Washington Needs a New War!

World War 3 is bad for business!

So many nefarious forces in the Capital are pushing America into a war with Russia. Why? An America without a war terrifies all of Washington DC. Without a war, too many disgruntled citizens will start to focus on the incompetency, corruption, and sheer hubris of every bureaucrat in The Capital. All the members of Congress and heads of federal agencies tied to the military-industrial complex financial umbilical cord need war to live well. Without WAR, all the bureaucrats in Washington DC and civilians whose wealth depends on the US War Machine are out in the cold. Biden needs the war to keep the Ukraine officials who have paid the Biden family so much bribe money are eating terrific losses from the Russian invasion from exposing the bribes. The media which depends on government largess and licensing permits, has to bark as ordered by the political elites.

The problem for all of us is that Russia is the target the Washington Dogs of War are snapping at, and Russia has a huge pump-action shotgun aimed at the dogs. The feeding frenzy has worked everyone into a frenzy abandoning caution and reflection. The thought that Russia will not go nuclear and directly engage the US has been drowned out by America’s hysteria and need for war. Napoleon, Hitler, and Tojo made the same mistake and paid blood and destruction. In my opinion, NATO nations must be the line Putin may not cross without initiating World War 3. Supply Ukraine with weapons as China and Russia did N. Korea and Vietnam, but so not enter the fight! #ukrainerussia #media

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