and over. Facing the truth that forces that have destroyed previous global civilizations will do the same to ours. Until then, let humanity believe that CO2 our civilization releases is what must be controlled. The truth does nothing but rips away a shield though made of paper, leaves most in this civilization feel long fuzzy and warm until the paper is shredded by reality.

Earth Cooling, Government and Elite Universities Screw Up Again!

Yes, all those low scoring and mediocre graduates from all those elite universities got it wrong. The Earth is cooling, and contrary to the Harvard graduates Al Gore and Obama, the Earth’s climate is moving back to the climate of 500 AD if we are lucky! It may the sun entering a quiet period or the waning magnetic field of the Earth. The bottom line, the clowns in the United States government who were screaming food failure from climate change, have not stored away food the nation will need while adapting to the effects of climate change. If The People end up starving, should the leaders of the country perish with the rest of us? One group of experts screamed global warming, and another group of experts shouted global cooling, and the elites in government, our betters, did not bother to ensure there were enough food reserves to feed the nation while the farmers adapted to the changing growing conditions whatever that might be. What incompetence if the mental midgets in Congress have not set aside adequate food. Did not the Pharoh of Egypt have a seven-year reserve of food for emergencies? It is obvious the morons stuffing their pockets at all levels of government never even considered the possibility of a volcanic winter, such as occurred in 1836.

No Food Reserves?

If the Earth is on fire, there will be global crop and food losses, yes! If the Earth is cooling, there will be global crop and food losses, yes! If a very large volcano explodes there can be a global crop loses and food shortages, yes! If a very large meteorite hits the Earth, there can be global crop and food, yes! So, has the Congress made sure that there are enough food reserves to see the American people through difficult times as the nation adapts to any of the above ? Or, have the esteemed members of Congress and those caring government elite officials only made sure they and their own eat? If the ones who have food are those arming elites in government, do you plan to simply starve to death while they and theirs eat well? Let us be frank, there is no excuse for Congress to have ensured that there is an adequate food reserve. Have not every government and most politicians screamed doom is upon us! So, how much food reserves are there? It just takes one big volcanic explosion to disrupt food production for years. Knowing the incredible level of dumb that permeates all levels of the U.S. government, I am willing to bet there are insufficient reserves to meet any serious loss of of crops caused by warming, cooling, volcanic explosions or even a rogue meteorite. How will deal with all those making big bucks eating as you watch yours starve?