Global Warming Fear Mongers Are Worse than Putin!

Putin is affecting the lives of those living in Ukraine. The fear-mongers pushing ending CO2 activities before replacing them with alternatives are impoverished billions. They are the worse Evil and are as maniacal as Hitler and Tojo and as hateful. The bottom line is that they lack talent. They needed a purpose to pump their defeated shoes. Jumping on Save the Planet from Killer Carbon gave them purpose even though misguided and wrong! Now they feel that they like Superman’s father, Jor-El, brilliant and valiant trying to save those less brilliant with their genius. Of course, they are not any of the above, and they are the ones destroying all the progress that makes people’s lives better. Once everyone realizes this, the question is how to deal with fanatics who live in a world of privilege and luxury they are taking everyone, not in their click.

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