Q – Congress Lost Legitimacy Today!

The moment the Mexican flag was raised over a federal building in the United States, the the Federal Courts, Congress and the President forfeited any right to govern what once was a sovereign nation. The United States is no longer safe from invasion. Make no mistake his day is the day the government failed to defend the nation. If anyone who wants can walk into your home, do want they want, are you fool enough to believe you have authority over you family! You don’t, and your family realize you are no longer in charge.

Q – U.S. Military Cannot Defend the American People!

Millions flood into the U.S. waving foreign flags of victory over the impudent federal government controlled by an powerless Congress. The U.S. military has utterly failed to defend the citizens the Army swore to protect. The U.S. military after 50 years of defeat in every conflict it has entered now losses the last battle, defending the territory of the United States.

Who will defend you? It will not be Congress or the military. Who will honor your loyalty to the laws and regulations that the Congress of the United States? A failed U.S. Army can no longer stop invaders waiving high their foreign flags of conquest, hoisting them on federal building and desecrating the flag the Army had sworn to defend can no longer protect the nation. Who will!

Q – There Is No U.S. Government!

A government is defined by the territory it controls and only that territory. Congress no longer is able to control the borders of the nation. Therefore Congress no longer is the authority over that territory. As federal building are assaulted, the flags flying over federal buildings are ripped down and foreign flags raised, it is plain the government of the United States is no longer in control. As million enter the nation’s with foreign flags hoisted high, it becomes obvious the U.S. military can no longer protect the what was the territory of the United States. This is not polemics, this is real!

Q – Replace the Federal Government?

A government that is unable to control its boarders in in essence no longer the government if that territory. The primary role of the federal government is to protect and ensure the integrity of the nation. A government that fails that role is no longer a government since by definition it is unable to define and maintain the boarder in which its sovereignty resides. As Rome lost control of that area defined Roman territory, Rome empirical system ceased to become he arbiter of rules that it had defined enforced. Roman law was no longer the domain of Rome. Those who occupied the Roman territory no longer under a cohesive controlling authority became to be authority. Roman judges and legislators were ignored. No longer a force to obey.

The U.S. government with its judges, centurions and Congress no longer control the nation. I they have no control over the borders then they have control of those who occupy that was under U.S. rule. Federal buildings are attacked, the national flag defaced and another sovereign nation’s flag hoisted. It is become obvious that those living in the territory that was the United States have two choices. One is to fall under the rule of those cross into what was controlled by government of the United States or defend their immediate territory and raise a militia to defend their interest. This is no a call to Civil War because their is no government in control of the territory that defined the USA. This call to defend that which will be taken by those crossing into what was the USA. The Congress of the United, nor the military controlled by the Congress can be relied on to protect and enforce laws that governed the nation. The Congress and the Senate have abrogated their authority’s and control over those who once considered themselves citizens of the Unites States.

Liberals, Sow the Wind and They Will Reap the Whirlwind!o

What comes around, goes around! Bashing, banning and doxing Trump supporters with no consequences has opened a door Antifa, Hollywood, corporations, banks, Soros and most liberals will regret having opened. As conservatives realize that the rule of law is no longer enforced when liberals attack them, and for that much of Congress supports their being attacked, they will have two choices – capitulate or respond in like manner against those who wish them harm. Every conservative knows that What comes around, goes around? Bashing, banning and doxing Trump supporters with no consequences, means the same can be done by Trump supporters against businesses, media, individuals who are attacking them. Those who see the wind, reap the whirlwind! As every conservative knows, to sit back and do nothing always ends in subjugation and enslavement. If “free speech” is over, and the liberals and judges in power no longer support the Constitutional law, the reality is rule or be ruled! If opinion and thought is to be controlled, then beat to be the ones who control. Jeff Bezos, Soros, Tom Steyers, so many federal, state and local judges, administrators, legislators and courts have made it plain law is optional and conservatives are legitimate targets to harass, destroy and physically harm! What comes, goes around. Hell is coming with a purpose!

Privately Owned Banks Control The Federal Reserve And You!

Every fiscal crises in the United States has been created by the privately controlled Federal Reserve. The crises has increased the wealth of the very rich and their control over the public. Most Americans are simply Debt Slaves to the Super Rich. It ain’t a Democracy boys and girls. The public serve the interests of the Super Rich! This is why George Soros now has relocated to the United States. He wants to grow his families wealth – not the People’s.

Yes, the Federal Reserve serves the interests of the owners and investors of those private banks. This is why in 2008, the Federal Reserve bailed out the banks and passed the debt down to the public. The next financial crises will again end with the super rich keeping all the gain and everyone else eating the losses.

The super rich through the Federal Reserve run the United States. The wars fought by the United States since the founding of the Privately run Federal Reserve has not served the public. The wars served the goals of the super rich. The way to stop this rape of democracy and the enslavement of the non rich is to tax this group at 99% on all liquid assets. The super rich have power that makes opposing them all but impossible. Democracy and the will of the people ends up becoming the will of the super rich making a mockery of the concept of a national government that answers to the people, not the few.

Trump’s Trade Policies Hurts the Rich & Drives Their Hate!

The rich are generous with your money, but touch theirs, and they will cut your eyes out. Trump understands that the more manufacturing returns to U.S., it becomes harder for the rich to exploit the workers. The rich and powerful want Trump dead. His empowering the disenfranchised by taking from the rich is a sin no President may commit. FDR was almost over thrown in a coup attempt planned by the very same who now plot against Trump. The rich and the universities that serve them are loyal only to money and their own!