This Time A Debt Jubilee For All, Not Just Banks!

The public is told a lie that high interest rates are necessary to compensate the lender for risk and taking the lender’s money out of circulation tying up their money. The public is not told the truth. Almost all the money banks loan are created by the banks. No cash investors are involved. What high interest rates do accomplish is to make those in the financial services wealthy, inexorably increase the wealth gab, creates debt slaves and mask some of the effects inflation which is driven by government. In short, High interests rates do not grow the economy. Thus, compensating for inflation that occurs during the life of the loan is just a disguised tax government forces you to pay. compensates the borrower for government created inflation. The bower not compensating for inflation costs the bank nothing. The only lossers are bank executive’s excessive salaries, bonuses and compensation packages and the Congress being able to masks the real costs of pointless wars, exorbitant government salaries and retirements

Reading the above, one would be tempted to argue that the solution is to control interest rates. Unfortunately, the solution would on be a temporary fix. Within a generation new inequities would crop up. The real issue is that any economic system not clearly designed to enslave the people or shamelessly exploit them to benefit the few, will by its very nature ultimately become distorted creating masses of poor with a few rich on top with little upward mobility or downward mobility. At which time economic, political and social collapse usually follow.

Why is this conundrum so? Whu if there is no economic system that will not end up transfering wealth into the hands of the few no matter how well designed to be equilitarian and debt is not bad in itself, and debt will always ends up distorting financial transactions with or without interest which will always result in increasing wealth concentration and widening the income gab. Was Christ correct in his statement, “the poor will always be with us?”

The answer is simple. Yes, the poor will always be with us, but the, the poor and rich don not have to be so far apart. All economic system are based on feedback and all feedback is always imperfect and subject to increasing distortion over time No matter how well designed, all economic systems become dysfunctional over time due to internal distortions. All economic systems require people. Human interaction is based on perception and understanding which is always imperfect. Value is a social construct and money’s value is based on perception of value which is a social function that is never static.

The possible solution would be to stop distortions that allows wealth to, over time, become grosly unevenly distributed and dysfunctional for the majority of peoole? Simply, force a periodic Debt Jubilee. A periodic Debt Jubilee every generation or when the gap betwen the top and bottom reaches a magnitude of 100 percent would rebalance the economic system, eliminate the grossest distortions and reduce revolutions. The simplest Debt Jubilee would be to declare that all loans with interests that exceed principal is recalculated to return only the principal and a maximum of 10% total loan interest. Debt repayment would then be based on the prinipal plus 10% of the principal (simple interest). The amount already paid would subtracted from the new debt recalculation. All loans that have already paid back principal and 10% would be considered paid in full.

Would a Debt Jubilee end all economic inequality, distortions and problems? No! But, a Debt Jubilee would reduce the magnitude of the distortions and injustices. Looking for honest caring leaders or bureacrats to look after the People’s interests is not going to end well for most.

Food for thought!

Questions Climate Change Alarmists Do Not Answer

Note: Because Google, Youtube, Facebook and most social media have become propaganda tools, check sources that date back to 2000 online books and research articles. Do not believe anything you read here, check yourself, then decide.

Why those pushing Man Made Climate Change do not ask the questions below and/or do not know the information? The answer is simply that, religious fanatics are terrified of anything that upsets their world view. so, if you are a Climate Change fanatic stop hear and don’t waste your time. On the other hand, If you think and are capable of independent thought, read on.


1. What is the estimated highest temperatures increase expected from man-made caused warming? Ans: 5C

2. What is the highest possible temperature increase that could be expected during the current interglacial warmup if there was no man-made CO2? Ans: 8C

3. What is the estimated height of ocean rise expected from man-made warming? Ans: 3m

4. What is the highest level of ocean rise that could be expected during the current interglacial warmup period if there is no man-made CO2? Ans: 5m

5. If a volcano exploded similar to the VEI-8 explosion around 536 AD, will the earth cool? Ans: Yes What is the probability of such an explosion in next 100 years? Ans: 10%

Note: When it happens, the negative consequences will be horrific!

6. Is climate change effected by the sun’s quieting, the earth’s magnetic field decreasing and the magnetic poles moving ? Ans: Yes

7. Does Earth’s absidal, perihelion and axial precessions effect climate? Ans: Yes

8a. How many submarine volcanoes was known when the theory of man made climate change proposed? Ans: 10,000

8b. When was global warming recognized as an issue? Ans: 1995

8c.When did NASA acknowledge the number of volcanoes was greater than 10,000d? Ans: 2005

