CHINA Knows Revenge is Best Served Cold!

Odd how Harvard and other elite universities teach values that do nothing for the citizens or the nation. What they teach is greed and selfishness. Getting ahead is all that matter, irregardless of who no an alumni is harmed. While these universities take tax exemptions and government subsidies, the stiff the people footing the bill. These traitorous universities will never thrive China, because the country does not what the nation turned into a sewer. But China will fund them to continue undermining their own countries. Harvard is more than happy to oblige.

China used Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and the rest of the Ivy League schools to weaken their countries and harm their countrymen while enriched China and themselves. China has used the elite universities to sell out their countries just as they had conned Chinese elites to sell out theirs 200 years ago.

China has even bought many members of government and Congressmen including Biden, Kerry, Feinstein and many many more including Republicans. Open boarders is not insane Democrat and Judicial policy when one considers who owns much of Congress, federal bureaucrats including national security employees and many in the judiciary. A gutted, bankrupted U.S. is in China’s best interest.

WTO, Congress and the Trade Deficit

Romney, Biden, Bush, the Clinton’s , those in Congress, Ivy League Universities, and the rich, became richer using the WTO to rape American taxpayers and destroy their livelihoods. WTO allowed China to not follow any EPA or put in place worker right agreements every U.S. business has to follow which made any product from China cheaper. The Congress allowed the WTO to force Americans to subsidize China’s shipping products to the U.S. and charging import tax, but made U.S. manufacturers pay shipping and to hit with incredibly onerous import taxes. The tax exempt Ivy League universities -made fortunes off this lopsided agreement as did Romney. Apple, and most of the very rich. At the same Americans lost jobs and sunk into deeper poverty while their fellow conspirators in Congress grew richer and mad sure not to share the wealth. It was not taxes that drove out American businesses. It was the WTO agreement Bush, Clinton, Obama and the Congress all endorsed. You have not benefited from the lopsided trade deals that are anything but Free Trade, only those who have turned their backs on their own countrymen who are forced to pay the costs and eat the financial loses. Is it not strange that universities like Harvard so endorse trade policies that does so much harm to the American people.

Perhaps it is time to see the real enemies to you future are and treat them accordingly. Their wealth was truest made on your backs.

Changing Sexual Mores, Infanticide, Drug Addictions, Suicides and Cities!

Cities and Social Consciousness
The obsession with the non-traditional sexual mores movements and the number of people who identify as part of these groups will continue to increase, as will drug addictions, suicides, drug, social recluses, mob flare ups. Many of the todays’ mores, values and norms will fade away to be replaced with mores, values, and norms that in todays’ reality would be seen as insane and preposterous. The understanding of history will be reinterpreted not necessarily accurately to reflect the reality of the times the events occurred, but to fit into the social milieu of the times. The rate change of the social systems will speed up, fads, facts, truth,  what is right, what is wrong, mass phobias and biases will flow and ebb at a  dizzying pace. What will drive all the above?  Increased urbanization and density. It is not increased population but the increase in the size of cities and their increasing densities that will drive the changes and the speed of the changes in the social systems created in these dense, heavily populated urban areas. It is well known that different levels of urbanization and population density drive the patterns of social consciousnesses in groups.  As an urban area’s population density increases and urbanization grows the people in that city become more disconnected from reality. In a sense the city goes from insane to mad! The behaviors less and less to do with external reality and more to do with reality as perceived in the urban mind. Just as an insane person can survive, so to will an insane city.  As long as a city can maintain a stable population, the mores, norms, and values matrix does not matter. The key phrase is “as long as”.
Why the insanity? More to the point is it insanity In context of  human beings evolving in a   natural environment that their consciousness, group dynamics and social behaviors were connected to that environment, yes. From the perspective that as long as humanity survives, it is not. But, that society will be more such that social and psychological pathologies will abound. In that the small group worked together to survive day to day, each having a sense of meaning, order and purpose, those born in dense and heavily populated cities will not.  Anger, sexual norms, roles assignments, values all are tuned to keep the tribe alive will have to find new ways to be expressed and experiences the individual and groups are to not feel disconnected or out of sync in the city. Human consciousness is not separate from the environment it has spent hundreds of thousands of years evolving in. Cities have disconnected the mind from the environment it has evolved in.  And, this relationship of man to the natural environment has changed as dramatically as tribes become and villages becomes cities and cities become mega-cities.  Max Weber and Ferdinand Tonnies in their works noted that as the generations pass and the city grows, the urban dweller becomes more and more disconnected from reality. This disconnect ultimately bring about their downfall. The downfall happens when other cultures not, living in urban areas, attack or the ability of the city to function is so degraded that the city simply declines or the city has simply assumed the external inputs such water, food and natural catastrophes .  The stresses of population density and the effects of never interacting with nature or simply ring surrounded by people and not nature add to this growing group insanity as the city grows ever bigger. Mega Cities simply become giant insane asylums. This is why psychological definitions of mental illness keep changing. The doctors are themselves insane. A city’s leaders and bureaucrats are too the inmates. They share the same social, psychological and cognitive dysfunctional psychosis as their fellow urban citizens. This collective insanity becomes more and more dysfunctional, not just inane. As urbanization grows all levels of the city’s government from the police, judges, government administrators will share the same social-psychological pathologies. In short, the inmates are running the asylum. These growing pathologies will in turn be seen as normal and represented as such even to the point of being normalized by the medical and scientific communities equally contaminated by the social and psychological pathologies. Max Weber pointed out in “The City”, over time city dwellers become detached from the reality of the world and see the artificial reality of the city as Real which always ends badly when reality strikes!
How will the social systems of cities change as urbanization increases? Sexual behavior will disconnect from that of perpetuating the species. Even though LGBT community is only 3% of the population, today, urban society accepts their behavior as normal as the sexual behavioral of the 97% not part of LGBT lifestyle. One consequence to many in the city’s social body is that, as the normal sexual accepts LGBT as normal behavior and those who are not LGPT begin to engages in the behavior, there will a growing disconnect for many who do because their  biological orientations will clashes with the new social sexual norms. These people will require medications and drugs to function in a biologically upside down society and lifetime therapy. As every more behavioral aberrations propagate, dysfunctional human beings will engage in behaviors that harm the urban society. Families will dwindle in size and their numbers will decrease. These families and sexually straight men and women will be ridiculed and persecuted. They will live in the shadows to escape constant social ridicule, persecution and attacks. At some point in time, the community will embrace pedophilia and bestiality as normal. Tokyo, the largest city to date, is already well on its way. As cities grow more detached from the natural environment the norms, values and mores of their residents will still need to address psychological drives every human is born with that once facilitated surviving in small groups. This will require activities that reinforce the social groups in the cities cohesion. One technological solution would be to broadcast the abortion and killing of newborns as entertainment. The city wealthy would participate by paying a prize to the team that mutilate and play with aborted, breathing fetuses and new born babies marked for termination which would be determined with the viewers. This would be modern version of the gladiatorial games. The good news is that pathologies observed in John B. Calhoun’s Mouse Utopias experiments will certainly arise in the large dense urban areas of cities as each succeeding generation environment becomes ever detached from the natural environment. Unlike in Mouse Utopias which all developed behavioral sinks of cannibalism, pathological withdrawal, hyperactivity, infanticide, killings, stress, aberrant sexual behaviors and aversion to having infants will not lead to the collapse of the city as over population did to Mouse Cities.
There is one solution that could reduce the psychological and social pressures from escalating to levels destructive to urban living and survival that that did not exist in earlier cities that is starting to become a viable option, genetic engineering and medication administered to large portion of a cities population. This would mean the end of the human race and birth of a new species not really related to those who huddled in caves, eking out an existence with all the social psychological characteristics we now have.

