Why the U.S. wants War with Iran, hates Russia and China, and pushes Global Warming!

The U.S. dollar’s value rests in the value of oil. That is, the gold standard has been replaced by the oil standard. The Saudis keeping oil pegged to the dollar keeps the value of the dollar from collapsing and the world from moving to a basket of currencies. The dollar’s stability depends on keeping the world from moving to a basket of currencies. A move to a basket of currencies would devastate the economy of the United States. The Iranians and Russians have realized that the only thing holding up the United States economy is the dollar being the deaf to world currency. The most direct non war route to bringing down the United States is to peg oil prices to the dollar. Hence, the hatred exhibited by all in Congress towards Russia and Iran. The Washington elites are well aware that if Saudi drops the dollar, the thread holding economic Sword of Damocles over the economy of the United States would be cut, and the U.S. would have far more in common with Venezuela than not. The Congress will use every excuse and reason to justify a war with Iran and vilifying Russia to keep Saudi oil flowing and Europe from buying Russian gas. Congress is terrified of what will come if the move to currencies other than the dollar were to spread. These greedy, self absorbed members of Congress and their accomplices in the endless Washington DC bureaucracy have put the United States in a peril equal to or worse than what the nation faced during World War 2. And, to make things even worse, these leaders and elites further betrayed you, they turned China (a nation with strong reasons to hate foreigners) into an industrial juggernaut. Thus giving China economic power to join with Russia and Iran to take on the dollar. The greed of the elites who own Congress and all of Washington D.C. including the federal courts miscalculated that they could bribe Chinese officials to do as they wished, and have put the country that protects their collective avarice in worse peril.

Have you not wondered why a Congress openly hostile to Trump begrudgingly backs his taking a hard stance with China? China is now a major threat to the dominance of the United States dollar. As much as Every member of Congress hates Trump, Congress has no choice, but to let him try and break China’s death hold over the United States by weakening China’s industrial base and strengthen the U.S. manufacturing sector. The rich elites willing to allow the income gap to shrink, tells us all just how serious this situation is.

If anyone reading this thinks the Congress will figure a way out of this quagmire, it would be more realistic to expect Jesus Christ to return this month. The Congress and the courts have utterly failed to protect the common good without having to resort to war, sacrificing American soldiers, and pushing the nation deeper into debt. Just as the pointless war in Vietnam did. Yes, the sacrifices made by Americans in human lives and treasure, as well as all those Vietnamese slaughtered was for nothing. The former Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, wrote in his book, Retrospect, they all knew no victory was possible with China sharing a common boarder with Vietnam and there could be no victory without invading North Vietnam. It was well known that China was sending to North Vietnam supplies, weapons, ammunition and support equipment. It was known that many of the Vietnamese fighting in South Vietnam were Chinese soldiers and China had no intention of being pushed into a stalemate as in Korea. This time China had nuclear weapons too. The war and the insanity of the Guns and Butter policy bankrupted the nation forcing Nixon to drop the gold standard pass the costs of America’s fiscal insanity into other countries buying in dollars. It has been a steady slide into insolvency ever since. The United States is playing the old game of staying out of insolvency by floating checks! All the games from Watergate to Trump have simply been acts in a grand vaudeville show to keep you distracted from the economic debacle those you trusted in business, politics and government have brought about, and to keep you from questioning the very necessary wars necessary to prop up a bankrupt nation. The wars are not for freedom, democracy or to end terrorism. America needs the wars to keep the world from dropping the dollar. What a nightmare if real peace came to the Middle East. The dollar would be flushed and the U.S. economy would tumble.

Why the hatred for Trump and those who helped him get elected? Trump has committed the crime of telling the American people that the emperor has no clothes and filled Washington D.C. with dread that his trying to fix the disaster would bring about the inevitable collapse.. Think Venezuela elite living the good life as everyone else goes without work, food, medicine, electricity and most everything else.

This nightmare created by Congress, bureaucrats, judges, and elites is Atlas Shrugged on steroids! You who trusted them to do right by you are not to blame. You are their victims. It is they, the rich elites, politicians, judges and bureaucrats who have betrayed your trust.

Global Warming is there last pathetic attempt to get you to accept collapse if the wars fail and the economy collapses and to not turn on them as the the French peasants did during the French Revolution.