8d. How many submarine volcanoes are estimated to be active? Ans: 70,000

St. Louis: A City Destroyed

The promise made was a new vibrant city full of life and activity. The university and government experts were so sure and so confident. What they and their computer simulatiin models delivered was a still born city that empty of life and economic activity. The experts tore down homes of the poor and low middle class along with their functioning communities. They were replaced with dead, sterile public housing with broken communities. Massive highways gouged out huge tracts of the city, dissecting what were once working and thriving communities into isolated enclaves, just shells of what the communities and activities they had a a decade before. Yet, somehow, these visionaries and urban experts felt it was imperative to run the highways to be directly next to Anheuser Bush brewery complex and other well connected businesses would benefit from quick access to the highway for transport and executives commuting in from their suburban homes dislocating tens of thousands of families living path cleared to make room for massive highways and the off and on access ramps. So many lives shattered and uprooted to benefit a few well connected to government. Magically, the homes of those pushing the highways and well connected never had to worry about their homes or neighborhoods. The highways magically bypassed them. The rich, the educated elites, the over paid bureaucrats laid waste to St. Louis in much the way an invading army would and then returned to their intact homes and neighborhoods. The trusting citizens of St. Louis lives were turned upside down as St. Louis had its economic throat cut by the very same do gooders who cut all loans and to the city. This act of sabotage guarateed the dispossessed would live in the suburb.

When done, a giant Arch stood were homes, businesses and neighborhoods had stood. An Arch built at great expense which has never been recovered. Highways crisscrossed the city. Street cars that transported thousands were gone. The people of St. Louis were betrayed by their government. Their lives and routines pointlessly destroyed to feed the hubris of government and university planning elites. Elites who gained financially always as so many in St. Louis lost everything that made life meaningful.

So, why should we believe anything they tell us as gospel. Has not their collective failures taught us nothing! St. Louis is a testament to their deceit, incompetency and greed.


The answer to why St. Louis has become an empty, gutted  city had nothing to do with computer models or urban planning. The reasons were just lies to hide from  the poor bastatds living in St. Louis who were considered poor white trash or black the truth why their lives were to be turned upside down, bend over and enjoy the rape as white, well off St. Louis simply moved to the surrounding counties to get away from blacks and unsavory poor white trash, depopulates St. Louis of said human trash, while ensuring easy access to those city areas deemed worthy by insertting highways that cut St. Louis into pieces.

How to Neutralize China’s U.S. War Strategy!

If the U.S. is attacked by nuclear weapons from Asia or the Middle East, the Inited States has no choice but to attack China. Why? China’s war plans to defeat the United States are to have small beligerant nations attack the United States with nuclear weapons and, as U.S. reacts to the belligerents initiate a nuclear strike to cripple infrastructure then take out the remaining U.S. nuclear arsenal to deliver the coup de grâce to the U.S. ability to respond with nuclear weapons. By crippling the ability of the U.S. to retaliate against China and the massive infrastructure damage and casualties from, first, small belligerent states such as Pakistan and N. Korea, the Chinese PLA would be confident that China would not suffer catastrophically from further hostilities with the U. S. At the same time within the U.S., China friendly universities and government cadres in Congress and infiltrated government agencies including the State Department and the military would push for the U.S. to to agree to terms of surrender rather than suffer more devastation. Similar to the NAZI plan to use pro NAZI forces within Churchill’s government to arrange foe Britain’s agreeing to peace terms which was nixed by Winston Churchill refusal to surrender. This is China’s master plan which will work unless there are enough Americans still in power of the ilk of Winston Churchill, who stood against British Nazi sympathizers wanting Britain to become part of the NAZI vision, ready to formulate an action plan to counter China’s strategy involving an immediate nuclear response on being attacked with nuclear weapons that removes any hope China has of sustaining minimal casualties. The U.S. has to have a strategic nuclear response that will guarantee that even with a greatly diminish retalitory strike capacity 900,000,000 Chinese dead can be guaranteed.

HEMP attacks followed by strikes against damns, flood control systems, power stations, airports, seaports and train lines would provide means to gurantee that no matter how effective a first or second strike against U.S. nuclear forces, the U.S. would be able to deliver a lethal blow to China.

How? By focusing on striking China with multiple EMP attacks. A series of HEMP attacks spread over a couple of weeks would devastate China.

The effects of well designed EMP attacks would shut down China’s high speed trains which depend on electricity and sophisticated signal and control systems. Train and traffic signals would cease to function. Air traffic control systems would fail. Every village and city in China would lose their smart control systems. 60% of China’s population living in cities are totally dependent on a functioning infrastructure that requires electricity, electronics, computers.

Telecommunication and electrical grid. Both would be down for months. Electronic control systems regulating most of China’s infrastructure would eventually fail. Replacements to replace systems damaged by an EMP attack will eventuallt run out. Cell towers and cell phones would be damaged and after repeated HEMP become unreliable.

Imagine 1.3 billion Chinese citizens and government use to instant communications to anyone anywhere in the country losing access not being able to call or text messages to anyone or access the internet within a few weeks.

