Encourage Ukrainians and Asians to Fly to Mexico!

We should encourage Ukrainian and Hong Kong, and Taiwanese citizens to fly to Mexico and stroll into the US, and be welcomed by the US government, which will relocate them to cities of their choice. I think most conservative Americans can get behind this. Finally, the nation will come together. Why burden those seeming entry into the country with long waits and lawyer fees when walking across the Southern border. Is all that is needed? The US government has soldiers and federal agents welcoming all crossing the Sothern border into the United States. Currently, the people entering the US through the Southern border are uneducated people who have no skills and do not speak or read English. A couple of million Ukrainians, Hong Kong, and Taiwanese citizens highly educated, skilled, know math, and speak English would greatly benefit the country. Currently, the US has a lower percentage of skilled workers than any other advanced nation. Indians need to be made aware of US free entry points. This will be great for businesses who will be able to hire these immigrants because the federal government is welcoming them. Once the word is out, the US could be blessed with 20 million educated future citizens.

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