Three Reasons Americans will be Poorer – Never Ending War, Lifestyle and Immigration!

50 Year of Losing Wars

I. Wars, wars and more wars.

America is growing poorer not from poorly run cities or corrupt unions. Americans are poor because we fight too many damn wars! Wars not even won! Korea was a draw, Vietnam was a 100% defeat. Icon and Kissinger had to beg Mao to allow the U.S. to exit without ring humiliated. Yes, Nixon begged! These failed wars and the current NEVER ENDiNG Middle East Wars have drained the resources of the nation. Radical Muslim and Communist call the process “Death By A Thousand Cuts” – as America becomes weaker, her enemies become stronger and embolden. Endless declarations of shallow victories uttered by America’s two bit generals who could not even protect the Pentagon or the Capital have so little love of country that they would rather see America sink into economic ruin rather than admit the wars they push for have accomplished little other than bankrupting their country, ruining the lives of tens of millions, killing and crippling so many. f N. Korea is more dangerous and Communist as is Vietnam. The Middle East is a nightmare of failed goals and policies. And, at the same time, China expands bases in Africa, builds illegal islands, courts countries in South America and grows more mor powerful. Russia similarly expands in Syria and the Ukraine and America continues to blow a never ending supply of fanatics up accomplishing NOTHING!

Yes, America will grow ever poorer. America’s generals in the Pentagon have done for America’s enemies what outright invasion could not, destroyed the lives of Americans by destroying the economy turning the nation into an every growing Banana Republic. The military has failed to protect their nation. They are destroying it from the inside out. Infrastructure an not be repaired, cities revitalized, an aging population cared for or new industries related if the focus is on PERPETUAL WAR waisting money needed by the country. The military is literally taking food out of the mouths of the very people they swore an oath to defend and protect.

The pompously, dumb bastards in the Pentagon are not nearly as bright or competent as Eisenhower (he won the 2nd World War unlike the current batch of military clowns who infest the Pentagon). Eisenhower warned of the consequences of war on the nation and he was right.