The elderly and young in high rise apartments would have no running water, food, heat, electricity, phones, internet access, or running elevators who would not live long in those vertical death traps.

China would not be able to feed its 1.3 billion people without a smooth running food transport and delivery system. Hundreds of millions would die. China would lose its children and elderly. Cities would become mass graves infected with disease and the stench of rotting corpses and the backed up seweage of the living.

Even though U.S. carriers are easily to sink, Chinese cargo ships are even easier to send to the oceans bottom. U.S. attack submarines, frigates, destroyers and land based aircraft would have time to devastate Chinese shipping which would further worsen fuel and food woes. Coastal cities like Shanghai and Tianjin would not find alternate food supplies.

What nuclear forces left in the U.S. arsenal would be sufficient to take out China’s power plant, damns, flood control systems, and critical rail and road bridges to ensure hundreds of millions of Chinese would die fro., starvation, disease, and physical hardships.

Imagine what would happen to the elederly and the young Chinese in a nuclear war. Over 1/2 would be trapped in tall buildings with no working elevators, phones that no longer work, no water for working toilets or to drink, dark hallways and stairways to navigate, no heat or cooling. In short, a nuclear, means lots of dead children and elderly.

For most of the 1.3 billion Chinese requiring food, medicine, fuel, elecreicity, communications the odds of staying alive the first year would be low.

The outcome of this brief but devastating exchange of nuclear waepontry would be a weakened central government surrounded by hostile countries on all sides eager to annex sections of China.

A second area to through of China’s strategy of defeating the United States is to give countries surrounding China the means to deliver the coup de grâce to China and China’s Communist Party rule.

Climate Change: A Snow Job?

Fake Science?

Most people know that climate science is composed of many disciplines and the underlying assumption most scientists who study climate accept as true is CO2 drives all climate change. 1 The problem is, if CO2 is does not drive climate change, or not to the extent currently thought, climate predictions will not be accurate. 2a, 2b At the same time, these same scientists are trying to understand climate, they are trying to integrate many separate sciences needed to understand climate. Integrating natural history, atmospheric and physical sciences, biological sciences, mathematics, earth sciences, statistics and computational analysis is a complex undertaking not easily hurried. Theories have to be tested and verified which take time. What most do not know is that many of the theories, real time measurements and tools used to understand climate are not even 50 years old. 3 What most people do not know is many of the underlying assumptions many climate theories are based on have not been vetted. 4 What is worse than a shameful lack of verification of climate change assumptions and theories is climatologists taking the position that only humanity is causing climate change. Natural history has been made moot by human kind. Earth’s current interglacial warming period which began around 12,000 years ago is irrelevant. It is of no consequence that temperature and sea rise have not reached levels of previous interglacial warming periods. For example, the previous interglacial period lasted 14000 years. Before it ended, the temperature was 5 degrees C warmer and the oceans 8 meters higher than today. The current glacial period and interglacial periods known as the Quaternary glaciation is not an issue. Human kind producing CO2 is the only issue. `That during the current interglacial period the oceans having risen approximately 120 meters (394 feet) and may still be rising during this cycle is of no consequence. 5 Climate change theories make predictions using data that are taken from samples of the past that may or may not be accurate. Temperatures estimates from the past use proxy data. There is no way to actually measure temperature in the past directly. It is important to note that the accuracy of the data and the assumptions used to determine past temperature are based on theories, not proven! The simple fact is that there is no way to verify what the actual temperatures were. Even the assumptions that the sample proxy data accurately reflects the earth’s actual temperature during the time periods studied are just guesses based on theories and assumptions. Again, there is absolutely no way to verify that any proxy data used, accurately mirrors global temperature for a given time period. Statements about CO2 levels in the past are, also, based on proxy data too! 6 The causes of these cool downs and warm ups are not well understood. There are many theories floating around. How long the current warm up will last is not known, or how warm the temperature will be when at its’ peak. This last point is important, so let’s repeat it. There is no way to know how much warmer it will get during the current interglacial warm up. It is not even known if the Quaternary glaciation period is going to continue or if it has ended. 7 Climate researchers do not know how warm the current interglacial warmup will become or when it will end. 8 Any value attributed to man-made causes of global warming is only a guess. The causes of ice ages and warm ups are not understood, so this current warm up could be typical or atypical. It is all guessing. There is no consensus on just how much the sun and the earth’s other dynamic systems influence temperature. Cloud cover, volcanic processes influence temperature, and are constantly changing. Even the Earths’ magnetic field, which controls how much cosmic radiation hits the earth’s atmosphere. Cosmic radiation is theorized to be a factor in cloud formation. Volcanic eruptions, cloud coverage, underwater lava flows, changes in solar output cannot be predicted with any accuracy necessary to give any meaning to computer simulations predicting the impact of one variable – CO2. If we don’t know just how warm this warm-up will be, or how changes in cloud formation, solar activity and vulcanism will change and impact temperature, then how can anyone tell us how much warmer human beings are going to make the earth? There are multiple variables effecting earth’s surface temperature, yet, we are told that only one variable is a factor. This is not science. This is a belief!

