Mail-In Voting Destroyed Faith in Voting!

Two hundred years of voting safeguards are gone. A democracy can not exist if a voters’ choices are known, or ballots are fraudulent. Mail-in and absentee voting bypass all the safeguards established over 200 years to ensure voting integrity and protect anonymity. In-person voting made it most likely that a legitimate voter filled out the ballot, the person voting voted once, and the tabulated votes were accurate. Mail-in voting can not promise the same level of scrutiny or accuracy. Only if the voter and the ballot mailed can be verified that was counted is mail-in voting legitimate. Unfortunately, to verify the voter and the ballot mailed means the candidates and propositions a voter selects are no longer secret. Verification is mail-in votings’ Catch 22. If a voters ballot is kept secret, then there is no way to ensure the ballots cast are legitimate. And, if the voter is not sure the ballot filled out is the ballot counted, the outcome of the voting can not be trusted. Those people are fooling themselves to think otherwise. Mail in ballots and Mail-in voting has destroyed people’s faith in the outcome of any election. It is not funny, America’s democracy has been corrupted not by Russia, but by short-sighted politicians, the news media, and judges. The United States of America is now the Banana Republic.