Vigilantes Now In New York!

As the left further weakens the nation, there will be new groups rising to take power and establish control. Muslims will be among the groups seeking to gain power and build their vision of “law and order.” Unfortunately, it will not be long before vigilance groups war with each other for dominance. As in Mexico where the drug cartels chase away ineffective government forces, so too will the vigilantes do the same to local, state and federal authorities whom have lost the ability to rule. It will be most interesting to watch the Muslim vigilante groups when they eventually turn their attention to the LGBT community, and they herd them to their new camps far away from the city. I doubt few will miss them or pity their fate. And, we can all assured the Congress of the United States will do nothing to incur the wrath of their new masters. The mighty federal judges will be perplexed as to why their orders to cease are ignored. The police will still give tickets and make arrests as the police do in Mexico. The military will function as the Mexican military now do. Judges will dispense justice and make decisions and not cross into areas no longer their domain, as will the Congress. But, the real rulers will be determined not by Soros or liberal lawyers. The waring vigilante groups will carve up territory that will fall under their jurisdiction just as the cartels are doing in Mexico. What emerges will no longer be the country it was. or anything resembling what those who shredded the nation wanted. Most, likely they who giddily destroyed the nation out of greed, ideological B.S. or hopes for power will most assuredly only have to endure this brave new world for a short time before they are executed. A fate that always catches up to failed elites, bureaucrats, and politicians.

The good news is there will be no civil war. 🙂

A Failed Bureaucracy Begets Vigilantism

The push back begins:×900

As local, state and federal government moves further and further away from protecting the majority and disrupting their values to protect non-citizens, leftest who allowed to violate laws and justice only goes after the opposition, citizens will no longer seek help or justice from government. As it becomes clear to the great majority of Americans that the bureaucrats and ruling elites who have usurped so much power has no interest in protected them or their values, they will seek justice and turn on those who have betrayed them. How long will it be before those victimized by a government that has turned its back on them, allowed illegals to hunt. harass and kill them with impunity at the same time mocking their values no longer see that government as anything other than their oppressor and enemy? How long before they no longer turn to that government for protection or justice? These patriots will turn to each other for protection and take back their neighborhoods, states and finally their country. Only the arrogant, who believe they themselves know all, will continue to ignore these citizens and face a very dire outcome they will not expect. This hubris of these Leftest bureaucrats ensures their fall. The times ahead will be most unpleasant for us all. No one will escape the consequences of a society ripped apart. The Left has every intention to destroy the nation and disenfranchise those who cannot accept killing newborn babies, seeing their nation flooded with hostile mobs bringing values that are totally at odds with their. They leave Americans feed fed up with a government they see as hostile little choice but to resist and fight.