Post-Mortem Depression & Socialism

Capitalism and Socialism are like Apples to Oranges. For grin and giggles, let’s explore this a little. The baby is not getting a free mommy. Birth relieves the mother of a lot of discomforts. The baby pays back by making cute little bay sounds and gestures that give the mother pleasure and incentive to nurture and care for the cute baby. Babies suckling the mother activates pleasure centers in mommy’s brain and relieves pressure the accumulation of milk in her breasts creates. Mommy’s brain and hormone system respond to the baby’s behavior. The is paying mommy giving her pleasure and happiness. This is why the human race thrives because baby gives adults pleasure. Only children believe in Santa Clause. There is no Free – ever. On the other hand, one could argue that biology has turned mommy into a slave to the baby.

What is evident here is that when the mother perceives the child’s demands and activity in a pleasure able all is good. When a woman does view a baby as a good thing once the hormones shift and the baby is not activating her pleasure centers, she becomes depressed and resents the labor required. This is a perfect analogy between capitalism vs. socialism.

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