Obama and Hillary Set Up An Espionage Sting?

A simple explanation why the Clintons will never be prosecuted for setting up a private unsecured server and using it to store top secret data is that the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Obama and the CIA had set up an old fashion, but effective, espionage sting. The purpose would have been to funnel false information countries and hostile groups in order to ferret out those actively spying on the U.S., including fishing for deep placed agents and embedded espionage listening sites. This is a an old game that is still much in vogue. This is the reason no legal action will be taken against the Clintons. While they did stuff their pockets with money (a time honored practice of the political class everywhere), they were most likely serving their country while doing so.

Jane Jacobs and Göbekli Tepe

Jane Jacobs theorized that ancient cities created agriculture. Jane Jacobs thought that agriculture was not necessary for cities to exist. Göbekli Tepe validates her argument. The site is older, much larger, and more sophisticated than Stonehenge. The kicker is that all the evidence points to the site having been constructing by a non-farming community subsiding on wild picked foods and fresh-killed game. The site was built over several centuries and used for centuries. So, agriculture may be required at some point for a city to thrive, but agricultural is not necessary for a city to begin. Jane Jacobs was right, and the urban experts and archeologists that belittled her were wrong! Unfortunately, this, too, will be appropriated by academia and claimed as their own while pushing into obscurity. And, still, people seek out these very unimaginative professors for wisdom and advice.

My one big regret was not to have met and talked with this great lady so far ahead of her time.

Civil War Coming to America?

But, people are funny, they tend to surprise you. Keep alienating and marginalizing citizens, and the outcome could change, and there could be a full-blown Civil War. For now, what would the Civil War be about? A war fought over race, class, ethnic, ethnic affiliations, socialism vs. communism vs. capitalism, climate change proponents vs. deniers? Who would lead them? How can a country where at every level of government, most elites, academics in elite universities, the majority of the wealthy, executives of most large corporations, and the media regardless of race, sex, ethnicity or political orientation have long ago sold out to foreign interests have a Civil War? There are too few leaders not committed to selling out those who trust them for money. Too many if of America’s elites which include politicians and, judges, no longer have any loyalty to the concept of nation and are doing to America what the Chinese ruling class had done to China in exchange for greater wealth from the imperialists in the 1800s – betray their countrymen who trusted them.

A Civil War in which one group, if Americans will be willing to fight and die for a cause, is not going to happen. Maybe, for food or necessities, but not for a cause or principle. No matter how the elites push much hate, identity politics, racial differences, and cultural wars, Congress, media and educators, their rhetoric will only strengthen their control over each faction and will never push this nation of marshmallow and snowflakes, who lack any meaningful moral center into a Civil War. A country of snowflakes, fat, obese, and aging citizens, most likely will never fight. Yes, Americans do fight wars around the world, but they do so in relative comfort, A Civil War is a different beast. It requires everyone to play and suffer and risk death something, for now, not likely for now. The operational words here are “For Now”!

If Global Cooling, America Loses!

When Lysenkoism collapsed as a viable theory, Soviet Russia science lost credibility around the world. The fall to junk science of Lysenkoism endorsed by the Communist Party tainted all Russian academics and science. The Soviet Union’s backing of Lysenkoism contributed to it’s diminished standing around the world. Lysenkoism was the USSR in the eyes of the world.

Likewise, the prestige of the United States and its institutions is hostage to Climate Change (aka, Global Warming). If global cooling becomes a reality, who will want to attend Harvard, a university that pushed Climate Change? What credibility will U.S. courts backing global warming, U.S. military, and intelligence agencies singing the song of catastrophic doom retain if climate change forecasts are wrong? Will the wailing of President Obama and the Congress be forgotten in a world cooling and witnessing growing glaciers? This will not happen. No nation or world organization will try to save America’s face. Who trusts a fool?

If temperatures stay flat or decrease, oceans do not rise, and glaciers continue to grow, who will believe NOAA or NASA? A nation suckered in by the ravings of the wannabe clergyman Al Gore who started a new religion of which he was head priest, teaching salvation via abstinence from combustion will be dismissed as a nation populated and run by buffoons who fooled the world into believing a fairy tale. Will any pronouncement rolling out from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Berkley, or any U.S. university be listened to? Will ”The Harvard Review” be seen as a glorified comic book when it is evident that “The Earth Is Not On Fire”? Who will believe research coming out of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution if glaciers are growing? The Congress of the United States, NSA, CIA, the Joint Chiefs of the military have all proclaimed global warming is the greatest threat to humanity and control everything you do (one has to wonder if these people have little swastikas tattooed on their asses) given their need to control. Will the collapse of on-demand food supply caused by global cooling and the ensuing global hunger cool the world to U. S. leadership? Yep! And, maybe, the public will understand why the people who got rich transferring production offshore, have not won a military conflict in 50 years and destroyed the middle class are to be ignored which is a fate worse than death to elitists and a guaranteed road to loss of power at all levels.

Why, No Environmental Impact Statement On Immigration?

Anything done in the United States requires an environmental impact statement. It is illegal to let a baby take dumb into an ocean bay. Why? The environment must be protected from baby poop! Hello, reader! Immigrants poop and often not where they are suppose to go. Changes in population alter the environment. The cry we must protect the environment is heard nowhere. Should not there be a cry from environmentalists for a comprehensive review of the environmental consequences of millions of immigrants? The environmental crazies cry out that THE ENVIRONMENT MUST BE PROTECTED from baby poop! Why no environmental impact statements from cities, states, and the federal government on the consequences of the increased human population? Citizens hounded by mindless bureaucrats screaming about protecting the environment have had to endure having government agencies endlessly blow smoke up their butts. Increasing population alters the environment. Yet, environmentalists, the EPA, Greens have no interest in the effects of increased population on the environment. Why? Is it the environment is not the agenda; power and control are!