You are a Murderer Pushing Shut Down Petroleum Production!

Are you Pushing the Green LET THEM EAT CAKE? Are you mad? Germany Going Green FAILED. Millions of Germans are suffering from that epic fail, especially the POOR. Germany has become dependent on Russian petroleum and drove energy prices through the roof. Have you have any concept of the damage and harm shutting down petroleum production is doing to hundreds of millions of human beings! Petroleum is needed to produce and transport FOOD to feed PEOPLE. Fertilizer, propane for drying crops, fuel for trucks to transport needed farm inputs and food from farms, pharmaceuticals, freight trains, and ships transporting medical equipment and FOOD all require PETROLEuM NOW. If people freeze this coming winter and go hungry, their collective anger will bring down this government and all who pushed this INSANITY.

Climate Accord Will Create Food Shortages This Year

Are you ready to starve? The LGBT crowd, alarmists, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, and Green New Deal supporters have created a fertilizer shortage! Fertilizer is necessary to grow crops in the amounts required to feed the country. COVID nor the conflict in Ukraine are responsible for the shortage. The Democrats bear full responsibility for fuel and food shortages. When you can’t afford gas and food is rationed, you can make sure every Democrat in Congress and Washington DC and every academic that has pushed CO2 hysteria is equally rationed and does without too. If Americans starve, Washington DC starves. No person in the Capital has access to any more food, AC, heat, or gasoline than those they serve. If American are dying from starvation then family members of legislators, judges, buteacrsts in the Capital can also starve to death. Let’s see how concerned these people are about the planet when their loveonxs die from hunger.

Leftest Are Committing Suicide!

In a democracy, change is incremental and reasonably peaceful. Political opponents lose or gain power, not their lives or wealth. In a socialist or communist dictatorship, the rule is by one faction, and incremental change is almost impossible. Political opposition only takes power through stealth and violence. The winners promptly remove the losers. Their families, supporters, and friends lose their wealth and are usually imprisoned. The leaders of the opposition are executed. Over time, the most ruthless rise to the top and any meaningful change is accomplished through intrigue, coups, and executions.

To many in Congress, academics and bureaucrats are committed to implementing socialism or communism. These liberals dismantling capitalism and democracy in America have bequeathed to their offspring a ruthless society were ruin, corruption, and death reign. Sadly, most dismantling the US system are woefully ignorant of history. They see with utopian eyes a wondrous outcome. As usual, the reality they create will be a nightmare as all utopian’s end up.

After Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Oma, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib Jamaal Bowman, and Cori Bush, Soros, and their fellow collaborators in Washington DC have succeeded in implementing their socialist utopia, they will be replaced by far nastier, ruthless, and colder co-conspirators that lurk in their ranks. They will ruthlessly remove anyone who is remotely a threat to their rule,c as did Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Xi, and Castro.