CCP Proves Communist is a Complete Fail

China is the world’s manufacturer. For communism to succeed, manufacturing must provide all the goods needed. China can certainly provide every Chinese with the goods they need for a good life. So why hasn’t the CCP ushered in True Communism! Why isn’t “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs now practiced in China? The reason is straightforward, and It can’t be! The CCP.members are too greedy and not stupid. They are all aware the system would break down if communist ideology became the people’s way. So, time to tell the American “fruit cakes” that their moronic vision of ushering in a Communist Utopia is nuts. Their poster child of a communist state has failed miserably to evolve into a True Communist Society and now joins the other failed attempts of birthing a communist state. All the people destroyed so many in the name of communism have been for nothing.

China Invades Taiwan!

Xi Jinping has to deflect the Chinese people from China’s economic woes and solidify his position as life-long President before the coming 20th CCP Natiinal Party Congress. China taking Taiwan is the magic bullet he needs. Biden, Congress nor anyone in the Pentagon or in Washington DC will oppose China’s invasion of Taiwan. Why? China has so much dirt on so many in Washington DC, especially the Bidens, the loyalty of so many in throughout America have be bought including many in the Pentagon. the CCP have little to worry about from the United States in thwartings it’s military and territorial expansion.

This inaction may encourage North Korea to invade South Korea, thinking the 30,00 US troops will be ordered by Biden to flee? The Joint Chiefs of Staff, the current US leadership, media, and most Americans simply lack the courage to risk nuclear war. After all, China correctly analyzed that the US nothin if China lied and covered the epidemic in Wuhan because the US, including the US military, are dependent on China exports.

China’s Energy Shortage

Why is there no discussion of the massive impact on businesses and manufacturing caused by the energy crises in China? It does seem going green is not making up the shortfall in energy. China has reduced CO2 on the backs of hundreds of millions now suffering. Of course, the CCP and government buildings are not suffering.
As usual, the ones saving the planet are not suffering the consequences caused by the massive reduction in energy. Millions of ordinary Chinese are cold, have no work, and often are without water because the water pumps need electricity. The elderly climb up the stairs of tall buildings to reach their apartments because there is no power for the elevators. Factories and businesses have been forced to close because there is not enough energy. I wonder how long before the people suffering as they watch their leaders continue consuming energy to live the good life react?