A Nation Run By Losers!

It is true the United States is number one in nothing except self-deception. Washington DC bureaucrats and politicians have lead the nation into the toilet.

How America stacks up:

– Ten Nations have higher scores in math, science and reading.

– Eighty-six countries have less crime.

– Twenty-seven countries are considered better places to retire.

– Ten countries have higher rates in social mobility.

– Sixteen countries have a higher quality of life.

– The US is number two in patents with Jaoan a close third.

– The US is number two in manufacturing.

– Six countries have lower electricity rates.

– Thirty countries have fewer auto accidents.

– Thirty-six countries have better health care.

– Forty-six countries have a higher life expectancy.

– The US is not the best country to raise a family.

– Forty-four countries are better places to start a business.

– No country has as large of a trade imbalance.

– Twenty countries have more high skilled workers.

– Only two other countries have higher inflation.

– Half of American workers are low wage.

– San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York are considered the worse cities to live in the world.

– America has spent $8 trillion on war since 2001 and failed to accomplish its war objectives.

To put it bluntly, the clowns in Washington DC have turned the country into an unflushed toilet full of losers thinking they are the best as the rest of the world laughs at them. Few people in the developed countries ever consider the US a place to immigrate to America to teach how not to run a country. Education is a disaster. Cities are nightmares to live in. Poverty grows worse every year. The middle class has been decimated, small businesses crushed by punitive rules and regulations, and an incompetent military has bankrupted the nation and has accomplished nothing except slaughter 900,000 people. The Pentagon left $85 billion worth of military equipment in Afghanistan and failed, as in Vietnam, to stabilize Afghanistan.

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