Let’s Welcome All Hong Kong Dissidents!

The Congress loves freedom and want to give dissidents seeking democracy a home in the United States. So, why not invite all those in Hong Kong losing rights Congress professes to cherish, to come the U.S. By all political measures used by Congress, they are true political refugee. But, ”tis may not matter, because, contrary to the Democrats continual litany of calling those opposing open boarders racists, it is they who are the true racists. The residents of Hong Kong will no be offered political asylum because the Congress of the United States is racist when Asians are involved. This racism is equally rife throughout the federal courts. Sorry, Hong Kong, you are the wrong color.a

Q – There Is No U.S. Government!

A government is defined by the territory it controls and only that territory. Congress no longer is able to control the borders of the nation. Therefore Congress no longer is the authority over that territory. As federal building are assaulted, the flags flying over federal buildings are ripped down and foreign flags raised, it is plain the government of the United States is no longer in control. As million enter the nation’s with foreign flags hoisted high, it becomes obvious the U.S. military can no longer protect the what was the territory of the United States. This is not polemics, this is real!

Q – Replace the Federal Government?

A government that is unable to control its boarders in in essence no longer the government if that territory. The primary role of the federal government is to protect and ensure the integrity of the nation. A government that fails that role is no longer a government since by definition it is unable to define and maintain the boarder in which its sovereignty resides. As Rome lost control of that area defined Roman territory, Rome empirical system ceased to become he arbiter of rules that it had defined enforced. Roman law was no longer the domain of Rome. Those who occupied the Roman territory no longer under a cohesive controlling authority became to be authority. Roman judges and legislators were ignored. No longer a force to obey.

The U.S. government with its judges, centurions and Congress no longer control the nation. I they have no control over the borders then they have control of those who occupy that was under U.S. rule. Federal buildings are attacked, the national flag defaced and another sovereign nation’s flag hoisted. It is become obvious that those living in the territory that was the United States have two choices. One is to fall under the rule of those cross into what was controlled by government of the United States or defend their immediate territory and raise a militia to defend their interest. This is no a call to Civil War because their is no government in control of the territory that defined the USA. This call to defend that which will be taken by those crossing into what was the USA. The Congress of the United, nor the military controlled by the Congress can be relied on to protect and enforce laws that governed the nation. The Congress and the Senate have abrogated their authority’s and control over those who once considered themselves citizens of the Unites States.

Why Aren’t People Funding Illegal Caravans in Jail?

All individuals and organization behind funding the illegal immigrant caravans,l are guilty of abetting illegals to break the law. These people helping them are guilty of participating in a crimes and should all be prosecuted under the RICO act. Every group and individual who has sponsored illegals to cross into the United States must have their assets seized and used to cover all costs the illegal immigrants have incurred while in the United States. The FBI, NSA and CIA know who these people and groups are. If Soros is involved he should be jailed. Why should the actions of criminals be born by taxpayers? It is an affront to Justice the rule of law to allow those responsible for funding the caravans and illegal entry into the Inited States to go free when so many Americans are in-prisoned for much lesser acts.

San Francisco is BORING!!!

Why locate your startup or business in San Francisco? Your employees will work and work and work. Why? It is a boring place to live. Few distractions. It is hilly, windy and usually cold. After paying high rents, utilities, transportation costs and taxes, your San Francisco employees will have noting left to distract them to coming to work. In fact San Francisco is such a hell hole that it is the perfect places to bring illegal immigrants. A couple of months in the city, the ones not mentally ill or addicted to drugs will flee back to their home countries.

China Understands the Muslim Problem Better Than the West!


Not a popular position to take in West that China is handling the Muslims properly. Unlike the West, China understands Islam is neither a religion of peace or of tolerance. The government of China knows if Islam is not corralled China’s society will be irreparably harmed. Notice that those who howl protest at China’s policy make no such complaints over Judaism and Christianity being corralled in Saudi Arabia and Iran. The leaders of China understand that a country has to control cultures to bind the nation together, and crush those that do not. China will not follow Europe or the United States in committing national and cultural suicide. The Chinese clearly understand that what serves the survival of the state must override all other interests if the state is to exist, equally important, the fall of China’s secular state would be replaced by an Islamic State far more brutal. A state based on fairy tales and backed by repressive all controlling Shariah law would pull China down into the abyss of a Dark Age!

A brief outline of Islamic history;

Impossible to Serve Two Masters, the Loyalty of Any Person Holding Two Passports Must Be Doubted.

If there are any member in government with dual citizenship and passports, they should removed from their positions and office immediately.! Any citizen holding dual citizenship loyalty should be questioned. Where does their loyalty lie? How can anyone have an allegiance to two countries especially members of Congress or the military! Total insanity for Congress to have made this possible. This is a level of incompetence that borders on treason.

How do you know this a policy not good for America? Congress does not make public who in government holds dual citizenship. Why, if you knew, even the most passive of you would understand much of decisions and actions of this government seem counterintuitive!

To serve two masters is to not be able to take sides. To serve two master is to serve no master. We should see dual passport holders for what they are lukewarm and the only way to deal with such is spelled out in Revelation 3:15-16, TLB. “I know you well—you are neither hot nor cold; I wish you were one or the other! But since you are merely lukewarm, I will spit you out of My mouth!”