Helping Nazi Germany Made Sweden Rich, Not Socialism!

Sweden is always used by want to be socialists ignorant of history as a glowing example of socialism done right. Several of the not so bright in Congress believe this. The problem with this position is that if one knows history, which requires reading a task not many in Congress can do, you know that Sweden did not participate in World War 2. If Sweden had used as a model in 1939, Nazi Germany and Imperialist Japan would rule the world today! Sweden stayed neutral and spent not on dime fighting a war. Sweden did sell Nazi Germany minerals the Nazi Germans needed to the war machine going. Sweden earned a fortune in NAZI gold. The Nazi’s where happy paying Sweden exorbitant prizes believing after the Allies were defeated, Sweden would fall to NAZI Germany. The Allies paid for Sweden’s good future in blood, resources and money. Sweden did nothing to help defeat the Germans and, actually, helped them take Norway. After war, the war Europe was in shambles and in debt except Sweden. Sweden was untouched by war and had massive amounts of gold to use for investment in industrial expansion. The good life enjoyed in Sweden is a consequence of Sweden’s collaborating with Nazi Germany – not socialism!