Useless – Zero CO2 Emissions!

I wonder how many know that the Pacific Ocean is higher than the Atlantic Ocean or that the earth has been warming for 12000 years? If you know natural history, you know that no human action can not stop Climate Change. The oceans will rise the climate will warm. During this interglacial warmup, the seas rose 340 feet since, and mile-high glaciers melted. Those who lived through the flooding of the English Channel, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Black Sea witnessed Catastrophic Climate Change in their lifetime, as did those living along the coasts ran from rising seas. The Native Americans living in what is now the Northwest were drowned by the thousands like ants because of Catastrophic Climate Change created a mile-high lake of melted glaciers held back by an ice dam that succumbed to GLOBAL WARMING and killed nature, now known as the Badlands National Park.

The concept of “low-hanging fruit” seems to have been forgotten by people who have little knowledge of natural history. When the warming began 12000 years ago, melting was rapid because many glaciers were in reach of the warming seas and atmosphere. As the easy ice disappeared, there were slowdowns in ocean rise because warmer temperatures would be required to reach the ice not yet melted. The bottom line, oceans will continue to rise the climate warm until this period of interglacial warming ends irregardless of zero emissions.

Catechism of the Woke!

Be careful using logic. Wear your mask as proof you are a believer in the One True Religion. The use of reason could mean you are in league with the devil, and testing your loyalty to the WAY may be required! Our leaders are preparing a new test to weed out those who use the devil’s science. Suspects will be held underwater for 30 minutes. If the suspect is still alive, that person serves the dark side! Be as our sages! Bill Gates and Great Thunberg are not slaves to logic and facts. No one cares in a world driven by hysteria. Hysteria is infinitely more fun, meaningful and satisfying. It is the way of the righteous. Thinking is boring and hard to do! Those locked away in their homes are the new flagellants appeasing an angry deity, and the billions swearing of consumption of the devil’s fossil fuel are the new monks forgoing the pleasures of life to be in harmony with the universe!

What If CO2 Does Not Drives Climate Change?

What if climate change means cooling?

The IPCC expects people to believe that humanity’s burning of fossil fuels will increase global temperature by 3C and cause sea level to rise 6 meters. These changes the IPCC is telling the world will bring catastrophic consequences to humanity and the Earth (1). Yet, the same people pushing anthropogenic global warming seem oblivious that during the last interglacial warmup, the global temperature was 8C warmer, and the oceans 8 meters higher (2). What is even more egregious, the IPCC fear-mongers can not say how much the temperature will rise during this current interglacial warmup or when it will end. The IPCC is adamant that humanity must stop burning fossil fuels to save the planet from warming more, even if they have no clue how much warmer it will be before this interglacial warmup period ends! The IPCC’s position is that the burning of fossil fuel is the cause of all future ocean rise and interglacial warming that has already raised the oceans approximately 120 meters (394 feet) has magically stopped. Humanity is the protagonist causing an ocean rise of 12 to 18 inches per century. (3) It is astounding how many have bought into this nonsense, including those entrusted to steer humanity’s Ship of State are terrified and acting so.

If global warming experts have it wrong (4) and anthropogenic CO2 (5) is not causing Climate Change, and the warming and sea rise continues, the changes and time humanity wasted trying to stop the inevitable will be I’ll prepared to adapt. Worse, if the interglacial warmup ends and a severe cooldown begins, people will die. Ice Ages shorten growing seasons and increase droughts, that reducing food production. (6) The energy needed to mitigate the effects if cold will not be available. Wind and solar power will not be sufficient. The question is, if either of the above scenarios happens, do those who suffer because those running the Ship of State got it wrong have a right to punish those in power who screwed up?