According to the IPCC and signatories of the Paris Climate Accord a 2C increase in temperature will be catastrophic! 9a 9b An event that must be stopped at all costs. But, there is no way of knowing if this current interglacial period will reach 5C as it has in previous warm-ups. Are you beginning to understand the stupidity of these people! Animals, vegetation, fish, coral reefs that survived the last interglacial warm up that was 5C warmer will not survive a 2C warmup. They warn you that you must stop the 2C warmup at all costs to save humanity, but they cannot tell you if a 5C increase brought by this current interglacial period is going to happen. If you heard this type of silliness from your teenager, you would tear their room apart looking for the drugs.

Why the effort to convince the public to accept computer simulations as proof? Because, accepting a model as proof, removes the Scientific. Method from the discussion. No proof means no verification by other researchers which takes time to gather the data. A university or scientist eager to publish and secure tenure will find little in the way of glory or funding available verifying someone else’s theory. No proof means no verification by other. Computer models are the heart of climate research and bypass the scientific method. 10 The Scientific Method takes times to do the to gather the data, publish the theory and wait for other scientist to confirm, reject or offer alternative hypothesis. A university or scientist eager to secure funding and increase alumni donations, publish and secure tenure find little in the way of glory or funding following the Scientific Method. The prestige of having the label science is sought , not the work. Public Relations can be used to keep up the illusion. There is no testable theory to prove global warming if the Scientific Method cannot be used. It is the Scientific Method that purged us of charlatans and soothsayers and opened the door to “reason” over “belief” , but it also requires work and time. As there was no testable theory to disprove Ptolemy’s theory of the planets. The ancients were conned by experts who , as today, relied on that con to secure power and wealth. Al Gore has become fabulously wealthy, professors pushing catastrophic warming have secured much funding, politicians have usurped more and more power in the name of stopping global warming. The con was maintained by using an analog computer – the Antikythera. And, just as now, when the model failed, the mechanism could be adjusted to account for the discrepancy in observations and predictions. As we all know today, the analog computer model used to prove Ptolemy’s theory was wrong! What caused its’ downfall? The scientific method came along which required verifiable theory that accurately predicted the motion of the planets. Today, modern day charlatans and their supporting institutions want to take mankind back to the days of old where science did not rule. Snake oil salesman do not do well in the light of science. They do flourish pushing models which can continually be tweaked to continue the con. As in Ptolemy’s time, denial of reality is a must. The all-powerful model must be believed! Empires and civilizations have collapsed from droughts that last decades around the world, but now a long-term drought is proof of man-made global warming. Temperatures are rising and it has to be man-made global warming. The oceans are rising because of man-made global warming. As if they haven’t been rising for thousands of years. Now, that the sham is beginning to wear thin, the new pronouncement of proof that the earth is warming because of man, is the rate of change of this or that variable is unprecedented! Really? Is it not amazing, when a new slant is needed to continue the narrative that the very tools that are not necessarily that accurate or reflective of global climate in the past are once again used to prop up failing models.

March – April 2018 Snow Cover North America.

What if all those global warming experts and institutions who have abandoned science, the universities, governments around the world, the UN, the computer modelers, NOAH, Al Gore, Europe, and all the scientists with their expensive grants pushing global warming got it wrong! What if, it is changes in the sun, the Earth’s changing magnetic field, fluctuations in cosmic radiation, changes in cloud coverage and volcanism that brings about ice ages and warm-ups, and humanity’s production of CO2 is not driving climate change? 11 climate change? 12 What if the earth enters a serious cool down and, people die not from the consequences of warming but cooling? How does one respond toa massive blunder that is up there with “the Earth is the center of the universe and flat”, Lysenkoism, or worse, Mao’s Great Leap Forward that results in the deaths of millions How to deal with all those smug elitists, the over bearing bureaucrats, journalists and news anchors who pushed an error, while mocking dissenters with all the enthusiasm of the priests who in past inquisitions persecuted non-believers to enforce the faith? What happens if food production decreases and people starve from a global cool down? Ice Ages bring not only cooling and reduced growing seasons, but great droughts that reduce food production too. 13 If people suffer greatly from a sudden and sever cool down, do they not have a right to seek justice, bring down the governments and politicians who pushed warming? Should they legally take revenge on the bureaucrats, scientific experts, billionaires, media elites, and people like Al Gore and Elon Musk who became rich pushing global warming? What will be the fate of judges who now condone acts of violence and destruction in the name of global warming?

Arnold Roquerre