2020 Election Was Stolen?

Evidence is growing dropboxes were stuffed with fraudulent ballots. Sadly, the DON and the FBI could easily show the conclusions reached by multiple investigations are right or wrong. The FBI had no difficulty homing in on every Republican in Washington, D.C. On January 6, but cannot determine if dropboxes were stuffed with fraudulent ballots by Democrats. How odd is that?

Why should we worry? The Democrats will lose the House and Senate if the election isn’t stolen using drop-boxes and mail-in-ballots. The Democrat Executive and Legislative branches of the federal and state governments, the DOJ, NSA, and the FBI, do not seem interested in ensuring that the voting process is not crooked. The question is, after the.2020 and 2024 elections are stolen, is anyone dumb enough to sign-up in the military to fight to protect our sacred democracy? Who obeys laws that can avoid knowing how crooked the government is. Why would anyone report anyone for breaking the law?

Washington’s War on The Constitution!

Washington DC is Pushing rasicm, forcing American to oaynreoaratiins for.the deads of the last, creating food and energy shortages, driving inflation through the roof, flooding the nation with tens of millions of illegal, uneducated immigrants against the will of the people, and forcing illegal mandates and controlling free speech. All ofabive has created great hardships on most Americans which is in direct violation of the Constitution.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Everything in the above paragraph is in opposition to the purpose and intent of the Constitution. The Constitution does not give any branch of government the right to worsen the lives of the people against their wishes. The actions and mandates flowing out of the Capital permanently interfere with this generation’s ability to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Washington DC tyrants are hurting American citizens and are now operating outside of the intent and purpose of the Constitution, which is to free the people from the tyranny and whims of government.

Biden and Cronies are Devasting Oil Production, the Middle Class, and the Dollar!

Biden and any Democrat telling you that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing the shortage of gas in the US are Liars! When Trump left office, the US was a net exporter of gas.

Biden and Congress telling Americans shutting down Russian oil imports will hurt Russian are lying! Russia can sell oil, ore, agricultural, and manufactured products to China and other nation, not under America’s ever-shrinking thumb. This will hurt the United States because Russia will not trade in dollars. The fewer trading dollars reduces the ability of the Federal Reserve to sell bonds to finance America’s growing trade deficit.

Biden and politicians and media pundits backing this insanity are evil. They are doing to Americans what the Chinese aristocracy did to their fellow countrymen when they sold out to foreign powers. Washington DC has become the enemy of The People!

The LAW is Not the LAW!

Federal laws are being violated every day! The American people are not going to forget this slap in the face. Citizens have to be vaccinated to live while hundreds of thousands flood the nation without being vaccinated or vetted. It is a LIE that the illegals are seeking political asylum. They are seeking economic opportunity. Most are uneducated with few valuable skills entering a country in desperate need of educated workers. They will end up in low pay jobs, on welfare, and engaging in criminal activities. They and their children will complain they are victims of racism. The immigrants who came to the US legally feel betrayed by a corrupt government. Washington DC has undermined respect for The Law. and the judicial system. A very destructive message that bites! It is insanity for anyone in government to expect the people to respect and follow the law. The law has been reduces to he who holds power can do as he wants! Welcome to Venezuela 2.0!

Biden Betrays Israel

Either the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Biden administration are incompetent, or what has happened in Afghanistan is the rope-a-dope of all rope-a-dopes. The game keeps the world focused on the great fiasco, which isn’t to betray a long-standing ally Israel. How does a supposed ally of Israel supply Israel’s enemies with the weapons necessary to defeat it and appear as Pontius Pilot innocent of wrongdoing? Allow the most weapons to fall into the hands of the Taliban, who then pass the weapons to Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAR to use to defeat Israel in the coming war.

COVID Lockdowns, Vaccinations Are Useless!

Yes, everything is the CDC, Fauci, and Biden yells us about COVID, and showdowns are lies! This year 400,000 have crossed into the United States since Biden took office. Not one immigrant was given a COVID test. None are required to take COVID vaccines. The Biden administration, with the help of the Pentagon, has transported these people into cities around the country. If the CDC, the Pentagon, the Biden Administration., Governors and mayors believed quarantining was effective, and COVID VACCINATIONS were necessary, every immigrant crossing the southern border would have been tested and required to be vaccinated. Quarantines and the necessity of the vaccine are not true! No sane government would do such a thing. And, how stupid would generals in the Pentagon be to expose troops to thousands of possible infected immigrants and transport infected and unvaccinated throughout the US?