Why the Shortages and Doom and Gloom?

I could not understand the endless doom and gloom that oozes endlessly out of media and Washington DC until it hit me. All of the above believe that the Limits of Growth and Climate scenarios are true just as they believe global warming is caused by humanity. The objectives are to convenience Americans to accept less of everything while ignoring that those in power will still enjoy their vast homes, endless trips, and lavish consumption habits. The Americans are being sacrificed as a hedge to ensure that the overshoot scenarios presented in Limits to Growth don’t happen. This site purposely ignores the evidence that the global population will be negative by 2040. Even in Africa, the population Will not be as high as initially projected. The global elites are no different from the Communist Chinese Party members who think nothing of destroying their people to reduce any risk of COVID to themselves and theirs.

Does anyone believe the Obamas will not keep their very large mansion well lit, warm in the winter, and cool in the summer? Any doubts the Clinton and Bidens will be any different than Obama, Bill Gates, Pelosi, Schumer, or the rest of the privileged? The people who will suffer will YOU! The goons in the FBI and military will enforce that poverty on The People because they are as embedded in this treachery as most in Washington, D.C.

Will the Washington, DC elites and bureaucrats and politicians eat better than you? They have created shortages that will hurt you and your loved ones, but they will not suffer more than Mandurah, and his henchmen in Venezuela have. Venezuela is a Banana Republic, as is the United States and the only people who never go without are the people inflicting hunger and economic ruins on the nation. Washington, DC is just a Caracas a giant vulture feeding off the misery of the people.

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