You are a Murderer Pushing Shut Down Petroleum Production!

Are you Pushing the Green LET THEM EAT CAKE? Are you mad? Germany Going Green FAILED. Millions of Germans are suffering from that epic fail, especially the POOR. Germany has become dependent on Russian petroleum and drove energy prices through the roof. Have you have any concept of the damage and harm shutting down petroleum production is doing to hundreds of millions of human beings! Petroleum is needed to produce and transport FOOD to feed PEOPLE. Fertilizer, propane for drying crops, fuel for trucks to transport needed farm inputs and food from farms, pharmaceuticals, freight trains, and ships transporting medical equipment and FOOD all require PETROLEuM NOW. If people freeze this coming winter and go hungry, their collective anger will bring down this government and all who pushed this INSANITY.

Biden and Cronies are Devasting Oil Production, the Middle Class, and the Dollar!

Biden and any Democrat telling you that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing the shortage of gas in the US are Liars! When Trump left office, the US was a net exporter of gas.

Biden and Congress telling Americans shutting down Russian oil imports will hurt Russian are lying! Russia can sell oil, ore, agricultural, and manufactured products to China and other nation, not under America’s ever-shrinking thumb. This will hurt the United States because Russia will not trade in dollars. The fewer trading dollars reduces the ability of the Federal Reserve to sell bonds to finance America’s growing trade deficit.

Biden and politicians and media pundits backing this insanity are evil. They are doing to Americans what the Chinese aristocracy did to their fellow countrymen when they sold out to foreign powers. Washington DC has become the enemy of The People!

Global Warming Fear Mongers Are Worse than Putin!

Putin is affecting the lives of those living in Ukraine. The fear-mongers pushing ending CO2 activities before replacing them with alternatives are impoverished billions. They are the worse Evil and are as maniacal as Hitler and Tojo and as hateful. The bottom line is that they lack talent. They needed a purpose to pump their defeated shoes. Jumping on Save the Planet from Killer Carbon gave them purpose even though misguided and wrong! Now they feel that they like Superman’s father, Jor-El, brilliant and valiant trying to save those less brilliant with their genius. Of course, they are not any of the above, and they are the ones destroying all the progress that makes people’s lives better. Once everyone realizes this, the question is how to deal with fanatics who live in a world of privilege and luxury they are taking everyone, not in their click.

Climate Accord Will Create Food Shortages This Year

Are you ready to starve? The LGBT crowd, alarmists, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, and Green New Deal supporters have created a fertilizer shortage! Fertilizer is necessary to grow crops in the amounts required to feed the country. COVID nor the conflict in Ukraine are responsible for the shortage. The Democrats bear full responsibility for fuel and food shortages. When you can’t afford gas and food is rationed, you can make sure every Democrat in Congress and Washington DC and every academic that has pushed CO2 hysteria is equally rationed and does without too. If Americans starve, Washington DC starves. No person in the Capital has access to any more food, AC, heat, or gasoline than those they serve. If American are dying from starvation then family members of legislators, judges, buteacrsts in the Capital can also starve to death. Let’s see how concerned these people are about the planet when their loveonxs die from hunger.

PUTIN Will Take Half of Ukraine.

Biden and the Pentagon are all talks. Putin will take half of Ukraine, and there is nothing the US or the rest of NATO can do about it. The world will see how ineffective the US is. Washington DC is a capital full of half-wits and clowns. The Pentagon is full of LGBTs focused on who has the most excellent dress and matching heels. The Joint Chiefs of Staff are incompetent and only good at mutiny. The result is Russia does what it wants and, with China’s aid, will weathers the mighty US sanctions.

This is the end of US hegemony, and the dollar’s dominance will be evident to the world. The prominence of US institutions, the military, and academics will be over this year. Russia and China have succeeded in removing the United States as a significant player in world affairs. The quality of life of Americans will decline. Who is responsible? Washington DC bureaucrats, Congress, and the Pentagon bear the responsibility.

Russia Was Set Up by Biden!

Biden and the click of lunatics, which includes John Kerry, Obama, Sorrows, Gates most in Congress and Washington DC have engineered the Ukraine crises to collapse the global economy and oil production. These insane bastards believe they are saving the planet. (1) Committing treason, lying, and destroying millions of lives nothing to these delusional maniacs. Compared to them, Hitler was a pacifist. These bastards are out of control and have to be stopped! Kerry’s insane comment that Russia needs to stay on board with lowering greenhouses to save the planet is a good indicator of just how unhinged the people in Washington DC are. (2) These simpletons need to be put in an asylum for the criminally insane.



Biden Bribes Yield Big Dividends for Ukraine Oligarchy.

Ukraine bribes to the Biden family are paying off. Washington DC’s problem is that Americans are fed up with 70 years of war and defeats that have burdened the people with debt, death, gutted industry, poverty, economic morass, and failed promises. Ukraine is of little relevance to Europe or US security.

Washington DC Russian Hysteria!

It seems Biden’s hysteria that Russia is going to invade Ukraine and the collaborating stories from US intelligence agencies pushing Biden’s narrative were all FAKE NEWS! How about that another fail for the greatest intelligence agencies in the world! We can add this failure to 911, the gal of the Soviet Union, Trump collusion, Vietnam, Korea, Bay of Pigs, and Afghanistan will not fall to the Taliban pronouncements. When does the world start seeing the Emperor has no clothes on? A week later the Russians are taking Ukraine. If a person falsely cries wolf, once in awhile he will be right, but still he’s still a liar not to be trusted.

Post-Mortem Depression & Socialism

Capitalism and Socialism are like Apples to Oranges. For grin and giggles, let’s explore this a little. The baby is not getting a free mommy. Birth relieves the mother of a lot of discomforts. The baby pays back by making cute little bay sounds and gestures that give the mother pleasure and incentive to nurture and care for the cute baby. Babies suckling the mother activates pleasure centers in mommy’s brain and relieves pressure the accumulation of milk in her breasts creates. Mommy’s brain and hormone system respond to the baby’s behavior. The is paying mommy giving her pleasure and happiness. This is why the human race thrives because baby gives adults pleasure. Only children believe in Santa Clause. There is no Free – ever. On the other hand, one could argue that biology has turned mommy into a slave to the baby.

What is evident here is that when the mother perceives the child’s demands and activity in a pleasure able all is good. When a woman does view a baby as a good thing once the hormones shift and the baby is not activating her pleasure centers, she becomes depressed and resents the labor required. This is a perfect analogy between capitalism vs. socialism.