WTO, Congress and the Trade Deficit

Romney, Biden, Bush, the Clinton’s , those in Congress, Ivy League Universities, and the rich, became richer using the WTO to rape American taxpayers and destroy their livelihoods. WTO allowed China to not follow any EPA or put in place worker right agreements every U.S. business has to follow which made any product from China cheaper. The Congress allowed the WTO to force Americans to subsidize China’s shipping products to the U.S. and charging import tax, but made U.S. manufacturers pay shipping and to hit with incredibly onerous import taxes. The tax exempt Ivy League universities -made fortunes off this lopsided agreement as did Romney. Apple, and most of the very rich. At the same Americans lost jobs and sunk into deeper poverty while their fellow conspirators in Congress grew richer and mad sure not to share the wealth. It was not taxes that drove out American businesses. It was the WTO agreement Bush, Clinton, Obama and the Congress all endorsed. You have not benefited from the lopsided trade deals that are anything but Free Trade, only those who have turned their backs on their own countrymen who are forced to pay the costs and eat the financial loses. Is it not strange that universities like Harvard so endorse trade policies that does so much harm to the American people.

Perhaps it is time to see the real enemies to you future are and treat them accordingly. Their wealth was truest made on your backs.

You Can’t Defend and Protect What You Do Not Know!

How can those in government defend and protect that which they do not know? Too few could pass a rudimentary level of the Constitution, so how would they know when they are defecating on the principles it embodies? They don’t which is why the legal system can destroy you at will which the Constitution did not want to happen. You are increasingly guilty until you prove your innocent, you child can be taken for a host of reasons and the pate t is helpless and must prove the states reasons are wrong which more often not leaves the parents financially destroyed which is then another reason your child can be taken. So many rules and regulations tolerated because most citizens do not know they are in direct opposition to the Constitution.

So, what does this all mean? The system the founding fathers put in place to protect the individual and business owners from government that lives to control everyone and everything has been dismantled and, truthfully, no longer exists. The tyranny the founding fathers of tried to prevent is here! Yes, the system they had devised came with faults which they hoped would be removed while keeping the sanctity of the individual and businesses free from the tyranny of the State.

If they had only required that anyone serving in any government capacity at any level had to pass a test included in the Constitutional maybe this experiment in democracy would have endured.

Green Energy, A Death Sentence?

Proponents of Green Energy seem clueless that there volcanoes are not just alcoholic drinks that can erupt and cause climate forcing that would renders CO2 forcing non-consequential. And, if such a volcano does blow covering the earth in a cloud of ash will render solar panels useless and wind turbines reliability problematic with changing wind patterns and increased cooling engulf the planet. A world dependent solely on Green Energy in a world where volcanic ash blots out the sun will result in deaths of hundreds of millions of Americans from cold and starvation from food shortages.

The odds of volcanic eruptions that ushered in the Dark Ages in 535 AD or the Year Without Summer in 1816 are increasing. They occur on a regular cycle and according to volcanologists the odds are increasing. Factor in, that there is a correlation between increased volcanism and the earth’s magnetic pole shift. No matter what confidence NASA or NOAA have that the consequences of the Earth’s ongoing magnetic pole shift will be benign, it is all guess work. It is the same for volcanologists predictions. It is all quests work. What is not guesswork is that when a 535 AD volcanic event happens, the consequences will be catastrophic. A Green Energy world will be devastated. Make no mistake, If such an event happens in our lifetimes, most you reading this article will die from starvations and, or cold. CO2 emissions will be the least of your worries.

Perhaps a compromise would be to develop nuclear reactors that are safer and cleaner which would provide power to a world in deprecate need of reliable energy. Not a perfect solution, but a solution that keeps humanity from going extinct!