Damn the Do-Gooders to Hell!

Climate changes are less catastrophic today than when warming kicked in 12000 years ago. What is so disturbing is how so many wish to undo all the benefits humanity has because of fossil fuels and energy abundance. In the ages of draft animals, streets were clogged with horse feces, stunk, and bread flies by the millions. Beast if burden suffered and had short life spans. Humans lived short lives filled with crushing physical labor. Water had to be carried long distances, human feces dumped out.windows, food rotted, and people drank beer for centuries because the water was contaminated. Nights were dark, and knowledge traveled slowly. Women suffered terribly from lack of sanitation, labor-saving devices, and back-breaking labor. Men fared no better! Now, there is running water, sewage, lights, and so much more. Damn all these fake do holders wanting to undo it all!

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