Boycott Beijing Olympics?

Ask yourself this, what would you think of the athletes and governments attending the NAZI Olympics in 1938 had they and the world known as the fact that the Germans were rounding up Jews and homosexuals, placing them in concentration camps, and executing them by the tens of thousands? We know the CCP hid the COVID outbreak in Wuhan. We know the CCP lied to the WHO that the virus was not infectious. We know the CCP quarantined Wuhan from the rest of China while allowing planes to land and leave Wuhan from other countries. We know the CCP refuses to allow the WHO or the CDC to come to Wuhan for over 6 months. We know while the government of China hid the truth of the epidemic, Chinese loyal to China in countries around the world scooped up PPEs and medical supplies from countries around the world. We know the lies of the government of China slowed the global response to halt the spread of the epidemic before it became a pandemic. China’s lies killed millions of innocents, bankrupted national economies, and destroyed the financial lives of hundreds of millions around the world. You can reward China’s deceits by supporting the Beijing Olympics, or you can show your disgust and disappointment over China’s lies, deceptions, and bad behavior and not support the Beijing Olympics.






Are You Okay Dying in a Nuclear Exchange with Russia Over Ukraine?

Russia has legitimate concerns about Ukraine joining NATO. A NATO Ukraine is to Russia what a nuclear-armed CUBA is to the US. Russia will no more back down over this issue than the US had when nuclear missiles were in Cuba. The clowns in Washington DC, especially to goofs in the Pentagon, are pushing for a confrontation with Russia by urging NATO to accept the Ukraine. Russia will go to war over this issue. Russia will use nuclear weapons includes strikes against the US. The warmongers and profiteers in Washington DC want war. They do not believe Russia will resorts to nukes. They are wrong!

Kyle Rittenhouse Victom of Failed Government!

Kyle stood as a man against evil and chaos because the police did nothing to stop his world from being destroyed by thugs. His government betrayed him, every business lotted and all the citizens terrorized by goons intent on destruction. Now, the system that failed him has to destroy him to assuage its shame and cowardice. The state shakes and trembles because one boy stood as the many hid. His act of bravery could become contagious.

China Invades Taiwan!

Xi Jinping has to deflect the Chinese people from China’s economic woes and solidify his position as life-long President before the coming 20th CCP Natiinal Party Congress. China taking Taiwan is the magic bullet he needs. Biden, Congress nor anyone in the Pentagon or in Washington DC will oppose China’s invasion of Taiwan. Why? China has so much dirt on so many in Washington DC, especially the Bidens, the loyalty of so many in throughout America have be bought including many in the Pentagon. the CCP have little to worry about from the United States in thwartings it’s military and territorial expansion.

This inaction may encourage North Korea to invade South Korea, thinking the 30,00 US troops will be ordered by Biden to flee? The Joint Chiefs of Staff, the current US leadership, media, and most Americans simply lack the courage to risk nuclear war. After all, China correctly analyzed that the US nothin if China lied and covered the epidemic in Wuhan because the US, including the US military, are dependent on China exports.

DEI Curriculum Teaches CRT!

States and departments have mandated all students to be inundated in classes solely dedicated to indoctrinating children in concepts espoused in Critical Race Theory using Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs. DEI sounds harmless until one reads what is in the curriculum. DEI is the pedagogy used by CRT practitioners to plant the core concepts of Critical Race Theory into young minds. Any politician, educator, or new caster who says otherwise is lying! DEI is hate speech used to humiliate white children and defame their parents.

Faux Climate Change

Climate change is just a smokescreen to mask the waning of North America and Europe’s economic and military prowess. The drive to indoctrinate the youth with CRT concepts is to prep the next generation to accept their status as second class citizens as production and power flow from an aging, tired West to a part of the world full of young people and an energetic older elite that has embraced technological change and using power to achieve hegemony. If the governments in the West believed it was essential to reduce CO2 emissions, production would not be moved to Asia. Any offset in CO2 gained in the West is lost. No politician or any of the wealthy elites is that dumb! Their game keeps the bull (the masses) from noticing its nuts are being cut off. The is the reason sane leaders promote gender dysphoria, which is emasculating the West! The aim is to ensure a docile aging population assumes the position of submission. This is why Asia and Russia do not promote gender dysphoria. Russia has no intention of joining the West’s decision to emasculate itself. South America, Asia, and Africa have a growing population that will provide cheap skilled pools of labor and a population eager to dominate the West, which hasn’t the people or the will to compete or rule. New Zealand, Australia and Japan will fall into the orbits.of the rising powers.

Energy Rationing?

II energy rationing is proposed by the great leaders to save the planet or compensate for energy shortages Biden and Congress caused, lets make sure they are able to evade the misery. All energy consumed per person is allocated in ergs. Smartwatches can track all energy consumed daily. Allocations can be adjusted for power requires energy consumption for work, but all energy has to be monitored – no exceptions, including illegals entering the country, all government bureaucrats, and politicians.

Sounds good, yes? We all suffer together, and all the bureaucrats, members of Congress, Biden, and all the wealthy elites learn and restore energy security for us all. Sorry, this is never going to happen. No way any of the people above will suffer for their screw-ups. What they will do is to create a diversion and convince you it is just your bad luck. The mechanism will be the old standby used by Washington DC and the very rich to cover up what they messed up – inflation. The economy will be mucked up that fee will be able to afford energy. Travel will slow to a crawl. Vacations will be a shirt, and local and food that requires energy will skyrocket. And, because bureaucrats and politicians in Washington DC will have the money as always to do what the rest can not do.

Black (Veronica Stein) Fires 100 Women for Being White!

The new look of racism is the University of Chicago Art Museum’s executive director of learning and public engagement!

The new normal? Has this new racism infected businesses, academia, and public education? The new look of racism is the University of Chicago Art Museum’s executive director of learning and public engagement, Veronica Stein. She fired one hundred white women volunteers because they were white. The collective silence of the city, state, and federal governments are deafening! Racism in public institutions is now acceptable. Why has she not been fired for racism? It seems that everything changes, nothing changes, just who’s doing the bad! Why is the media terrified to point out that a black in power has used the color of one’s skin to determine who is acceptable and who is not acceptable?

always reciprocated!

You Have No Heat This Winter?

If this winter Americans are left in the cold because of energy shortages this winter, the Biden Administration, the Congress of the United States, and the bureaucrats in Washington DC will be responsible. Of course, all the above will blame everyone else while they stay nice and warm! Any American reading this who is cold because there is no energy to keep warm, remember the government of the United States failed you! No matter the lies media will tell, none of your going cold will be your fault.