The American Sucker!

When the Soviet Union collapsed, the Middle Class’s good life was over. The Middle Class was propped up by the wealthy elites and most of Congress to beguile the Communist nations that capitalism and democracy was the best system of all. Sadly too many within the Middle Class believed the endless propaganda that American workers made the most money, had the best working conditions, cheap and abundant energy, inexpensive food, excellent working conditions, lovely homes, and beautiful vacations, all because of capitalism and democracy that the People controlled! After the collapse of communism, money flowed like water to areas of the world where cheaper labor was to have. The great American system of equality was gutted to end the Peoples control and good life. The Middle Class were stooges used to convince the world of the glories of the American System of Goodness. Little did all the patriotic soldiers fighting for Freedom and Capitalism and Red Blooded Americans going to work every day paying their taxes and obeying the rules that as soon as Washington DC and the rich felt safe was jettisoned and it was adiós suckers, and hello profits.

They Never Followed the Science

When Nancy Pelosi tells you to follow the science, remember she encouraged the public to go out in the public, shop, and visit crowded Chinatown. Dr. Fauchi told the media that COVID was not a significant threat to the citizens of the United States. In New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio, the media, and most Democrats holding office told the public it was safe to take the subways, buses and participate in public events. They said the citizens of the United States that they were following the science.

Mail-In Voting Fraud Guarantees A Newsom Win.

My prediction of the outcome of the voting to recall Newsom is given that Canada and Europe stopped mail-in voting after realizing the process made rigging the count to favor the party in power too easy, California is a one-party state, and mail-in voting is championed by the state, is Newsom will win big. Plus, I see in my crystal ball that the FBI and DOJ will assure the voters that the process was not tainted because they can be trusted to be fair and impartial. Oh, the news media, after zero due diligence, will substantiate the FBI and DOJ thorough, in-depth, unbiased, honest armchair analysis.

The Ignorance of Fear Mongers?

It is painful to read and listen to many in government, universities, and NGOs demonstrate their collective ignorance of history and demography. Glacial rebound seems beyond their score of understanding,
Their ignorance of the consequences of population growth is staggering. New Orleans is below sea level because levees and drainage systems caused the land to sink. A glacial rebound is causing the northeast coast to sink. Much of Houston is built on land that is barely above lea level. California is subject to naturally occurring mega droughts and arKstorms. North America is subject to great droughts. Population growth encouraged by Washington DC has to lead to people settling in areas subject to flooding and droughts. The Dust Bowl impacted many Americans and was a consequence of a naturally occurring drought. The Great New England hurricane of 1938 was horrific, as were the Great Blizzards of 1888, 1951, and 1966 adversely impacted many Americans. Tornado Alley has constantly tormented Americans.

One megadrought, a 535 AD type volcanic explosion, will make the Existential Threat of Climate Change laughable, as will a reoccurrence of the 1812 Madrid quake. One of these three cyclical catastrophes is likely this century!

Biden Betrays Israel

Either the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Biden administration are incompetent, or what has happened in Afghanistan is the rope-a-dope of all rope-a-dopes. The game keeps the world focused on the great fiasco, which isn’t to betray a long-standing ally Israel. How does a supposed ally of Israel supply Israel’s enemies with the weapons necessary to defeat it and appear as Pontius Pilot innocent of wrongdoing? Allow the most weapons to fall into the hands of the Taliban, who then pass the weapons to Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAR to use to defeat Israel in the coming war.

Why COVID-19 Is Not Going Away And Masks Are Useless!

Why is anyone surprised COVID-19 infections are on the rise? Energy-efficient buildings and transit are Petri dishes for the virus. As more people return to work, the infections will increase. Most people work in energy-efficient buildings. These buildings do not exchange outside air as rapidly as the old-style building with windows that opened, and we’re not airtight. More people are riding elevators that do not exchange air as the old-style elevators did. Because so many people smoked, elevators, buses, trains, and aircraft had to exchange outside air more. Buses, subways, transit stations, and malls save energy by not circulating air. Does anyone believe the airline industry is maximizing airflow, which uses more fuel? Masks are useless in such environments because the masks do not stop 90% of exhaled microdroplets. The air in these Energy Efficient buildings is chocked full of viruses. In a virus-rich environment, the eyes are also pathways to infection. Universities and schools are energy efficient too. Even cruise ships are energy efficient. Perhaps the reason India is doing better is that India’s buildings are not as energy-efficient yet. There is no way the virus will stop until it burns out, but COVID-19 being an engineered virus, it may be a very long wait for that day. This means that business will see continue to be impacted by COVID-19 for sometime to come, and the economy suffer setbacks as a consequence.


Who allows hundreds of thousands to enter the US unvaccinated?

Who disperses these tens of thousands of unvaccinated immigrants into the US unvaccinated?

Who believes a mask with a 200-micron weave can stop 1000 microdroplets 10 microns in diameter exhaled in every breath full of viruses?

Who held parties in SF, LA, and NYC telling the nation the virus was not dangerous!

Who opposed shutting down air travel?

Who are unmasked practicing no social distancing at fundraisers and flying on chartered planes unmasked?

Who refuses to hold the nation that: misrepresented the virus to the WHO; kept the outbreak secret for months, allowed thousands of infected to fly to every airport to every airport in the world except theirs?

Who has botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan angered every Allie?



What a beautiful setup by the Biden administration pulling out of Afghanistan! General Milley, Biden’s man) warns of terror threats to the US homeland after Afghanistan falls to the Taliban. General Milley is the man who knows the Afghanistan military would fold in a few days.

The CYA the Biden administration and Miller are setting up is that when Islamic terrorist attacks begin in the US, Biden will Blame Trump for all the woes he had nothing to do with. It was Biden’s administration and the military who transported millions to American cities. How many of the undocumented immigrants are terrorists who flew into South American and Mexican countries and joined the flow?