Britain Created the Mess in Hong Kong, Not China!

The British are responsible for the mess in Hong Kong. First a little excursion back in time to when China was occupied by Britain. China, after asking nicely that Britain stop pushing narcotics and having Britain refusing, went to war to throw out the British narcotic dealers. The British not wanting to give up the lucrative source of income that came from pushing narcotics, threw its military might against China and won. After winning the war, Britain forced China, at gunpoint, to lease Hong Kong to Britain for 99 years. The lease was just for show. The British never believed China would ever be powerful enough to refuse to renew the lease. Surprise! How did the noble British respond on learning the lease done under duress was not to be renewed? Why the honorable, freedom loving British changed the passports of all the Chinese in Hong Kong from that of British citizenship to one limited to travel rights. What this very slimy move by the British was designed to do was to ensure that millions of Hong Kong Chinese, raised under the British system, would be trapped. This guaranteed that there would be conflict between the Chinese Hong Kong citizens and mainland China. The British ser up worked. China is now faced with trying to integrate a hostile population back into it’s culture and political system. The shame is on the British, not China. Americans who are getting caught up in the mindless rhetoric spread by media ignorant of history need to remember that the same Britain that conned America into entering the First World War by lying that the Lusitania carried no weapons of war is the same Britain that set the stage for this debacle going on in Hong Kong. It is time to blame the British not China. The West is less than pure and America’s democracy is less than pure. The adage, “don’t throw rocks at your neighbor‘s house if you live in a glass house” is one that self-righteous America needs to heed.

Why U.S. Is Closed to Hongkongers!

Congress loves freedom and wants to give dissidents seeking democracy a home in the United States. So, why not invite all those in Hong Kong losing rights Congress professes to cherish, to come to the U.S. By all political measures used by Congress, they are genuine political refugees. But, this may not matter, because, contrary to the Democrats’ continual litany of calling those opposing open boarders racists, it is they who are the actual racists. The residents of Hong Kong will no be offered political asylum because the Congress of the United States is racist when Asians are involved. This racism is equally rife throughout the federal courts. Sorry, Hong Kong, you are the wrong color, and you are too smart, and your children will take the jobs from the dumb children of the ruling elites. Diversity is only essential as long as the elites are not impacted. Too many immigrating to the United States from Hong Kong would jeopardize their mediocre children’s places in the Ivy League Schools and their future occupations. The culture of Asia guarantees that the Hong Kong Chinese would easily out-compete and out bribe the current indigenous ruling elites and their offspring.