II. Americans live life styles they can not afford, or not more productive than their counter parts around the globe and what to have more without being more creative or productive American production costs for similar products are higher than those produced in other countries. Quality is as good as anything similar produced in the United States. Many products Americans want are not even produced in the United States. The problem Americans are oblivious to is that as the global population increases there are more consumers that want the same things Americans want that other countries produce cheaper. If quality is no different who would they pay more, so more factories spring up around the world that can produce products cheaper. Americans are not the only innovators. Peoples. Americans live a lifestyle they can not afford. The houses they live are too big and consume massive amounts of energy. The cost to maintain the large homes, the gadgets, sewers, water pipelines, roads, and power lines suck more and more capital the average American van not afford. Add in the cost of a car, insurance, maintenance, and fuel driving thousands of miles and spend over a thousand hours driving. People in other parts of the world live as well, if not better, with no car. And even with a car, they tend to live her more efficiently than Americans. What most Americans have not figured out is their counterparts do not have to make as earn as to live as well as they. Americans will continue to drop in quality of life until they understand they drive to damn much, have too many miles roads, are too spread out and life in homes that suck up money.

III. Congress has no concerns of the consequences an increasing population of immigrants who cannot speak or write english, are poorly educated, have no useable skills and have high birth rates on the nation. Members of Congress are oblivious to the reality that to compensate fo the increase population of immigrants who do not carry their own weight the citizens of the country either increase GNP or grow poorer. The sad reality is that the people who are flooding into the United States Today’s immigrants entering the United States consists more of old people, sick people, uneducated people who will need training, large numbers of children who will have to be schooled than people who can contribute to the economy and will not place additional strains on the social support and medical systems, Currently, the reality is GDP is not growing at a rate that counters the huge flux of immigrants.

The bottom line, the Congress and most of government has managed to do what the founding founders feared a growing bureaucracy of politicians and bureaucrats would mean for the United States. For those say nope, let’s where nation is around 2030. If the people are poorer, the nation has more violence and unrest, and resembles today’s Venezuela with masses of poor and the elites living well enjoying life.

What If, A Year Without Summer?

Luxury liners have life boats to protect passengers in case of a rare sinking event. Even though rare, a sinking ship with no life boats is a death sentence for the passengers and crew. Planes have emergency slides and life vests just in case there is an emergency on the ground or over water. Without the vests and emergency slides in an emergency on the field or on water, passengers and crew most likely die horrible deaths. In 1816, a volcanoes erupted and gave the world a year without summer. Millions died as a consequence from the loss of food crops and cold. In 536 A.C.E., a volcano exploded with such force that it ushered in the Dark Ages and caused the deaths of untold millions as it blanketed the earth in a shroud of dust. Having knowledge of these past events, The Congress and bureaucrats are not prepared to deal with the consequences of such an even occurring. And, even though low in probability, if it happens the consequences will make the impact of global warming pale in comparison. On demand food delivery is premised on the belief that at no time will food production be greatly diminished world wide. So, with no global food reserves if such an event occurs, you, the reader, will die. Your fight to stop global warming! would be right up there with driving to a hearing to enact legislation to improve air safety measures and not using the seatbelt. Maybe, it is time for those in Congress and government to understand that focusing on only one possible disaster is not a strategy that maximizes survival. It is only a strategy that minimizes work and increases play time while leaving hundreds of millions vulnerable to a catastrophe with immediate consequences that make global warming seem tame.

Prophetic: Atlas Shrugged And Animal Farm!

Ann Ryan and George Orwell were prophets who saw the future so clearly. They saw so clearly the actions, pronouncements, justifications and arguments that would be used by bureaucrats and politicians to slowly strangle individual freedom, punish creativity, gobble more and more power and wealth for themselves as they impoverished everyone else. From declarations of forever housing shortages to circumvent the Constitution to telling doctors how much they can charge to telling parents how they will raise their children to committing to forever wars and conflicts the political opportunists, lifelong politicians, bureaucrats mimic the like characters in Animal Farm and Atlas Shrugged including the corrupt judges.

How sad that they were able to see so clearly how the United States would end up. The founders wanted government out of you life. Your home, property, and family were sacred and not to be infringed upon by government. You, the individual, was to be protected from the power of the state by requiring the state to charge you of a crime and then having to prove your guilt. You were innocent until the declared crime was proven. Contrary to the lies pushed today by media to justify raping citizens of their Constitutional Rights, the founders were well aware of bad people and knew they would abuse the legal system they were creating, but the founding fathers believed that it was more important to protect the innocent against the evils of government. The founding fathers knew dull witted, unimaginative, petty, little, life losers hungry for power would, as in Europe, gravitate to government positions. They crafted the Constitution to keep the human deluge of the petty and mediocre that slowly acclimated in every culture from crushing the individual by using the powers of the State to force every more obedience of the individual to the will of the government. The truth is, to a person, they knew the Constitution was only a stop gap effort that only hold back the human sludge that always gums up all cultures eventually bringing them down. The founding fathers saw what Ann Ryan and George Orwell saw, a free people slowly subjected by an every growing cancer of government. Xi Jinping’s nightmare China controlling every individual is coming to America. The grand experiment is over. Freedom and individual have lost, and the government of dullards and thugs government have won.

The good news for those worried about too many people, this will cease being a problem. An interesting human phenomenon occurs when you control and treat adults like children , they stop having children. This human phenomenon is all but impossible to reverse. In order to reverse, the culture has to change by giving back autonomy, something the mediocre in government at all levels are loath to do as Venezuela’s Maduro and his goons are!