PUTIN Will Take Half of Ukraine.

Biden and the Pentagon are all talks. Putin will take half of Ukraine, and there is nothing the US or the rest of NATO can do about it. The world will see how ineffective the US is. Washington DC is a capital full of half-wits and clowns. The Pentagon is full of LGBTs focused on who has the most excellent dress and matching heels. The Joint Chiefs of Staff are incompetent and only good at mutiny. The result is Russia does what it wants and, with China’s aid, will weathers the mighty US sanctions.

This is the end of US hegemony, and the dollar’s dominance will be evident to the world. The prominence of US institutions, the military, and academics will be over this year. Russia and China have succeeded in removing the United States as a significant player in world affairs. The quality of life of Americans will decline. Who is responsible? Washington DC bureaucrats, Congress, and the Pentagon bear the responsibility.

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