Let’s Welcome All Hong Kong Dissidents!

The Congress loves freedom and want to give dissidents seeking democracy a home in the United States. So, why not invite all those in Hong Kong losing rights Congress professes to cherish, to come the U.S. By all political measures used by Congress, they are true political refugee. But, ”tis may not matter, because, contrary to the Democrats continual litany of calling those opposing open boarders racists, it is they who are the true racists. The residents of Hong Kong will no be offered political asylum because the Congress of the United States is racist when Asians are involved. This racism is equally rife throughout the federal courts. Sorry, Hong Kong, you are the wrong color.a

Huawei’s Back Door Shutdown Is Waiting!

Is Huawei loyal to China’s national interest? Yes. Can Huawei build in a hidden backdoor? Yes. Are their members of the Communist Party sitting on Huawei’s Board of Directors and running many departments in Huawei? Yes! Is China’s stated goal world Hegemony? Again yes.

What does this mean for you. As the U.S. becomes more dependent on wireless high speed internet and the interconnections increase between systems, the easier it is for China to shutdown the nation. And the speed that an IP command can be propagated on 5G networks makes it all but impossible to stop a hostile command issued by the PLA in China or operatives in the United States..

CHINA Knows Revenge is Best Served Cold!

Odd how Harvard and other elite universities teach values that do nothing for the citizens or the nation. What they teach is greed and selfishness. Getting ahead is all that matter, irregardless of who no an alumni is harmed. While these universities take tax exemptions and government subsidies, the stiff the people footing the bill. These traitorous universities will never thrive China, because the country does not what the nation turned into a sewer. But China will fund them to continue undermining their own countries. Harvard is more than happy to oblige.

China used Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and the rest of the Ivy League schools to weaken their countries and harm their countrymen while enriched China and themselves. China has used the elite universities to sell out their countries just as they had conned Chinese elites to sell out theirs 200 years ago.

China has even bought many members of government and Congressmen including Biden, Kerry, Feinstein and many many more including Republicans. Open boarders is not insane Democrat and Judicial policy when one considers who owns much of Congress, federal bureaucrats including national security employees and many in the judiciary. A gutted, bankrupted U.S. is in China’s best interest.

WTO, Congress and the Trade Deficit

Romney, Biden, Bush, the Clinton’s , those in Congress, Ivy League Universities, and the rich, became richer using the WTO to rape American taxpayers and destroy their livelihoods. WTO allowed China to not follow any EPA or put in place worker right agreements every U.S. business has to follow which made any product from China cheaper. The Congress allowed the WTO to force Americans to subsidize China’s shipping products to the U.S. and charging import tax, but made U.S. manufacturers pay shipping and to hit with incredibly onerous import taxes. The tax exempt Ivy League universities -made fortunes off this lopsided agreement as did Romney. Apple, and most of the very rich. At the same Americans lost jobs and sunk into deeper poverty while their fellow conspirators in Congress grew richer and mad sure not to share the wealth. It was not taxes that drove out American businesses. It was the WTO agreement Bush, Clinton, Obama and the Congress all endorsed. You have not benefited from the lopsided trade deals that are anything but Free Trade, only those who have turned their backs on their own countrymen who are forced to pay the costs and eat the financial loses. Is it not strange that universities like Harvard so endorse trade policies that does so much harm to the American people.

Perhaps it is time to see the real enemies to you future are and treat them accordingly. Their wealth was truest made on your backs.

China Understands the Muslim Problem Better Than the West!


Not a popular position to take in West that China is handling the Muslims properly. Unlike the West, China understands Islam is neither a religion of peace or of tolerance. The government of China knows if Islam is not corralled China’s society will be irreparably harmed. Notice that those who howl protest at China’s policy make no such complaints over Judaism and Christianity being corralled in Saudi Arabia and Iran. The leaders of China understand that a country has to control cultures to bind the nation together, and crush those that do not. China will not follow Europe or the United States in committing national and cultural suicide. The Chinese clearly understand that what serves the survival of the state must override all other interests if the state is to exist, equally important, the fall of China’s secular state would be replaced by an Islamic State far more brutal. A state based on fairy tales and backed by repressive all controlling Shariah law would pull China down into the abyss of a Dark Age!

