Conundrum: U.S. Greatest Country and Not Number One in Anything!o

As you read this article reflect on all those elite in universities, teacher unions. international corporations, government agencies, members of Congress, Clinton, Bush, and Obama who just asked you to trust them. You were assured by these elites it would all be fine. They failed to add that it would fine for them and the other countries, not you!

How can the United States be the best and country in the world, yet have no city ranked in the list of top 20 most livable cities. Their are 20 countries that rank higher in math, reading and science scores including Russia, China and Canada. The U.S. is a long way from being the best country providing health services to its citizens. But, the U.S. is two points above Cuba! Maybe, Americans have the best working conditions? Nope! The U.S. is worse than Russia, but better than India.How about Justice? I mean the U.S. should definitely be better than China or Russia. How General Flynn and Michael Stone have been treated, we will slip into every country has political scapegoats category. Jeffery Epstein’s state execution will goes into the threatening the status of the ruling government elites dies category. Always at least two tiers of justice in every country. It seems few countries are truly free from political interference, and the United States isn’t one of them. Maybe, upward mobility is where America shines. Nope, many countries have higher upward mobility rates. One area where America use to excels in access to informations and lack of censorship. Unfortunately, most of the corporations that control access are imposing censorship with the blessing of the U.S. government. Perhaps “freedom speech” is we’re America is a shining beacon. Members of the Congress and state officials encourage shaming and harassing anyone opposing the position of the ruling elite which is real. Media propaganda is as oppressive in the United States as in Europe. Maybe it is that Congress adheres to the core wish of the founders of nation to keep America from sinking into that pit of endless wars that benefit the nobility with endless propaganda to whip up the common people to march off to war. The gain for those fighting the war of the elites was impoverishment and the peasants and leaving a human debris of casualties and dead consisting primarily of the common people who did not benefit from the wars. Nope, that not the case. The wars is unending and most were unnecessary. There is a very strong case that had the U.S. stayed out of the 1st World War, which only benefited American investors who would have lost the money they had invested in Britain had Britain lost, that there would not have been a 2nd World War and possibly no nuclear bombs.

Now the big question, Why does everyone believe that the United States is the greatest country in the world? How can citizen truly believe that flooding the nation with groups of people who bring with them the very cultures that turned their countries into over populated shit holes rules by tyrannical dictators or religious fanatics will improve the lot of the average American? We all know the ruling elites will benefit but not the citizens who will see their living standards further degrade. How can this greatest country in the world if you as will be destroyed by the collisions, faked evidence or total adherence to the law seldom applied to the the ruling elite and their cronies? Is not the Chinese saying that the nail that stands out is pounded down the hardest not true for Americans too! Anyone reading this not know that the NSA, CIA, FBI, and all levels of the justice system will destroy anyone that they choose to destroy? Maybe, Americans feel from the prying eyes of a police state they have social rating system or monitoring systems watching us. Have you tried to rent a car, buy an airline ticket without a credit card? Have you applied for a loan or credit card and not have been had your background checked. Try to get job and not have your past checked. Are not doctors, nurses, and citizens encouraged report suspected child abuse which will then be responded to promptly by CPS? Read Profound Justice to learn how millions of families are destroyed by government. Texts, emails and phone calls are monitored. Police and state and federal agencies monitor you via video using face recognition. The government uses meta data to watch analyze you. And now, there programs being put in place that will flag you as a risk to be monitored irregardless that you have done wrong. You far more in common with the average Chinese in terms of being monitored and controlled than not.

It is obvious many American who can think and reason have reasoned out that the United States is not necessarily the greatest country in earth. Many live elsewhere and wish they could become citizens in lands that they see as being far better. Many, retire in lands far from the United States.

Perhaps, the reality is that the United States is a rich country in minerals and fertile land that having a small population and being difficult to invade has allowed the country to accumulate much wealth and the accompanying good life wealth beings. And as that wealth is squandered that rich lifestyle will slowly become the sole domain of the elites that care little for citizens. If there was ever a time when America was the greatest country in the world, that time has gone. Now, the United States is, as all other nations, where, if you ain’t in the ruling class, you just ain’t!

San Francisco is BORING!!!

Why locate your startup or business in San Francisco? Your employees will work and work and work. Why? It is a boring place to live. Few distractions. It is hilly, windy and usually cold. After paying high rents, utilities, transportation costs and taxes, your San Francisco employees will have noting left to distract them to coming to work. In fact San Francisco is such a hell hole that it is the perfect places to bring illegal immigrants. A couple of months in the city, the ones not mentally ill or addicted to drugs will flee back to their home countries.

Changing Sexual Mores, Infanticide, Drug Addictions, Suicides and Cities!

