Conundrum: U.S. Greatest Country and Not Number One in Anything!o

As you read this article reflect on all those elite in universities, teacher unions. international corporations, government agencies, members of Congress, Clinton, Bush, and Obama who just asked you to trust them. You were assured by these elites it would all be fine. They failed to add that it would fine for them and the other countries, not you!

How can the United States be the best and country in the world, yet have no city ranked in the list of top 20 most livable cities. Their are 20 countries that rank higher in math, reading and science scores including Russia, China and Canada. The U.S. is a long way from being the best country providing health services to its citizens. But, the U.S. is two points above Cuba! Maybe, Americans have the best working conditions? Nope! The U.S. is worse than Russia, but better than India.How about Justice? I mean the U.S. should definitely be better than China or Russia. How General Flynn and Michael Stone have been treated, we will slip into every country has political scapegoats category. Jeffery Epstein’s state execution will goes into the threatening the status of the ruling government elites dies category. Always at least two tiers of justice in every country. It seems few countries are truly free from political interference, and the United States isn’t one of them. Maybe, upward mobility is where America shines. Nope, many countries have higher upward mobility rates. One area where America use to excels in access to informations and lack of censorship. Unfortunately, most of the corporations that control access are imposing censorship with the blessing of the U.S. government. Perhaps “freedom speech” is we’re America is a shining beacon. Members of the Congress and state officials encourage shaming and harassing anyone opposing the position of the ruling elite which is real. Media propaganda is as oppressive in the United States as in Europe. Maybe it is that Congress adheres to the core wish of the founders of nation to keep America from sinking into that pit of endless wars that benefit the nobility with endless propaganda to whip up the common people to march off to war. The gain for those fighting the war of the elites was impoverishment and the peasants and leaving a human debris of casualties and dead consisting primarily of the common people who did not benefit from the wars. Nope, that not the case. The wars is unending and most were unnecessary. There is a very strong case that had the U.S. stayed out of the 1st World War, which only benefited American investors who would have lost the money they had invested in Britain had Britain lost, that there would not have been a 2nd World War and possibly no nuclear bombs.

Now the big question, Why does everyone believe that the United States is the greatest country in the world? How can citizen truly believe that flooding the nation with groups of people who bring with them the very cultures that turned their countries into over populated shit holes rules by tyrannical dictators or religious fanatics will improve the lot of the average American? We all know the ruling elites will benefit but not the citizens who will see their living standards further degrade. How can this greatest country in the world if you as will be destroyed by the collisions, faked evidence or total adherence to the law seldom applied to the the ruling elite and their cronies? Is not the Chinese saying that the nail that stands out is pounded down the hardest not true for Americans too! Anyone reading this not know that the NSA, CIA, FBI, and all levels of the justice system will destroy anyone that they choose to destroy? Maybe, Americans feel from the prying eyes of a police state they have social rating system or monitoring systems watching us. Have you tried to rent a car, buy an airline ticket without a credit card? Have you applied for a loan or credit card and not have been had your background checked. Try to get job and not have your past checked. Are not doctors, nurses, and citizens encouraged report suspected child abuse which will then be responded to promptly by CPS? Read Profound Justice to learn how millions of families are destroyed by government. Texts, emails and phone calls are monitored. Police and state and federal agencies monitor you via video using face recognition. The government uses meta data to watch analyze you. And now, there programs being put in place that will flag you as a risk to be monitored irregardless that you have done wrong. You far more in common with the average Chinese in terms of being monitored and controlled than not.

It is obvious many American who can think and reason have reasoned out that the United States is not necessarily the greatest country in earth. Many live elsewhere and wish they could become citizens in lands that they see as being far better. Many, retire in lands far from the United States.

Perhaps, the reality is that the United States is a rich country in minerals and fertile land that having a small population and being difficult to invade has allowed the country to accumulate much wealth and the accompanying good life wealth beings. And as that wealth is squandered that rich lifestyle will slowly become the sole domain of the elites that care little for citizens. If there was ever a time when America was the greatest country in the world, that time has gone. Now, the United States is, as all other nations, where, if you ain’t in the ruling class, you just ain’t!

Impossible to Serve Two Masters, the Loyalty of Any Person Holding Two Passports Must Be Doubted.

If there are any member in government with dual citizenship and passports, they should removed from their positions and office immediately.! Any citizen holding dual citizenship loyalty should be questioned. Where does their loyalty lie? How can anyone have an allegiance to two countries especially members of Congress or the military! Total insanity for Congress to have made this possible. This is a level of incompetence that borders on treason.

How do you know this a policy not good for America? Congress does not make public who in government holds dual citizenship. Why, if you knew, even the most passive of you would understand much of decisions and actions of this government seem counterintuitive!

To serve two masters is to not be able to take sides. To serve two master is to serve no master. We should see dual passport holders for what they are lukewarm and the only way to deal with such is spelled out in Revelation 3:15-16, TLB. “I know you well—you are neither hot nor cold; I wish you were one or the other! But since you are merely lukewarm, I will spit you out of My mouth!”

You Can’t Defend and Protect What You Do Not Know!

How can those in government defend and protect that which they do not know? Too few could pass a rudimentary level of the Constitution, so how would they know when they are defecating on the principles it embodies? They don’t which is why the legal system can destroy you at will which the Constitution did not want to happen. You are increasingly guilty until you prove your innocent, you child can be taken for a host of reasons and the pate t is helpless and must prove the states reasons are wrong which more often not leaves the parents financially destroyed which is then another reason your child can be taken. So many rules and regulations tolerated because most citizens do not know they are in direct opposition to the Constitution.

So, what does this all mean? The system the founding fathers put in place to protect the individual and business owners from government that lives to control everyone and everything has been dismantled and, truthfully, no longer exists. The tyranny the founding fathers of tried to prevent is here! Yes, the system they had devised came with faults which they hoped would be removed while keeping the sanctity of the individual and businesses free from the tyranny of the State.

If they had only required that anyone serving in any government capacity at any level had to pass a test included in the Constitutional maybe this experiment in democracy would have endured.

What If, A Year Without Summer?

Luxury liners have life boats to protect passengers in case of a rare sinking event. Even though rare, a sinking ship with no life boats is a death sentence for the passengers and crew. Planes have emergency slides and life vests just in case there is an emergency on the ground or over water. Without the vests and emergency slides in an emergency on the field or on water, passengers and crew most likely die horrible deaths. In 1816, a volcanoes erupted and gave the world a year without summer. Millions died as a consequence from the loss of food crops and cold. In 536 A.C.E., a volcano exploded with such force that it ushered in the Dark Ages and caused the deaths of untold millions as it blanketed the earth in a shroud of dust. Having knowledge of these past events, The Congress and bureaucrats are not prepared to deal with the consequences of such an even occurring. And, even though low in probability, if it happens the consequences will make the impact of global warming pale in comparison. On demand food delivery is premised on the belief that at no time will food production be greatly diminished world wide. So, with no global food reserves if such an event occurs, you, the reader, will die. Your fight to stop global warming! would be right up there with driving to a hearing to enact legislation to improve air safety measures and not using the seatbelt. Maybe, it is time for those in Congress and government to understand that focusing on only one possible disaster is not a strategy that maximizes survival. It is only a strategy that minimizes work and increases play time while leaving hundreds of millions vulnerable to a catastrophe with immediate consequences that make global warming seem tame.