Why U.S. Is Closed to Hongkongers!

The Congress loves freedom and want to give dissidents seeking democracy a home in the United States. So, why not invite all those in Hong Kong losing rights Congress professes to cherish, to come the U.S. By all political measures used by Congress, they are true political refugee. But, ”tis may not matter, because, contrary to the Democrats continual litany of calling those opposing open boarders racists, it is they who are the true racists. The residents of Hong Kong will no be offered political asylum because the Congress of the United States is racist when Asians are involved. This racism is equally rife throughout the federal courts. Sorry, Hong Kong, you are the wrong color and you are too smart and your children will take the jobs from the dumb children of the ruling elites. Diversity is only important as long as the elites are not impacted. Too many from Hog Kong would jeopardize their mediocre children places in the Ivy League Schools As the HongKong Chinese would easily out compete and out bribe them with bigger donations if need be.