Federal Reserve, A Private Bank, Drives Recessions!

The Federal Reserve is an independent body that serves protects bank profits, not the people. The Federal Reserve Bank serves bankers and profits when U.S. prints more money from earned interests the Federal Reserve Banks which are private banks, and from money earned from printing money. The Federal Reserve has never gone against the interests (pun intended) of bank investors – never. The coming recession is solely driven by the Federal Reserve actions which will once again transfer more wealth and power to the very rich Bend over and spread your butt cheeks. Your about to be rammed by the very rich and the Federal Reserve!

Privately Owned Banks Control The Federal Reserve And You!

Every fiscal crises in the United States has been created by the privately controlled Federal Reserve. The crises has increased the wealth of the very rich and their control over the public. Most Americans are simply Debt Slaves to the Super Rich. It ain’t a Democracy boys and girls. The public serve the interests of the Super Rich! This is why George Soros now has relocated to the United States. He wants to grow his families wealth – not the People’s.

Yes, the Federal Reserve serves the interests of the owners and investors of those private banks. This is why in 2008, the Federal Reserve bailed out the banks and passed the debt down to the public. The next financial crises will again end with the super rich keeping all the gain and everyone else eating the losses.

The super rich through the Federal Reserve run the United States. The wars fought by the United States since the founding of the Privately run Federal Reserve has not served the public. The wars served the goals of the super rich. The way to stop this rape of democracy and the enslavement of the non rich is to tax this group at 99% on all liquid assets. The super rich have power that makes opposing them all but impossible. Democracy and the will of the people ends up becoming the will of the super rich making a mockery of the concept of a national government that answers to the people, not the few.

This Time A Debt Jubilee For All, Not Just Banks!

The public is told a lie that high interest rates are necessary to compensate the lender for risk and taking the lender’s money out of circulation tying up their money. The public is not told the truth. Almost all the money banks loan are created by the banks. No cash investors are involved. What high interest rates do accomplish is to make those in the financial services wealthy, inexorably increase the wealth gab, creates debt slaves and mask some of the effects inflation which is driven by government. In short, High interests rates do not grow the economy. Thus, compensating for inflation that occurs during the life of the loan is just a disguised tax government forces you to pay. compensates the borrower for government created inflation. The bower not compensating for inflation costs the bank nothing. The only lossers are bank executive’s excessive salaries, bonuses and compensation packages and the Congress being able to masks the real costs of pointless wars, exorbitant government salaries and retirements

Reading the above, one would be tempted to argue that the solution is to control interest rates. Unfortunately, the solution would on be a temporary fix. Within a generation new inequities would crop up. The real issue is that any economic system not clearly designed to enslave the people or shamelessly exploit them to benefit the few, will by its very nature ultimately become distorted creating masses of poor with a few rich on top with little upward mobility or downward mobility. At which time economic, political and social collapse usually follow.

Why is this conundrum so? Whu if there is no economic system that will not end up transfering wealth into the hands of the few no matter how well designed to be equilitarian and debt is not bad in itself, and debt will always ends up distorting financial transactions with or without interest which will always result in increasing wealth concentration and widening the income gab. Was Christ correct in his statement, “the poor will always be with us?”

The answer is simple. Yes, the poor will always be with us, but the, the poor and rich don not have to be so far apart. All economic system are based on feedback and all feedback is always imperfect and subject to increasing distortion over time No matter how well designed, all economic systems become dysfunctional over time due to internal distortions. All economic systems require people. Human interaction is based on perception and understanding which is always imperfect. Value is a social construct and money’s value is based on perception of value which is a social function that is never static.

The possible solution would be to stop distortions that allows wealth to, over time, become grosly unevenly distributed and dysfunctional for the majority of peoole? Simply, force a periodic Debt Jubilee. A periodic Debt Jubilee every generation or when the gap betwen the top and bottom reaches a magnitude of 100 percent would rebalance the economic system, eliminate the grossest distortions and reduce revolutions. The simplest Debt Jubilee would be to declare that all loans with interests that exceed principal is recalculated to return only the principal and a maximum of 10% total loan interest. Debt repayment would then be based on the prinipal plus 10% of the principal (simple interest). The amount already paid would subtracted from the new debt recalculation. All loans that have already paid back principal and 10% would be considered paid in full.

Would a Debt Jubilee end all economic inequality, distortions and problems? No! But, a Debt Jubilee would reduce the magnitude of the distortions and injustices. Looking for honest caring leaders or bureacrats to look after the People’s interests is not going to end well for most.

Food for thought!