Those Who Pushed Outsourcing Are Pushing Global Warming!

Remember your being labeled an isolationist if you opposed moving industry to other countries. You were told by the experts, IN reports, economists and media that all those archaic jobs would be replaced by better high jobs. Did not happen did it. All those who pushed outsourcing have all done very well. They got very rich. China has become a global economic power from all the Nash, bad factories America did not need. The outsourcing pushers weakened their own country and hurt millions of their fellow countrymen stuffing their pockets. Those ridiculed for protesting the destruction of American jobs by the media, Congressmen, and environmentalist were Right! Now, the very same people who pushed outsourcing are now telling you that the Earth is in fire and you must sacrifice to save the planet. Those who got rich destroying the lives of many Americans while enriching the lives of Chinese are Sure that the Earth Is On Fire and you are selfish and dumb for not listening to their warnings, and you must be made to stop destroying the planet. Amazingly, these very same pushers will become wealthier and further enrich China as it gobbles up even more industry and businesses. The only losers, the 85% of the nation who lost their livelihoods, living standards and freedoms. Perhaps, this is the drive by the pushers of the Green New Deal to confiscate guns and why so many oppose. You, the reader, your neighbors and friends all trusted your government, the academics, the experts, and the media. Look at what these people have done to you and yours. They have crippled the nation and transferred wealth and power to China. They, not you, made China a military and economic powerhouse. You believed them and trusted them, and what they gave you in return was insecurity, lowered living standards, loss futures for your children and their contempt. You gave universities tax exemptions and they gave you the shaft. They took care of the elites screwing you over and told you weren’t good enough. All lies!