Cities and Social Consciousness
The obsession with the non-traditional sexual mores movements and the number of people who identify as part of these groups will continue to increase, as will drug addictions, suicides, drug, social recluses, mob flare ups. Many of the todays’ mores, values and norms will fade away to be replaced with mores, values, and norms that in todays’ reality would be seen as insane and preposterous. The understanding of history will be reinterpreted not necessarily accurately to reflect the reality of the times the events occurred, but to fit into the social milieu of the times. The rate change of the social systems will speed up, fads, facts, truth,  what is right, what is wrong, mass phobias and biases will flow and ebb at a  dizzying pace. What will drive all the above?  Increased urbanization and density. It is not increased population but the increase in the size of cities and their increasing densities that will drive the changes and the speed of the changes in the social systems created in these dense, heavily populated urban areas. It is well known that different levels of urbanization and population density drive the patterns of social consciousnesses in groups.  As an urban area’s population density increases and urbanization grows the people in that city become more disconnected from reality. In a sense the city goes from insane to mad! The behaviors less and less to do with external reality and more to do with reality as perceived in the urban mind. Just as an insane person can survive, so to will an insane city.  As long as a city can maintain a stable population, the mores, norms, and values matrix does not matter. The key phrase is “as long as”.
Why the insanity? More to the point is it insanity In context of  human beings evolving in a   natural environment that their consciousness, group dynamics and social behaviors were connected to that environment, yes. From the perspective that as long as humanity survives, it is not. But, that society will be more such that social and psychological pathologies will abound. In that the small group worked together to survive day to day, each having a sense of meaning, order and purpose, those born in dense and heavily populated cities will not.  Anger, sexual norms, roles assignments, values all are tuned to keep the tribe alive will have to find new ways to be expressed and experiences the individual and groups are to not feel disconnected or out of sync in the city. Human consciousness is not separate from the environment it has spent hundreds of thousands of years evolving in. Cities have disconnected the mind from the environment it has evolved in.  And, this relationship of man to the natural environment has changed as dramatically as tribes become and villages becomes cities and cities become mega-cities.  Max Weber and Ferdinand Tonnies in their works noted that as the generations pass and the city grows, the urban dweller becomes more and more disconnected from reality. This disconnect ultimately bring about their downfall. The downfall happens when other cultures not, living in urban areas, attack or the ability of the city to function is so degraded that the city simply declines or the city has simply assumed the external inputs such water, food and natural catastrophes .  The stresses of population density and the effects of never interacting with nature or simply ring surrounded by people and not nature add to this growing group insanity as the city grows ever bigger. Mega Cities simply become giant insane asylums. This is why psychological definitions of mental illness keep changing. The doctors are themselves insane. A city’s leaders and bureaucrats are too the inmates. They share the same social, psychological and cognitive dysfunctional psychosis as their fellow urban citizens. This collective insanity becomes more and more dysfunctional, not just inane. As urbanization grows all levels of the city’s government from the police, judges, government administrators will share the same social-psychological pathologies. In short, the inmates are running the asylum. These growing pathologies will in turn be seen as normal and represented as such even to the point of being normalized by the medical and scientific communities equally contaminated by the social and psychological pathologies. Max Weber pointed out in “The City”, over time city dwellers become detached from the reality of the world and see the artificial reality of the city as Real which always ends badly when reality strikes!
How will the social systems of cities change as urbanization increases? Sexual behavior will disconnect from that of perpetuating the species. Even though LGBT community is only 3% of the population, today, urban society accepts their behavior as normal as the sexual behavioral of the 97% not part of LGBT lifestyle. One consequence to many in the city’s social body is that, as the normal sexual accepts LGBT as normal behavior and those who are not LGPT begin to engages in the behavior, there will a growing disconnect for many who do because their  biological orientations will clashes with the new social sexual norms. These people will require medications and drugs to function in a biologically upside down society and lifetime therapy. As every more behavioral aberrations propagate, dysfunctional human beings will engage in behaviors that harm the urban society. Families will dwindle in size and their numbers will decrease. These families and sexually straight men and women will be ridiculed and persecuted. They will live in the shadows to escape constant social ridicule, persecution and attacks. At some point in time, the community will embrace pedophilia and bestiality as normal. Tokyo, the largest city to date, is already well on its way. As cities grow more detached from the natural environment the norms, values and mores of their residents will still need to address psychological drives every human is born with that once facilitated surviving in small groups. This will require activities that reinforce the social groups in the cities cohesion. One technological solution would be to broadcast the abortion and killing of newborns as entertainment. The city wealthy would participate by paying a prize to the team that mutilate and play with aborted, breathing fetuses and new born babies marked for termination which would be determined with the viewers. This would be modern version of the gladiatorial games. The good news is that pathologies observed in John B. Calhoun’s Mouse Utopias experiments will certainly arise in the large dense urban areas of cities as each succeeding generation environment becomes ever detached from the natural environment. Unlike in Mouse Utopias which all developed behavioral sinks of cannibalism, pathological withdrawal, hyperactivity, infanticide, killings, stress, aberrant sexual behaviors and aversion to having infants will not lead to the collapse of the city as over population did to Mouse Cities.
There is one solution that could reduce the psychological and social pressures from escalating to levels destructive to urban living and survival that that did not exist in earlier cities that is starting to become a viable option, genetic engineering and medication administered to large portion of a cities population. This would mean the end of the human race and birth of a new species not really related to those who huddled in caves, eking out an existence with all the social psychological characteristics we now have.