A brief outline of Islamic history;

Three Reasons Americans will be Poorer – Never Ending War, Lifestyle and Immigration!

50 Year of Losing Wars

I. Wars, wars and more wars.

America is growing poorer not from poorly run cities or corrupt unions. Americans are poor because we fight too many damn wars! Wars not even won! Korea was a draw, Vietnam was a 100% defeat. Icon and Kissinger had to beg Mao to allow the U.S. to exit without ring humiliated. Yes, Nixon begged! These failed wars and the current NEVER ENDiNG Middle East Wars have drained the resources of the nation. Radical Muslim and Communist call the process “Death By A Thousand Cuts” – as America becomes weaker, her enemies become stronger and embolden. Endless declarations of shallow victories uttered by America’s two bit generals who could not even protect the Pentagon or the Capital have so little love of country that they would rather see America sink into economic ruin rather than admit the wars they push for have accomplished little other than bankrupting their country, ruining the lives of tens of millions, killing and crippling so many. f N. Korea is more dangerous and Communist as is Vietnam. The Middle East is a nightmare of failed goals and policies. And, at the same time, China expands bases in Africa, builds illegal islands, courts countries in South America and grows more mor powerful. Russia similarly expands in Syria and the Ukraine and America continues to blow a never ending supply of fanatics up accomplishing NOTHING!

Yes, America will grow ever poorer. America’s generals in the Pentagon have done for America’s enemies what outright invasion could not, destroyed the lives of Americans by destroying the economy turning the nation into an every growing Banana Republic. The military has failed to protect their nation. They are destroying it from the inside out. Infrastructure an not be repaired, cities revitalized, an aging population cared for or new industries related if the focus is on PERPETUAL WAR waisting money needed by the country. The military is literally taking food out of the mouths of the very people they swore an oath to defend and protect.

The pompously, dumb bastards in the Pentagon are not nearly as bright or competent as Eisenhower (he won the 2nd World War unlike the current batch of military clowns who infest the Pentagon). Eisenhower warned of the consequences of war on the nation and he was right.


II. Americans live life styles they can not afford, or not more productive than their counter parts around the globe and what to have more without being more creative or productive American production costs for similar products are higher than those produced in other countries. Quality is as good as anything similar produced in the United States. Many products Americans want are not even produced in the United States. The problem Americans are oblivious to is that as the global population increases there are more consumers that want the same things Americans want that other countries produce cheaper. If quality is no different who would they pay more, so more factories spring up around the world that can produce products cheaper. Americans are not the only innovators. Peoples. Americans live a lifestyle they can not afford. The houses they live are too big and consume massive amounts of energy. The cost to maintain the large homes, the gadgets, sewers, water pipelines, roads, and power lines suck more and more capital the average American van not afford. Add in the cost of a car, insurance, maintenance, and fuel driving thousands of miles and spend over a thousand hours driving. People in other parts of the world live as well, if not better, with no car. And even with a car, they tend to live her more efficiently than Americans. What most Americans have not figured out is their counterparts do not have to make as earn as to live as well as they. Americans will continue to drop in quality of life until they understand they drive to damn much, have too many miles roads, are too spread out and life in homes that suck up money.

III. Congress has no concerns of the consequences an increasing population of immigrants who cannot speak or write english, are poorly educated, have no useable skills and have high birth rates on the nation. Members of Congress are oblivious to the reality that to compensate fo the increase population of immigrants who do not carry their own weight the citizens of the country either increase GNP or grow poorer. The sad reality is that the people who are flooding into the United States Today’s immigrants entering the United States consists more of old people, sick people, uneducated people who will need training, large numbers of children who will have to be schooled than people who can contribute to the economy and will not place additional strains on the social support and medical systems, Currently, the reality is GDP is not growing at a rate that counters the huge flux of immigrants.

The bottom line, the Congress and most of government has managed to do what the founding founders feared a growing bureaucracy of politicians and bureaucrats would mean for the United States. For those say nope, let’s where nation is around 2030. If the people are poorer, the nation has more violence and unrest, and resembles today’s Venezuela with masses of poor and the elites living well enjoying life.